An open letter to Gareth Bale

Discussion in 'Columns' started by mawspurs, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Dear Gareth,

    This is an open letter to you via the Spurs Community website. Fellow Spurs fans might add further comments and messages to you below.

    I have been a Spurs supporter since 1961. In that time, I am lucky enough to have seen not only some wonderful individual footballers wear our shirt, but some of the game’s greatest entertainers too; from Greaves, Gascoigne and Ginola, to Ardiles, Hoddle and Waddle.

    And you rank in that pantheon. In fact, you may well be my favorite Spurs player of all time. Your individual performances last season were as thrillingly effective as any I can recall in 50 years.

    Whatever happens, you have given plenty to Spurs and I for one will always recognize that. I would never begrudge any desire you may have to live abroad, to make a fortune or to grace the European stage. You seem like a model professional and a genuinely nice guy.

    If you leave, I hope it turns out for the best for you. Obviously, if you stay, another season or longer, I hope it turns out even more happily! Whatever is the exact truth, you have been the victim of appalling media manipulation this summer.

    And that, I’m sure you will understand, is what our esteemed chairman cannot succumb to. This entire campaign has been about trying to buy you cheaply. For less than you are worth to us. Whether it’s Pounds or Euros, 80 or 100 million, or spread over 4 or 6 years, is beside the point. It has not been about hard negotiation. It has been about lies. It has been about making you unhappy and trying to make people like me unhappy with you. In my case, it has failed.

    Sadly, bullying tactics often work. But sometimes they fail because the bully misjudges the victim. For our club to give in now and sell your Spurs contract but on Madrid’s terms would not only be wrong in this situation. It would also be wrong to encourage them to continue to behave like this in future. They should put up. Or shut up.

    Nothing will ever take away moments like Inter Milan, West Ham and the rest, and I would like to thank you for every single one of them. I would love there to be many more.

    Good luck,

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Discussion in 'Columns' started by mawspurs, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. PG Spurs
    Gareth, if you do go this season, we may forever wonder what might have been. I have supported Spurs since 1985, and been a season ticket holder for 10 years, and have never seen a better Spurs team than the one we are building right now. I would love nothing more than for you to stay for at least one more season, and you might achieve something special. RM win titles every other year, but for you to achieve it this year with Spurs would mean as much as 10 of their titles to us. We've all suffered in recent years, having been so close, but we never give up and the dream is as vivid as it's ever been.

    I've been to watch RM, and while their stadium is big, the supporters within don't compare to the heart thumping beat that I feel at big match days at Spurs. RM will still be there for you in the future, if they do truly want you, but we are here for you now.
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  2. Bilko
    I understood Bales initial silence as avoiding the scum media`s ability to screw every word you say out of complete context-I respected that.
    Now I find his silence cowardly,it doesn`t speak much for character strength-maybe he is just a Mummys Boy.
    As an experienced golf pro I have seen some great golfing talent emerge only to be destroyed by poor advice,people with their own greedy agenda
    He should stand up and make himself heard-either to tell those little parasites whispering in his ear(Barnett,Zidane etc.) to F off or to put the whole situation on the table for us all.
    Bale is a heroe here, and could become a true giant with time-I wonder if he has the character to achieve it now anyway.​
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  3. JoeT
  4. JoeT
    Ditto vigospur, especially Greavesie.
  5. Bilko
    Maybe he could use a character example like Steven Gerrard instead of the odious Ronaldo.
    Gerrard resisted Chelsea,Morinho and the false Gold pot at the most tempting point of his career
  6. minesadouble
    Thank you to everybody for your comments. I messaged my letter to Mawspurs who kindly posted it and he has ended up with all the feedback! In fact, when Spurs beat Man City 1-0 to qualify for the CL, part of my post then ended up quoted in the Evening Standard attributed to Mawspurs for a similar reason. Journos do actually read this site, for good and bad.

