50 Years Supporting Spurs – A Tribute to SpursSince57 (and others)

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    As a testimony to how many unknown hours I spend musing about Spurs, it was while shaving today that something occurred to me. It seemed to have significance and I think it’s important enough to share with all of you. SpursSince57 has been supporting Spurs for fifty years.

    I know nothing about SpursSince57 except that his -- it shows the extent of my ignorance that I have to assume that he is indeed a he -- his posts on this site are well-written, considered and always worth reading. I am assuming that he has indeed been supporting Spurs since 1957 and does not simply have some surreal obsession with baked beans and their manufacturer. I have some insight into the longevity of loyalty – I am only three years behind SpursSince57’s love affair with Tottenham Hotspur.

    Half a century is a long time. It means that when SpursSince57 started supporting our beloved team, mankind was more than ten years from landing a man on the moon and thirty years from the digital era. Fax machines and cell phones were unheard of. The Berlin Wall was far nearer creation than demise. In the Abramovich calendar it was 6 BM, six years before the advent on Earth of the “Special One.” Tom Huddlestone’s mum wasn’t born yet either. It was nine years before England won the World Cup.

    If he’s a fairly typical fan SS57 has been watching, thinking, talking, and breathing Spurs for more than 18000 days. On more than 2000 match days he has anticipated the excitement of the game, enjoyed the thrill of victory, suffered the disappointment of defeat. If he is anything like me, Spurs have been there, a reliable and immovable presence, an omnipresent witness to life’s journey. Seasons come and go with the seasons of our lives – childhood, adolescence, maturity. Favorite players come and then fade into memory like the lovers of yesteryear. The mileposts of our lives are intertwined with the boys of White Hart Lane. My first son was born the day Spurs lifted the UEFA cup in 1984.

    If Spurs have been important to SS57 then he is just as important to them. He, like the rest of us, is just one man, one supporter. But without him, Spurs would be less. Because each of us, in our loyal commitment, breathes life into the tradition, the history, the very idea of Spurs and keep it alive with our memories of bygone games and glories, our recounting of great games and great players, our undying enthusiasm for this team of ours. Without fans like SS57, Tottenham Hotspur would simply be a few guys kicking a football.

    Perhaps some of you have some ideas about how one should celebrate half a century of support and even share them in any responses you might have. I hope that SS57 does indeed celebrate because it is a milestone very worthy of recognition.

    So here’s to you SS57 and any others who have supported our team for more than half a century. Thanks for your loyalty and belief. May you continue for another fifty years.

    Cheers, mate.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Thesoccershrink, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. BoringOldFan
    I think I've found my spiritual home :grin: .

    Actually I'm a youngster compared to some here. My first game was April 24 1971, when I saw them beat Palace 2-0. I suppose I was lucky, because I then went on to see them win the UEFA Cup in 1972 and the League Cup in 1973. And I was also around to enjoy all the early 80s glory.

    It's strange to think some on here have never seen Spurs win anything. I hope tat's putto rights this season.
  2. GDG
    I'm a SS70, thirty seven years and yet I'm a mere whippersnapper in this thread. Good to see so many who have been supporting the team for so long - this site has a reputation elsewhere for being a site full of young lads, this thread seems to be putting that notion firmly to bed.

    Now all we need is for all you old 'uns to get posting and writing columns, sharing some of your memories and reminiscences with the younger members of the site - get stuck in, you might even enjoy it.
  3. Thesoccershrink
    How about "Great Games of the Past" as recalled by the senior members of this site?
  4. stevenqoz
    My story has darker overtones. My family are quite evenly split between Spurs and Arsenal. My paternal grandparents actually lived in Avenal Road which backs on to Highbury. My parents split in 1960, and I stayed with mum who was from the Spurs supporting part of the family. I saw the cup finals against Leicester and Burnley on tv at my future step dads house and was hooked on the side of good. In 1963 I went to the Arsenal v Spurs evening match and sat on my uncles shoulders the whole match which we watched from the clock end. One of the first games I saw at Spurs was the same two sides in a reserve game in which Bobby Smith fell over, sat on the ball and burst it:)
    It just goes to show how close I came to to being on the red side of the world but god stepped in to save me.
  5. TheChosenOne
    I know what you mean Steve, when we lived down the round in Stoke Newington, my old man used take walk me up Church Street on those foggy winter evening through Clissold Park and into the Devil's lair, not only for Arsenal games but England under 21's and if I remember Football League representative games a night or two before cup finals. I saw the light and wound my way up the the real North London lights of WHL.
  6. Thesoccershrink
    Just a footnote for the dying embers of this thread. Thanks to all of those who posted their memories -- I thought it made great reading. CosmicHotspur --loved the photo! In case any of your wondering TheChosenOne's comment about SS57 turns out to be an attempt at humor for which I'll forgive him because of his subsequent post and shared memory. I have it straight from the original source that SS57 has indeed been supporting Spurs for fifty years. He tells me he is writing some articles about Spurs legends, so all look out for those. And I'll keep looking out for any more memories that you chose to post about the great history and tradition of this great club of ours.
  7. sundancer
    My first game live was in 1962, although I saw the final in 62 on t.v. since then Spurs have been in my heart and mind every day and I have loved every minute, we have been lucky enough to have seen many great players and Glory days and they will be more to come, I believe that under M.J. GLORY GLORY DAYS are on there way back.
  8. TheChosenOne
    Don't do "attempts" :roll:

    Anyhow fair play to the feller. "50 years"
    Me sitting at fifty one yrs old only having 43 years must make me a lightweight. However, I will put together something from a game here or there, its about getting the right one down that people might well be interested in though so it may be some time soon.
  9. Thesoccershrink
    I stand corrected.
  10. Bus-Conductor
    SS72 here (approx 7 years old at that time)

    First game wa actually an away game at QPR (Ralph Coates et al) don't rememebr the exact year but still have the prgram somewhere. I think as a South Londoner living in Richmond QPR were my closest option. I'm sure we lost 2-1.

    First home game was ManU a season or two later, which I think we also lost 2-1 but the atmosphere was unbelievable. I went in on my own because we had to buy a ticket from a tout and could only afford one. I was a little lad and the blokes whp saw me standing at the back of the old bottom tier of what was the west stand lifted me all the way to the front and sat me above the old glass tunnel where the players came out.

    The games a blur but the memory of crowd, noise, atmosphere is still vivid.

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