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    Just like AVB, I’m not happy with three games in six days, but I have taken an executive decision to include all three games in this week’s edition of Good Week/Bad Week.

    Good Week

    Jermain Defoe

    Four goals this week, six in three starts, can the little man do much more? Should he start on Saturday?

    He’s now 5th in the Spurs all time goal scorers but JD does not get the credit he deserves. Lots of people focus on what he doesn’t do, his failings, but what he does do is do goals. His business is goals and business is booming.

    What we do know about Defoe is that he is a form player. He goes on these bursts and with the games coming thick and fast, we all hope his form continues.

    Lewis Holtby

    Really pleased Holtby is making an impression. Whenever I’ve watched him and he’s tried something that’s not come off, I’ve always got the feeling that it’s because others aren’t quite up to the speed of the German’s thinking.

    Some assists, some second assists, good link up with Defoe and Lamela, and with Christian Eriksen’s move impressing a change in our preferred setup from having a holding midfielder to having a no.10, that will only benefit Holtby.

    The Defence

    Three clean sheets, one goal in nine games, the best defensive record in Europe. I don’t think anyone has grasped just how impressive that is.

    Hugo Lloris

    Good, or lucky? While he was penalised against Norwich and a yellow card was about right, if the ref had penalised our French no.1 then it would have been a red, and the game would have been very different.

    However, it wasn’t given, and I think the Frenchman got it spot on (just). With our high line we need a keeper exactly like Lloris, and he is having to do more sweeping up in and around his box than actual shot stopping at the moment. Fortunately for us, he is excellent at commanding his area.


    It’s amazing that, with so many teams needing midfield reinforcements, we faced such little competition for little Paul. A box to box midfielder, strong, tough, good tackler, runs from deep into the box and some nice flicks, including the impressive last-gasp back heel winner at Cardiff.

    Bad Week

    Younes Kaboul

    Hobbled off against Tromso, and if fit obviously not risked at Villa Park. Let’s hope it is just precaution, with two games a week being the norm until potentially the new year, rather than a sign that the big man is irrecoverable broken.

    Moussa Dembele

    A touch harsh, but the fact Paulinho has scored more goals than Moussa for Spurs already is something the Belgian should think about. He has so much ability, so much skill, if he can up his goal tally it is only going to help Spurs.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. will8587
    Was Lloris' display against Cardiff really noteworthy? He did what he had to to make up for Naughton's incredibly awful backpass. Credit to him. But he only had to make one other save in the same (a good stop of a dangerous cross), which was negated by giving away a free corner that nearly cost us the game. Fortunately, the ref caught the interference.
    Then he didn't start against Villa. His week isn't worthy of 'Bad Week' status, but he was well below his usual standard against Cardiff, mostly because he didn't have to do much of anything.

    I agree that you're also harsh on Dembele. I thought he had a very good game. Cardiff's inability to create much of anything was due to Paulinho and Dembele owning the midfield.

    Finally, in an extremely positive week, Kyle Naughton's stinker against Cardiff stands out. He made two terrible backpasses to Lloris that were nearly intercepted. Many people seem to forget that a few minutes after Lloris' controversial stop on Campbell, Naughton did the exact same thing, nearly gifting an assist to Bellamy.
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  2. SlunkSoma
    Agree with most of this. Defoe though has his place in our squad. Flat track bully against the weaker sides/cup teams - bench for premier league games. Yes he scored two goals yesterday, the first being a very clever flick from a great lobbed pass - the second, any striker worth his salt would score those. My point is, just because he nets a couple it doesn't change the fact that we need more than he can deliver from a starter in our prem XI. bringing him on with 20 mins to go is a great shout as he can stretch a defence. But that's his place in my book.

    Mousa is looking sharp this season, I can't help but think last years injury was more bothersome than we/he let on. Looks revitalised next to Paulinho.

    Hugo is the perfect goalkeeper for us and the way we want to play. A shrewd buy by the club, AVB's initiall apparent apprehension at his signing seems a bit daft now (basing that on some info a while back that AVB wasn't fussed about getting him).

    Great to have Holtby in the wings - his attitude is great, a massive impact against Cardiff and ran the show yesterday. Good lad, keep it up. Will need him as the season gets older.
  3. DiscoD1882
    Lets just concentrate on Good week. :p
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  4. DanNolan
    Gd piece apart from Dembele, on who I share your opinion regarding goals, however I believe he was our best player in the game at Cardiff and is rediscovering his beastly strength and ball carrying.
  5. jenko
    The Defoe debate will continue forever and I welcome it because it wouldn't be happening if he wasn't scoring.

    However, for me, - and history has told us this time and time again - he only scores in bursts because he doesn't regularly score against the better teams. We bought Soldado to do that and if we don't give him a chance to settle in and try then it will be a waste of 26 mil. I've no problem playing Defoe for some prem games and bringing him on as sub for even more but as it is he should still be getting 25 starts this season from cups alone, so theres no problem.
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  6. JamieDaCosta
    Id just like to say that Defoe has scored against both Man City and Man United in the last couple of seasons and hasnt started (or only been on for a short time) against the others

    And when he came on against the gooners he actually set up Van der Vaart with a great flick on header........
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  7. grittyspur1
    Ha ha should have included Gareth Bale in the " Bad Week" column!!!
  8. AnotherSpursFan
    Defoe is a good goal scorer but at what price to the team?
    Soldado always put the team ahead of his interest. HAven't you guys see how he defer or make that extra pass even though he's in the penalty box? Soldado is that type of player we need right now. The team wins, that's everything that matters.
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  9. billnick
    Well said. For me, he's a bit like Inzaghi was. Less composed on goal sure, but with a lot more ability with a football. Oh, and not a total arse. They're offside a lot, and teams with that sort of player score goals. Every time they're caught offside it's one more time the defence had to be on their toes, the closer the decisions get the more unsettled the defence becomes. There invariably ends up being a lot of chances and a few goals, even if they don't take them themselves.
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  10. billnick
    We're on 100% for the games Defoe started ;)
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  11. JamieDaCosta

    I take it you completely missed the sublime ball Defoe played through to Chadli for his goal???

    It amazes me how people have this perception of Defoe being the greediest player (in terms of not passing to others) in the world with no football brain what so ever, its such a fallacy and has almost become a trend to tar Defoe with the same brush all the time
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  12. JamieDaCosta
    Actually, didnt Defoe score against Chelsea at home?

    And what about his superb overhead kick against Man U at home a couple of years ago?

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