Brazil Appeal Against Thiago Silva Suspension


Fly On, Little Wing
Jul 17, 2008
On the other hand if it's not will you stop going on about the so called biased treatment they've been getting.
They have had the rub of the green though as far as refereeing decisions go. It may not have to be a conspiracy though, perhaps the refs are giving in to the massive pressure being in a stadium packed to the brim full of Brazilians. Plus, South America, Brazil included, has got a nasty reputation of officials/fans/players being assaulted or killed because of things that happen in games.

On to the topic at hand though. It won't get overturned. Not just because yellow cards do not get overturned (which would open up a big can of worms anyway), but because Thiago Silva's yellow were deserved.


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Jun 19, 2009
I always thought the appeal was a sign of desperation.

I think in the end his leadership as much as his defensive ability were badly missed. I do find it surprising that Brazil had no other viable option for either duty in their squad. Poor squad selection? Or do Brazil just not produce that type of player anymore?


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May 11, 2009
I still think the suspension rule is ridiculous. Someone gets suspended from the semi's because they got their second caution in five matches? I know FIFA changed the rule so people wouldn't get suspended from the final, but I think the strictness of the rule is a main reason refs have been so lenient with yellows. And refs being so lenient with yellows is why Neymar was out of that game. So in the end....its FIFA's fault.