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    A manager has defensive injury problems, he has to revert to playing an untested defender, new to the Premier League a Frenchman, the experienced defenders are out injured and the new director of football has just had his first window of transfers. With all these difficulties a well-loved manager has been shown no patience and subsequently the door, sound familiar.

    The year was 2007 and the manager Martin Jol. Damien Commoli the new director of football had, in the summer of 2007, signed all new players to the Premier League under the age of 22 (except Darren Bent). Lacking Premiership experience and with injury problems the previously successful squad then went on to have a terrible start to the season.

    Ok a little more history for you…. Spurs with Juande Ramos at the helm, rescues Spurs and gives them a cup and a respectable 8th place finish after a woeful start. Some say it’s the squad settling others say it is great managerial work from Ramos. Now it’s time for rebuilding, so Commoli and Ramos work together to reinvigorate the squad ignoring their previous season problems putting them down to the old manager, they go for youth again. This time another 10 players come in, 2 premiership players among them this time. They decide to let go of 6 experienced first teamers as well their star player for big money (Dimitar Berbatov).

    However disaster strikes yet again, a terrible start I am sure you will remember. Harry Redknapp will be happy to tell you how many points we achieved from how many games that season if you had forgot. So Harry comes in, and this time we have learned our lesson. The director of football has gone and we go out and sign 5 players all experienced in the premier league. This along with a few of our youngsters coming through and previous signed players are now acclimatised to the pace of the English game.

    We are looking good and Harry takes us through some great Spurs times, continuing to top up the squad with experienced premiership players. The balance is right we are so close to finally making it to the next stage. Another disaster strikes, our entertaining manager has been distracted by national jobs and tax evasion, Spurs just miss out on the Champions League due to Chelsea doing the impossible.

    The decision is made; we need to bring in someone for the new age of football. Enter Andre Villas-Boas, he is cool and uses a lot of fancy words, he must be good and indeed he is. Even with the loss of two of our star players, Spurs have an amazing season though sadly still missing out on the Champions League. Although some start to grumble that Bale has dragged us kicking and screaming through the season.

    Now it’s time, it has to be, it’s perfect. Daniel Levy the orchestrator behind the whole play so far makes a new decision. It’s radical, it’s out there it’s, it’s….. the same thing again. We go on to sell not only our star player but ship out a few of our experienced players as well for good measure. We get in a new Director of football, now he is cool and Italian, what could be better. He spends an immense amount of money newly accrued from the sale of our players.

    With all these changes, everyone around the Spurs faithful is positive. How can we fail we have a world class manager, world class players and money to burn the future is bright…

    Memories and thoughts pop out of nowhere, wait a minute have we seen this before. Images of gangly Russians pop in to the head of the Spurs faithful. One question, with these 7 players brought in, how many of them have premiership experience? Even a few don’t speak English.

    No problem, our manager will steady the ship. And indeed he does, Spurs are solid and keep it tight, we know it’s going to be a struggle but when these players settle we will be a force. It’s not entertaining to watch, but it will be and these teams cannot keep parking the bus. It will come all we need is patience.

    For the 4th time in 6 years a manger has been removed from Tottenham Hotspur football club. We are now on our 3rd director of football in this time. Daniel Levy believed that Jol, Ramos, Redknapp and now AVB were not ready to take us to the next level. The fact is Jol took us to 5th two seasons running, since Jol’s removal we have only ever managed one place above this and a minor cup in 6 years.

    However, we have a new training facility and a new stadium on the way, we arguably have the strongest squad we have ever had and in some areas we have done very well. However in the football manager business we have been abysmal. Daniel Levy – whose job it is to hire and fire managers, surely his position is in question. By his estimation he has not appointed the correct setup on a consistent basis. In all honesty if Daniel Levy was in charge of Daniel Levy he probably would have fired him for these mistakes.

    However rather than suggest a replacement chairman, I suggest the opposite we keep Daniel Levy but urge him to select the next manager for the next 5 years, not reassess this position on a month by month basis.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Frozen_Waffles, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. TottenhamMattSpur
    I'm sorry. I really am. I genuinely do pride myself on speaking the best English I can.
    But my phone has a mind of its own when it comes to auto correct.
    It makes me sound like such a pleb and for that I'm so embarrassed.
    Sorry SC.
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  2. dontcallme
    No worries. It took me a while to work out why there was so much terrible use of the English by posters that appeared to speak English as a first language.
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  3. TottenhamMattSpur
    I was hideously drunk when I wrote that perfectly worded and spelled apology.
    Should really be the other way round surely?!
  4. Greenspur
    No problem. All phones have that tendency, but might I suggest that you check, and correct, the text before sending.
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  5. TottenhamMattSpur
    SC mobile doesn't seem to like my phone. More often than not what I'm typing is not on my screen at all. So checking is impossible. It's easier to post it and then edit it. For some reason edit can be seen. Although that doesn't always work.
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