5 New Words You Won’t Be Able to Support Spurs Without

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    5 New Words You Won’t Be Able to Support Spurs Without

    1. Freundian Slip


    A Freundian Slip is an unusual and exaggerated physical action or series of actions that reveal both the conscious and subconscious desires of an individual. Normally, a freundian slip involves the wiggling and waving of both arms and legs and the thrusting of the head towards an imaginary football. This phenomenon is named after the sideline antics of Spurs Assistant Head Coach Steffen Freund, who remains the only Spurs player to have never scored a subconscious goal for the club.

    2. Clintentional


    A Clintentional action is an action that is neither intended nor unintended until the point at which the outcome can be gauged as being positive or negative.

    “I played a precision through ball that clintentionally moved in the wind and looped in over the keeper’s head for the winning goal.”

    3. Adedextrous


    An Adedextrous individual is somebody who has an incredibly erratic and unpredictable ability - with both feet. It is often not possible to deduce which of their feet is their preferred one due to the fact that they can appear both world class and totally useless with either.

    “John consolidated his claim as the most adedextrous player in his Power League team, smashing home a scintillating 30 yard volley just moments before breaking both ankles while failing to control a stationary ball.”

    4. Tabula Rasiak


    Tabula Rasiak is an epistemological theory that Spurs fans are born with the subconscious awareness of the sufferings and hardships endured by fans before them. It states that this latent memory of the greatest legends and the most frustrating failures causes strong feelings of resentment and anger. Proponents of the theory argue that Tabula Rasiak explains the unusually high expectations and notable impatience that are prevalent amongst Spurs fans.

    5. Huddpocalypse


    The Huddpocalypse is an end of the world scenario in which Tom Huddlestone’s goalless drought lasts so long that his afro grows to an unmanageable size and consumes the entire earth. It is speculated to occur at some point before 2025, and is widely accepted as the funkiest of all possible ends to humanity.

    Artists impression of the Huddpocalypse
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by E.L.Strict, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Woland
    words and phrases (cont.)

    Judassic Park
    A famous cemetery located in North London, UK.
    Established in 2001 it is the resting place of Loyalty, Dignity and Honesty, as well as other victims of Campbling Addiction. Smaller graveyards with the same name also exist in Nottinghamshire (since 2009) and Hampshire (ca. 2010).
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  2. Houdini
    They all make perfect sense to me.... really, they do! :LOL:
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  3. HappySpur
    That is an absolutely amazing post and epitomizes this place at its best. Great job El Strict. (y)
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  4. chinaman
    Very soon, a new dictionary will appear on the market named Strictly Absurdities.
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  5. Shirtfront
    The "ENIC of time"

    The opposite of the "nick of time"; being the precise point in time when it is just too late to achieve one's objective. Generally used in the context of a transfer window.

    Eg : Spurs made their approach to Moutinho/Leandro/Rivaldo just in the ENIC of time.
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  6. chinaman
    Shirt's Thesarus.

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