Madrid asked for Harry Kane valuation

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Oct 21, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. N17Jack
    Manchester City wanted Adebayor out of their club, they paid part of his wages to remove a bad apple, which interestingly we ended up doing as well. The four players you are speaking about could be sold to any number of clubs, however not to Spurs as most are approaching the twilight of their careers and would have no resale value. These are classic Madrid unsettling tactics which will only work if Kane wants to go, if He does we will be getting Neymar type payments in return. As it happens Harry is currently showing no interest.
  2. Danners9
    the version of this story I saw had the publication admitting that 'these whispers could just be whispers', so they weren't even sure they were reporting something that had happened - just repeating it anyway.

    (I'm sure it has, and Spurs will have just said no)
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  3. Roynie
    I'd certainly give them a price for HK, everyone has their price. Mine would be:

    £100 Billion. :p
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  4. stuffies
    I'd sell him for 200 mill,but only with a 20 mil buyback clause then can be active within the first 24 hrs......easy 180 mil (y)
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  5. Roynie
    @deadlight It's the equivalent of giving RM the middle digit, rather than just saying he's not available. Not sure why the WTF rating, but hey ho!
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  6. Spurslove
    Start at half a billion (that's pounds, not mickey mouse money...)
  7. gusrowe
    I just feel again that this is a bullshit headline. I really can't see this yet. Kane is happy at Spurs and we are a side that's developing fast with a great Manager.
    If the team fails to win major trophies over the next two seasons then yes we may listen to a bid of £200 million but not yet.
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  8. Roynie
    Meh, split the difference £750 Billion. Grudgingly! :D

    EDIT £75 Billion! Tee Hee!
  9. diamondlight
    Surely he's worth more than a rubber duck?
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  10. Yidi Knight
    Considering how well our special relationship with Real Madrid is going ... Us letting them have Bale and Modric ... Them giving us VDV and ...

    ... and... ? :unsure:

    I bet they wished they'd tried harder at our special relationship now :whistle:

  11. Roynie
  12. alexn_spurs
    "We built a very good friendship," Perez said of his relationship with Levy on Spanish radio station Cadena Cope.

    "Every time we win the European Cup, he told me the same thing: 'Thank you for winning the European Cup with my players."'

  13. Roynie
    Knowing Levy, there would have been add-ons! :D
  14. UncleBuck
    My uncle just returned from Mallorca this afternoon and called me all in a panic, all the talk over there is that 'apparently' we've told them we'd rejected £175m but would not rule out £200m+. Poch on the radar too.
    Cafe shop talk I'm sure but he'd already called someone he knows upon arrival back in the UK who'd confirmed he'd also heard something was going on.
    Just hoping it's all BS, as big as RM are both Poch and HK have put in the hard yards over the last couple of seasons and potentially are on the brink of something amazing with us....
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  15. Bilko
    The problem is more likely to be when the Real fans realise what a gem Deli is-Modric knows it
  16. Spurslove

    Do you know Levy ?
  17. Roynie
    Only by reputation!
  18. Spurslove
    I think we all say that, but sometimes our Dan comes along and surprises us all (as in the appointment of Pochettino for example).

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