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Discussion in 'The New Stadium' started by brett.spurs, May 20, 2011.

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    1) not in their plans they don't. They are keeping the lower bowl and removing the upper temporary structure. Therefore seating starts at ground level.

    2) Further than any non-track pitch. I think you'll fine that large event stadia also have more space around the track for media and circulation. This is no Crystal Palace remodel they're designing!

    3) google it, I'm too tired to explain
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    Someone (any entrepreneurs out there?) could make a fortune selling binoculars or opera glasses.
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    Or it can begin one row up (above advertising hoardings)?

    Oh sure, but my point was not to compare this to a single-purpose football stadium, when the seating will always be closer. I was proposing that, as football stadia with running tracks go, this won't be unusual.

    My bad for the poor phrasing. I know what you mean by the 'angle', I was asking what the angle was in degrees.

    You claim it it is too shallow an angle, but to me it looks pretty much like the kind of angle you get at new football stadia like Wembley or the Emirates. I may be wrong.

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    I have also been to the Emirates :oops: and sat high up directly behind the goal (leg-room was shit btw!) and yes agree about it being hard to make out the indvidual players etc. Heaven knows what it will be like at the Olympic Stadium!
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    I just wish we'd leave the Spammers have it, it'll be the noose around their neck! We need to move on and get another plan in action. Preferably in the N17 area...
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