Jack Wilshere could be in trouble for singing anti-Spurs songs full of expletives

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by BTN1, May 31, 2015.

  • by BTN1, May 31, 2015 at 4:29 PM
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    Jack Wilshire could face investigation into anti Spurs songs full of expletives in post FA CUP cup victory parade

    Read the full article at BBC

    Here's hoping they throw the book at you Jack... You know a book? ...eh? ... Something educated people use?... Ok forget it ... I hope they throw a brick at you
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by BTN1, May 31, 2015.

  1. bigspurs
    This guy has no class whatsoever. there's not many players that I would happily see get a career ending injury, but him, Terry and Adam could get run over tomorrow and I wouldn't give a f**k.
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  2. kaz Hirai
    Didn't Chelsea do this too one time. Looks Insecure and small time
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  3. chinaman
    His form has been shit and he's trying to be a favourite with the gooner fans. Stupidity has no limits.
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  4. Lufti
    Wow, the way he's celebrating that you wouldn't think he'd only played 15 minutes in the whole competition this season, with those 15 minutes coming whilst they were 3-0 up, would you?
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  5. slartibartfast
    He really is a nasty oily heap of shit of a human being isn't he.
    Glad his career is over. He'll never go through half a season without getting injured let alone a full one.
    Unprofessional fk wit.
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  6. Gaz_Gammon
    A fine example of a professional footballer. Thank God Poch has many better options to use as an example to the kids coming to Spurs and through our youth system.

    Wenger must be so proud of him.

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  7. Hoddle&Waddle
    Just seen the vid. hardly a big deal.
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  8. Spurger King
    Coke sniffing, lady-punching, toe-faced piece of scum.

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  9. vuzp
    in all fairness, not a big deal, yes as a gooner player he really should not be getting into this sort of thing, but then what do you expect from a person that plays for the Gooners.
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  10. avonspurs
    Wow, we're a sanctimonious bunch aren't we?

    Let's be honest, if a Spurs player did this we'd be lauding him.
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  11. freeeki
    "Under investigation"? Under investigation from whom exactly? Ridiculous. Let the tit say what he wants.
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  12. vuzp
    i would like to think that our players would have a lot more class than that in all honesty,
    but yes nothing in it really
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  13. Spurrific
    Calling people sanctimonious, while being sanctimonious. Ironyyyy
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  14. coypu
    He did this last year and nothing was done. It does not set a good example to younger fans and if I was to stand on top deck of open top bus in a London street and scream expletives I would receive a caution from the Police. Chadli scores against them and puts his finger to his mouth and gets a yellow card. Next time he should just run along the line shouting at the Gooners that they are all shits.
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  15. Oshi
    I think this sums it up from Gooner Reddit:

    "Every team has a ****. Rooney is a ****. Suarez is a ****. Robben is a bit of a ****. Ibrahimovic? ****. John Terry is an actual ****. So who is our ****? Wilshere? Flamini? I think Koscielny could be a bit of a ****.
    Discuss, you ****s!"

    Reply - "Let's face it - and I'm not being funny. I mean no disrespect, but Wilshere's a ****. He's a **** now, and he's always been a ****. And the only thing that's going to change is that he is going to be an even bigger ****. Maybe have some **** kids."

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  16. Lufti
    Seems like he couldn't pick one for us. I guess Vertonghen is ours? Or would a few opposition fans think it's Mason now? We don't have anyone comparable to the above though, not even close
  17. Geyzer Soze
    Been a while since we had a ****.

    Who was our last proper **** you guys reckon? Hutton? he was a **** & still is.
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