“Negotiations are ongoing”: Quality winger confirms talks with Spurs

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Aug 2, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Japhet
    Would love it to be true but think the rumour needs to be taken with the annual output from a Siberian salt mine.
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  2. Tweddled
    Hope it's true, looks a good player
  3. yankspurs
    Very good player but doubtful signing.
  4. Gaz_Gammon

    Gotta be true then.............."supposedly"
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  5. double0
    He could be angling for a new contract thus using Spurs.
  6. rupsmith

    Jeez - he can play. At least on highlights. But looks like he's strong pacey good with both feet.
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  7. Ionman34
    I'm not particularly familiar with this guy and I've seen a fair few posts on here claiming that he has no pace so would be no good for us. Admittedly the video above isn't a great basis for evaluation, but what I saw tells me that, if he doesn't have great pace, it doesn't really make that much difference. He looked pacey enough to me and has fantastic feet.

    Going on the video, he appears to favour his left foot, but seems to be comfortable with his right when required. He looks to have good vision, but what really stood out for me was his poise.

    He looks made for the wing forward role, judging by the goals he scored cutting in from the right. However, I'm dubious about judgements based on video clips, you could probably put together one showing Townsend as a Worldie.

    Gotta say I do like what I've seen though.
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  8. chinaman
    Question is whether he can replicate those step-overs and feints in the much faster and robust EPL.
  9. Tweddled
    He did well against Everton in El, scored from outside the box so it looks like he could
  10. Blake Griffin
    looks like the ukrainian adam johnson.
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  11. parj
    To counter that, we have had some right numpties score against us... Doesn't mean their players would be good in EPL
  12. bigspurs
    Or the next Ginola... ;)
  13. davidmatzdorf
    He's plainly got great feet (mainly the left) and ball control and is exciting to watch. But considering it's a highlights reel, I was also struck by how many times he plainly hangs onto the ball way too long, missing the early attacking pass and then either dribbling into a less promising position or (a few times) passing to a player who has long since strayed offside.
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  14. PT
    There's a Ukranian tweeter i follow who has tweeted quotes from this guy saying his club have turned down a bid from Stoke because Stoke aren't deemed a good enough stepping stone for him.
    For his part he says he's in to his last year of contract and will serve it if he doesn't get his move to Stoke so that he leaves for free at the end of next season.
    The tweeter then posts a caviat saying that his remarks were posted before a solid offer from Spurs came in which his Club seem inclined to consider seriously.
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  15. Locotoro
    YouTube can tell you a fair bit about a player. And what this video tells me is that in the entire sequence I saw lots of flashy skills, 3/4 goals that were repeated close to 50 times and very few chances created for his team mates, a few over hit passes and a few not so accurate crosses.

    Now anyone who knows more about this player please can you tell me that I have that all wrong and the video wasn't an accurate reflection of his strengths and weaknesses.
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  16. greaves
    In a good way....
  17. MrShibby
    Damn he runs and plays like Siggy, I miss Siggy :(
    Joint top assists in the Ukrainian Premier League last season. In all competitions, he got 21 assists, which is very good. I don't know a lot about a player, but statistically, this tells us he's excels at creating chances.
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