My first Spurs game

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by nialsy2005, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. nialsy2005

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    Happy Sunday!

    I've been on a bit of a nostalgia trip this morning, and came across the video of my first ever spurs game at WHL - v Leicester. We lost 2-1. Share your first game videos too!

    I tell you what, nothing makes me appreciate the current squad more than seeing clive wilson and stuart nethercott in a line up...
  2. TottenhamMattSpur

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    Altrincham FC vs Tottenham Hotspur FA cup highlig…:
  3. thinktank

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    Ledley's home debut.
  4. trasores

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  5. taricco

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    That Heskey looks useful. Sign him up.
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  6. RichieS

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    Can't find a video. It was a 1-1 draw against Middlesbrough at the Lane. Pretty dire as far as I can remember, lit up by Juninho.

    That was my only game as a kid - my next match at the Lane was Davids' first home game (also against 'boro) in 2005 and I've been lucky enough to attend regularly as a member and season ticket holder since.
  7. Fitchspur

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    This was my first Spurs game... I was right behind that goal..

    Darren Bent Disaster Spurs V Portsmouth 2009 Janu…:
  8. Nine while nine

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    My old man grew up Spurs in North London and 'brought me up proper' even though we lived in North Bristol. One of his best mates was a Bristol Rovers fan and knew some of the Directors, so arranged for my Dad and I to go to the Spurs-Rovers game as a guest of the Bristol Rovers board. All the way up to the game, he was giving it large, predicting a 3-0 win for the Rovers and saying how we would see the light and support 'the Gas' from thereon in.

    Anyway, it didn't quite turn out like that. Colin Lee scored 4 on his debut, I sang 'We want ten' and Don Megson got the sack soon after...

    I was nine. We scored nine. And a username was born...

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  9. tottenmal

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    Against Everton in 2002. Christmas present for my dad from my mum. First time we all actually got to see a game at the lane, Despite living next door. A draw with both goals scored at the beginning, and I remember a lady holding her scarf in front of my view the whole game, or at least the good bits. But for me it was just the start I guess.
  10. Grey Fox

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    Did they have telly in 1965? V Man Utd we won 5-1 them were the days :rolleyes:
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  11. ajspurs

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    Mine was also against Leicester, but was in the Worthington Cup final. I think it was Alan Nielsen with a late winning goal!

  12. TottenhamMattSpur

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    You're either young or you started late?

    That must be the most recent game mentioned to date.
  13. Shea

    Shea Well-Known Member

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    The first game I went to was very uneventful 0-0 draw at home to Luton Town on Boxing day 1988 - I was very young myself and can only remember sitting on my dad's shoulders and Terry Fenwick missing a penalty

    Before that though - the first game I can remember watching on tv is this

    Thankfully I was a bit too young to really know what was going on and feel the pain of the defeat
  14. Lufti

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  15. TheSpillage

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    Terrible quality vid but all I could find.

    I was 12 years old and right behind the goal for that. We won 2-0 in the end - Razor Ruddock with the second. And here's a stat for you: I've been to see them play a further 14 times over the years (I know, not very many right? Call myself a fan!? etc etc) but I have never seen them lose. I'm basically a lucky mascot and deserve a free season ticket.
  16. sherbornespurs

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    "Share your first game videos too!".......

    Videos??? There wasn't even colour telly in September 1963 when we beat Wolves 4-3 under the lights. I remember being gutted that my all-time hero Jimmy Greaves didn't score.
  17. stevespurs

    stevespurs Active Member

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    FA Cup final 81 V Man City. IIRC it was the 100th FA Cup final too.

    My Dad picked me up from a school camp in Wales, we drove to Watford, parked and caught the train in.

    The smell of hotdogs, pissed fans and my Dad crying at Abide with me, I remember it as clear as a bell. Apart from Spurs' equaliser deflecting off Tommy Hutchinson, I can't remember much about the game TBH. I do remember the replay though!!
  18. Guangzhouspur

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    I can't find the video either, even though it was only in 1994! Away at Oldham, we were mired in relegation trouble, and the 2-0 win kept us up, goals from Samways and Howells. We were shiiiite in those days!
  19. Dougal

    Dougal Staff Staff

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    Couldn't find mine either. Spurs 1 Citeh 0, Graham Roberts thunderbolt. So here's one that is quite similar.

  20. Gassin's finest

    Gassin's finest Donne moi la balle, et je fais le reste...

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    My first trip to WHL:

    First time I saw Spurs on the telly:

    As an impressionable 7 year old I was mesmerised by Hoddle. Spurs fan ever since.

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