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    Quick one before the Norwich game

    Good Week

    Lewis Holtby

    He’s signed early, and given our creativity problems this season he could play a very big part in the second half of the season

    Jon Obika

    In a week of few highlights, it was nice to see Obika come off the bench, shame he couldn’t take the one chance that came his way, but it was better to see him than an experienced pro played out of position. There’s no point having a youth team if you don’t even use them in emergencies.

    Bad Week

    Andros Townsend and Tom Carroll

    Surprised one or both of them didn’t start at Leeds, even more surprised Townsend did not come off the bench and Carroll was left at home. Towsend especially must be wondering what the future holds – if he can’t get game time against a Championship team then what’s the point of hanging around? He’s at an age now where yet more loans are not going to do him much good unless he plays in the Premiership, but he doesn’t have a reputation that will get him a PL move.

    Brad Friedel

    Probably the last we will see of him this season. Also thought he was reluctant to come out to Varney for the first goal but to be honest I think there was little he could do no matter what he done.

    The back 4

    Woeful display, caught out by lumps upfield. We’ll put it down as a bad day at the office but standards need to be improved if they want to play more often.

    Tom Huddlestone

    If the defence was woeful my god, what was Hudd? He really has regressed since his injury, which is bad news because he really needed to kick on. He’s right in the ‘Jenas’ zone in terms of not being good enough for the team if we’re truthful but he’ll get in ahead of the youngsters, and we’ll ask too much money and so never actually sell him (see David Bentley). With Holtby arriving, you start to wonder if its a good idea Tom sticks around after the end of the month?

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    I don't think playing off a front man is his best position, but it appears to be the only position he can get game time with. I think he has some great ability if we use him in his proper role. If not, we'll waste him.

    Harry Kane

    Bad week because he got hauled off at half time as Norwich lost to Luton, then sent back to the club, but he’ll probably be glad to be back. Injury disrupted his loan spell, and while I think the Harri-kane has a lot of ability, he is not a lone target man, which is how Hughton was playing him in the last month or so.

    I think Kane needs to gel with his teammates, I think he’s quite an intelligent player but doesn’t have the experience or belief yet to go straight into a game and make things happen. I was surprised he went to a Premier League team in the first place and I feel that a return to our club is much better for his development, especially if we don’t sign a new striker.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. rupert miller
    Out of Interest, what is his favored role? If its not attacking mid its in either Lennon or Bales place?
  2. JimmyG2
    Disagree about Friedel.
    He made it easy for Varney who ran virtually from the half way line clear of all defenders.
    Brad didn't even make it to the edge of his six yard box. Poor keeping.
    He did make two decent saves late on but the first goal is always crucial.

    Amazed that Townsend didn't get a run as substitute for Lennon
    who was busy going nowhere the whole game.

    Could be make or break for Kane.
    It looks like now or never time for him.
    Depends whether we sign anyone and how long Adebayor is away.
  3. RonnyJaay
    I dont wanna see Friedel on the team sheet again, if anyone cost us 3rd last season see him
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  4. Fruendsreunited
    No it was Harry Redknapp and his media circus
  5. RonnyJaay
    Yep the circus didnt help but look at the goals he conceded the QPR free kick the RVP goal on the edge of the box the walcott one on one im sorry he could do no wrong last season but Gomes would have done a lot better
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  6. boris
    I'm amazed you know how to work a computer.
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  7. avonspurs
    It was never just ONE thing that cost us third. It was a combination of events. People may as well say that it was because I didn't wear my lucky socks! :)
  8. avonspurs
    Krafty, you should've waited to post this until after today's game. Then you could have added: "Marked his debut with a hat-trick and two assists, including a sublime pass to Adebayor in South Africa who scored with a wonderful, 5,500mile tap in". :)
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  9. dontcallme
    You didn't?
  10. avonspurs
    Sorry - after that long run of wins, my wife took them without my knowledge and washed them!! :( I take full responsibility.
  11. dontcallme
    So you should.

    We had a fantastic start to the season and we got so cocky that we put 'mind the gap' messages everywhere.

    Redknapp beat his court case and Levy played his games and screwed HR out of the England job to ensure us 3rd and you couldn't do one little thing.
  12. Spur-of-the-moment
    Anyway... I wondered whether Tom H was started for shop-window purposes. There's rumour today that Fulham has put in a bid for £5m. We've been waiting for a Thud renaissance but, now that he's returned to full fitness, it's clear he's not suited to the AVB system and style. Jol knows him well and would be better able to incorporate him into his own system.

    For AVB's system it's been clear for a while that Tom C can do a better job in central midfield (with an appropriate partner).
  13. Chris_D
    I don't know what to make of Sigurdsson to be honest. He looked a good player before he came but it just hasn't happened here for him. I thought against Leeds it was his chance to shine but he didn't take it. Maybe he hasn't settled in and I thought that about Dempsey too at one stage but he's coming good we just need Sigurdsson to join in. I guess Holtby will be competition but good players shouldn't become bad players overnight.

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