    But to Jamie's point, being selfish I would love Bale to stay and give us more moments like he has these past 3 years. But I guess what I fear is that Bale is perhaps now pissed off with DL and maybe even THFC as a whole. In these circumstances, it's difficult to know who your friends are and who the villain is. Who can really KNOW who to blame fairly between RM, Marca, agents, the UK press, even DL, who knows the F who else? My guess is that Gareth is one person who is largely and probably completely blameless in what has happened. It would sure as hell piss me off to have spent a summer like he has. What I don't want is him to feel he must leave because the fans have turned against him.

    I would love him to stay. To spend 70-80 million AND keep the PL's most explosive footballer as well? Now that would sum up why I have loved Spurs since I was 5 yrs old.
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  7. We_are_Paxton_Tottenham
    That is a well written Open letter to Gareth, if he stays or goes I will always remember his contribution.
    I do wonder if Gareth would find some truth in the letter i hope so. Real Madrid are Bullies plain and simply. Gareth is the new play thing , would he find the same love in Real Madrid as he would here at the Lane. Thats a decision only Gareth can decide, Not the media, Not Real Madrid or even Daniel Levy.
    Good luck at Real Madrid if you decide that its time to go.
    I hope you find what your looking for. Or!!! have you already found it here at the Lane? As for the Open Letter, lets get some exposure on Twitter, facebook and hope Gareth see's it
  8. minesadouble
    My favourite player of all time was Greavesy. But Mackay was close behind. I too have that Bremner print, as well as Ricky scoring the winner in 81, right in front of me as I type. However, I wouldn't compare Mackay as pure 'entertainment' versus Bale. Mackay was a wonderful enforcer in a team littered with creative talent. Great teams need a blend. The thing about Gareth is that he is becoming such a potent combo of skills all on his own.
  9. Kingstheman
    Dear Gareth,




    P.S. Ledley, I still love you.
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  10. OnTheUp
    It isn't Gareth's choice if he stays or goes this season. It's the clubs. Look at how Liverpool are handling Suarez, flat out refusing to sell and now he's apologised to his team mates and will likely go on to score another 30+ goals for them this season.

    Selling Bale and spending the money on 5 or 6 players who aren't fit to lace his boots is suicide. If we do sell and Liverpool keep Suarez they'll finish above us this season.
  11. Japhet
    Spurs are on the cusp of something special this season with the team thats being built. Real Madrid on the other hand are on the cusp of..............another season like every other 2 horse race between them and Barca. Playing in CL for Madrid will be a dull parody of playing there for THFC because there will be little or no anticipatopn, only expectation. Remember Milan Gareth. Could you ever recreate that at the Bernabau?
  12. JoeT
    It's pretty simple really. Gareth Bale: if you have your heart set on going to R.M., then do it.......of course by doing so you won't become a Spurs 'Legend', in fact you could even become something of a reviled figure with Spurs 'fans' ( as have Modric and Berbatov before you), but I'm sure you will have taken that into consideration.
    Best of luck whatever you decide to do, but please decide soon; the new season starts tommorow and you must know that this will affect the present team and coaching staff.
  13. olliec
    I've been a Spurs fan since 86 and I completely agree with what you say in that letter. I think Bale goes down as my all time fav as well because of his individual performances last season and if he does leave I will still watch Madrid just for him.
  14. Gambler

    I have a print on my office wall of Ricky Villa scoring that fantastic goal. That was the night I became a Spurs fan.
  15. Barmy_in_Palmy
    If he wants to go let him, why should his choices be influenced by other people's feelings and desires. The fact that some people have been spurs fans for decades and think that he's a good player is irrelevant to his decision, he never grew up a spurs fan, he doesn't owe us anything (well maybe the years on his contract). Maybe when was growing up to play for Madrid was the greatest thing ever, it's his life to live, the fans feelings are irrelevant.
  16. ostrov
    The point of the letter is does he really want to go to RM now or has been indoctrinated and his head been turned.
    Its a call for reality check.

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