Bale would snub Man Utd and Chelsea for Tottenham return

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 19, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. yid-down-under
    Can't blame the lad for having taste!
  2. Everlasting Seconds
    Of course he would. Born to retire at Spurs.
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  3. jenko
    I would love this. Love it.
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  4. Dougal
    He’d also prefer to stay at Madrid ahead of all other offers.
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  5. stonecolddeanaustin
    Even with the horrible other two offering him £250k a week and us offering say £120k a week max? I'll believe it when I see it!
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  6. dondo
    Jog on boyo
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  7. Spurs' Pipe Dreams
    Journalism nowadays, he'll like to play at Wembley? So a January transfer, do me a favour.....

    Also 0 quotes and not even a source close to the player says. It's a story from a Spanish story with very little to no basis in fact
  8. Japhet
    My bullshit detector has just exploded!
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  9. yiddopaul
    We've moved on from Bale. I like the direction we're heading. No thanks. We create our own superstars. It's just now, we have more chance of keeping them. Maybe he can come back on the coaching staff one day.
  10. Database
    Well, Bale has rejected Manchester United how many times in his career? Once? Twice? Three times a ladyyyy?
  11. JC-Rule
    Didn't we create Bale that was the superstar?
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  12. newbie
    I think Mr and Mrs Bale created him, one hot and steamy night.
  13. Chris_D
    I'd love us to be able to sign players like him but we don't quite have the cash. We need to spend our wage budget on Toby, Dele, Kane and a good few others before we spend it all, and I do mean all, on just one player. If we paid him 250k a week how many would ask for a rise? Nice dream, not gonna happen.
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  14. WorcesterTHFC
    He is not The Terminator, so he will not be back.
  15. sebo_sek
    He'a multi multi multi millionare. 120 a week would add more millions. Fuck why not us?
  16. Locotoro
    I think of the top 6 teams in England we're the only ones that look at all stable.

    Guardiola will be with City for another 2 seasons max at which point a new manager will bring in another 25 players.
    Mourinho will leave United the same way he leaves all clubs; in ruins. Already sounding himself out for a job at PSG.
    Wenger's situation is well documented.
    Klopp has a worse record this far than the previous two Liverpool managers and shows very little sign of fixing the defensive problems.
    Conte seems capable of picking a fight in a phone box.
    We're the only sane and sensible option. But it won't happen
  17. Paolo10
    I'd be quite surprised if he snubbed the wage cut that would go along with a move...

    ...I'd love it like, but can't see it as being realistic!

    The season before he left was something else, he was winning games for us like Gerrard was for Liverpool (back when Stevie G. was practically a one-man show every fucking week).
  18. tiger666
    This is Don Balon. It's Bullshit.
  19. Reece
    Daily Express..

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