Give that man a rest now

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Should Robbo be dropped now?

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  1. Dannyspur

    Dannyspur I just don't know anymore!

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    Old Joke coming up.....
    Robbo was so upset after the Liverpool game he went into the dressing room, put his head in his hands and dropped that too!

    It was funny in the 50s!
  2. tobi

    tobi Devin Booker is the future.

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    He should be dropped for his own good.
  3. N10toN17

    N10toN17 New Member

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    It's really something when Scotish keepers look a better bet than their English equivalent.

    I've never quite got my head around people advocating not dropping a player because it might hit his confidence? Especially as they seem to say this with particular regard to keepers?

    Confidence is important to any player in any position on the park I'd have thought, but the judgement call from Jol has to be, how much of a chance do you give a player when results are not going our way. Also how do other squad members feel when they see Robbo playing so poorly and keeping his place.

    Others have been dropped for far less.

    If the management don't think Cerny is up to it, I'd say they have some explaining to do, we need two players who the management are happy with in every position.
  4. DogsOfWar

    DogsOfWar Well-Known Member

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    David James is by far the most naturally gifted keeper this country has had for a very long time, he has every physical attribute necessary to be a complete keeper. Unfortunately he also has the occasional brainstorm which has led to his calamity tag.

    Even then I would still play him ahead of Robbo because of the extra dimension he brings to the position. His willingness to command his area, in effect, creates a sweeper. The defence can push up knowing he is playing behind them.
    His defenders also know he will come out and claim the ball, meaning there is no uncertainty. If the ball drops into the 'area of uncertainty' between defence and keeper they know he'll come for it.

    This kind of play also leaves him open to the occasional error but the overall effect it has on the teams play, as with any player who looks to get involved, far outweighs the negatives.

    He also has the ability to produce 'miracle' saves, the kind that make you wonder 'how the f**k did he save that?' which is sadly lacking from Robbo's game.
    The other issue with James is that he has the ability to win a game on his own. I've seen several performances where his teams have been hammered only for him to keep them out single handedly.
    This is something Robbo rarely, if ever, does. If we play well and keep the opposition shot count down we usually win. But if we don't and they have more opportunities than us we nearly always lose.
    This to me indicates a keeper who is hiding, letting the defence deal with everything, rather than taking responsibility which a top class keeper should.
  5. tony0379

    tony0379 FUCK YOU CHICCO!

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    he needs like a holiday i hear swaziland is nice this time of year
  6. Acid

    Acid In Limbo

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    Robbo not being rested is an insult to Cerny.

    Robbo needs to join a retreat and "find himself" for a while.

  7. chrissivad

    chrissivad Staff Staff

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    Is it though? how well has he been doing in reservs and training? maybe he is having a worse time than Robbo is :shrug:
  8. thinktank

    thinktank Hmmm...

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    Hear hear. And the cruel irony is that if robbo did have a break, he'd come back and be so much more focused and ready, I'm sure of it.
  9. DFF

    DFF Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

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    Here it is again for everyones benefit...

    Jol is not going to drop Robbo based on his current form.
  10. Shanks

    Shanks Kinda not anymore....

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    Nicely put fella, and you know what, I agree completely.
    You know those hero players you had growing up, James was my favourite keeper for years. I tried to mould myself on his play as well.

    I admit, whenever the ball is near Robbo, I worry, for him, for the team.. completely.
  11. DogsOfWar

    DogsOfWar Well-Known Member

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    For me it was Grobelaar. As with James he was probably one of the most underrated keepers of his generation.

    As far as I was concerned he took goalkeeping to another level as far as agility was concerned.

    The save that always stuck in my mind was where he was lobbed and backpedals four or five yards and then dives backwards tipping the ball over the bar. Doesn't look particularly spectacular compared to the full length dives but is the hardest skill to master needing superb footwork, balance and spring.

    He was also the first to start claiming crosses outside the six yard box, and as with James, bore the criticism for not staying on his line when he occasionally didn't make it.

    But then I'd guess most of their detractors haven't actually played in goal, it's such a specialist position it's hard to appreciate it unless you've been there.
  12. tony0379

    tony0379 FUCK YOU CHICCO!

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    the poll dont lie

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