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    Speaking in an exclusive interview with L’Équipe, Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino lifted the lid on his initial, internal battles associated with coming to England, and much more.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. guate
    As always Mauricio comes across as an extremely intelligent yet versatile and honest human being. The type you would willingly invite round to your house for dinner.
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  2. Jimmyjimmyo
    Classy interview from a classy guy, want him to win something with us
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  3. longtimespur
    Maybe we have the new Bill Nick or SAF on our payroll. He certainly says things that are common sense as well as intuitive.
    Really happy to have him as our manager.
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  4. whitesocks
    You can't pin him down on anything!
    'I don't have an opinion...'
    'Why should I have to choose..'
    So there are no clues to how he consistently gets players to play at their max, especially the younger ones.
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  5. Sweetsman
    We are lucky to have him!
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  6. Sweetsman
    @bradfordspur was it a fingerslip that caused you to press a doh?
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  7. King of Otters
    Comes across as a really thoughtful guy in translated interviews, in particular. s
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  8. Lenn0n
    Agree about the translation. When interviewed in English he is a bit predictable - but thats because he is communicating in a second language.

    Although he has done well to get to a workman level of English, in interviews you just don't see the subtly and depth of his thinking.

    I think he is an inspiration - not just at a football level but on all levels. He is a fantastic role model. A guy you can learn from. Football, life......
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  9. guiltyparty
    Yeah I’ve tried to adapt some of his non footballing principles to my workplace. His comments on discipline but adaptability are really transferable. The idea that you need to come up with a plan customised for your staff and not push them in square holes
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  10. longtimespur
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