‘The rumours are true’ Tottenham’s £25m man wants White Hart Lane exit

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Aug 26, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. wozzahotspurs
    The one I really wanted to succeed above all others. Sadly it looks like he doesn't have it on him to be a premier league great & we are now cutting our losses before his value drops even further
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  2. Smokinhotspur
    It is this quote from his Dad that really sticks in the throat:

    "It’s true that he gave his best in Italy and that is probably more suited to his characteristics"

    Yet another one clearly not suited to the intensity of the PL - Baldini really fucked us over on this one (and did his old mates at Roma a favour in the process :(). Between him and AVB they didn't have a scooby what they were doing!!
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  3. gavspur
    Yeah, doesn't seem like ever really wanted it here, not physically or mentally strong enough. Shame, cos he has the talent.
  4. thinktank
    Ah well. On we go then. Just couldn't get his head right for the game here. Unquestionable talent; questionable mentality in some respects.

    All you had to do was not try so hard and simplify your game, coco. Then the good stuff would have flowed naturally.
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  5. Gilzeanking
    Yes , he was ok at very simple stuff , but we need someone who can create his own goal scoring situations really .eg Defoe had his shift and shoot trick at least .Erik doesn't even have that . So disappointing .

    Our squashing of the oppo in his half means there's not the room players like Soldado and Erik need to flourish . Bobby scored at the W/E and he had an age in front of goal to bring the pass down and score .

    Anyway Erik's young we don't need to accept pin money for him . Inter must cough up .
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  6. scottlag10
    How much does Baldini owe Levy now......when we sack him, which we surely must do now, I think it is only right that Baldini pays us off
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  7. ecce_tottenham
    OK - if he's making noises about this move, it is only for a s***tonne of cash. His price should have just doubled. Could have been so easy.
  8. leelee
    Harry would have done so much better with 100m in his back pocket. Levy/Baldini and Avb all messed up big time!!
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  9. 2bearis2do
    One would have hoped that Levy & Co. would have learnt by now - you can't just buy promising Internationals and presume they will work out in the Premier League.
    So much talent - Lamela, Paulhino, Soldado, Capoue etc - but none of them suited to 1) the Premier League or 2) MoPo's desired style of play.
    I'd also throw in the wild statement that rarely do players from the Southern European (South America (edit)) countries make it in the EPL - they just don't, it's a different style and work ethic.
    German, Dutch, Scandinavian and even Belgium players seem to click in that much easier.
    A massive season of change is upon us - buckle in.
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  10. greywizard2020
    Lamela was one player I thought would come in & light up the first-team. It may have been a thought based primarily on a hope that coincided with the fact we had just sold our best player, but it was a thought nonetheless.

    How I & many others hoped, however he has been a massive letdown; the Premier League is the toughest league in the world that requires a player to not only be technically profficient, but mentally sharp as well. The transition between phases of play are so much faster here than they are on the continent that it does catch numerous players out.

    Lamela is one such player along with the crap we have moved on & in the process of selling who just couldn't handle the pace. Lamela also needs to take a portion of the blame for never speeding up his decision-making, which in turn affects his ability to pass, run, shoot etc. I feel sorry for him, but most of all I feel sorry for the fans who wanted to believe that he would not make us miss Bale anywhere near as much.
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  11. eddiebailey
    Erik Lamela scores 15 goals in 33 games for Roma in Series A, and we pay £25 million for him; we practically give away Iago Falque who goes on to score 13 goals in 31 games in Series A for Genoa and is sold to Roma for 8 million euros…
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  12. davidmatzdorf
    It is a speculative question how much of this is down to Lamela v. Falque, how much of it is down to Spurs' judgment regarding individual players and how much is down to the difference in both style and quality between the EPL and Serie A.

    I would be inclined to shift quite a bit of the weight onto the last factor.
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  13. eddiebailey
    I think it says:
    - we had a coach who preferred buying expensive new toys to developing the talent available in our own ranks;
    - we have a Sporting Director who does not understand the difference between Italian and English football;
    - that we paid way over the odds for Erik Lamela; and
    - that Tim had every right go ballistic when he heard about the signing.
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  14. newbie
    This is spot on, problem is we will properly sack another manager rather than give him time to fix this mess and build a team
  15. Cinemattis
    Yeah! Think about all the Ryan Nelsens and Lois Sahas Harry would've got for that kind of money!!
  16. Cinemattis
    Lamela's from Argentina and Paulinho is Brazilian. Those are South American countries...
    A few names to prove you wrong: Gianfranco Zola (arguably one of the best players in the history of the PL); Cazorla, Mata, Alonso, Silva...

    And quite a few Latin American players coming out from the leagues of south Europe: Agüero, Sanchez...

    It's more about the individual player! And the scouting of him. And further: how we as a club prepare and aid each individual so that they can ease into life in the PL.
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  17. Gaz_Gammon
    I genuinely thought that is was more than that. Quite shocking in all fairness. PL is perhaps one step too far for him.
  18. 2bearis2do
    Fair point sir - I meant to add South American to my wild statement!
    I can't think of many Brazilians or Argentines in the modern era who have made a big impact. And I think if you look at the names you've quoted (all brilliant) - but relative to the number that actually have come into the league (during its Premier League status) - the ratio of successful Southern (Europe/America) players to that of Northern European Players would be less - It's not a fact - but just a gut feeling - and I have a large gut!

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