Alex Ferguson and Mauricio Pochettino meet for lunch

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, May 10, 2016.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, May 10, 2016.

  1. N17Jack
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  2. Gaz_Gammon

    Is that what Poch was saying when he see the cameraman?
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  3. dagraham
    Yeah hopefully he's getting advice on manipulating the media and referees.
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  4. Bilko
    Fergusen has made it clear he thinks Pochettino is the best manager in the premier league
    This will not be good for us-sorry but think we're in for a shock.
    Like someone said earlier -if this transpired I would lose interest in PL
    Think of the players that would follow
    Fergusen is a huge wart in our side and agree with another earlier wish he'd roll over and. ....
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  5. Roynie
    I'd be even more worried if the meeting took place in Manchester. :cautious:
  6. Gaz_Gammon
    Where the fuck would you go for lunch in Manchester, McDonalds?
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  7. Sweetsman
    With regard to Pochettino leaving Southampton, it had to do with the chairman leaving and Pochettino was loyal to him. I think the assistant was there to translate what Ferguson was saying. I am very worried as he hasn't as yet signed an extension to his contract.
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  8. Roynie
    KFC? :sick::sick::sick::sick:
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  9. Sweetsman
    The press meeting before the next game should be interesting. This may really affect our second place, but after tonight's game it would seem that Man Utd will be in the Europa League next year. I suspect that Ferguson was trying to sell the prospect of Man Utd after Van Gaal goes, which I think will be at the end of his contract and not before. Thinking that this would change with the signing of a contract is a delusion, one I am clinging to at present.
  10. whitesocks
    At the very least, he'll be advising him not to sign the new contract,
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  11. Sweetsman
    Did Pochettino and staff go on the walk around the stadium on Sunday after the game? I've checked Micky Hazard's Twitter account as he's been bullish about rubbishing reports of Poch's departure in the past, but he hasn't said anything and it's a bit ominous.
  12. ostrov
    It's massive overreaction here.
    No one is playing a double game so openly, not realizing the consequences for themselves after the announcement of the verbal agreement contract extension until 2021
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  13. boris
    I think it's cute that they're friends. Fergie gets to keep up with the game he loves and Poch gets to learn from an old master. Win-win.

    Pochettino is a smart man and honourable. There's no way he'd be caught in a tapping-up scene with the season not even over.

    Nothing to see here -- leave them alone.
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  14. Donki
    Doesn't look god and of course Fergie will be testing the water, but LVG will be at Old Trafford next season I have no doubt about that. It's the season after that when they will come in.

    Just look at Fergie's smug face as he sees the camera men wouldn't surprise me one bit if he didn't tip them off. I hate the man but he knows exactly what he is doing, you can just imagine Fergie saying to Poch, "uughhh lad sure it's just Tottenham".
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  15. Metalhead
    Some people on here are really getting their knickers in a twist. Frankie Says Relax.
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  16. beuller
    It might not mean anything, who knows.

    But it certainly doesn't help us prepare for the last game and securing second place in the premier league. The players will certainly be talking about it.

    Pretty disappointing.
  17. spursram
    Don't worry Levy has Mourinho's number:rolleyes:.

    Seriously, I hope Poch says something today.
  18. myhartlane
    Will Pocettino end up at United?

    Next season?
    Definitely not

    Season after?
    Very unlikely

    Cause for concern?
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  19. poc
    Surely the meeting could of waited, focus should be on second place and the upcoming Newcastle game not meeting sweaty wino's. Poor timing at the very least imo.
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  20. guiltyparty
    Exactly. Very odd timing. Papers would obviously have a field day
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