Bale would snub Man Utd and Chelsea for Tottenham return

Geyzer Soze

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Aug 16, 2010
We've moved on from Bale. I like the direction we're heading. No thanks. We create our own superstars. It's just now, we have more chance of keeping them. Maybe he can come back on the coaching staff one day.
Doubt he’d make much of a coach tbh


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Jan 16, 2014
“The club have decided to maintain secrecy when it comes to Bale,” they [Diario Gol] report, saying that Zinedine Zidane knows more about the player’s problems than he is letting on and that he is under instruction from Florentino Pérez to keep quiet. “He is a player with whom there are many issues, both sporting and economic,” they continue. “The aim is to do business with Bale in the near future.
OK, so maybe he has a serious injury, but what could these economic problems be? Is he refusing to transfer to a club that offers the highest fee?
Maybe, but I think he'd pick ManU over us.