Pochettino: ‘I would not change Spurs for another job in the world’

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Nov 5, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. DiscoD1882
    I heart this man.
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  2. Dillspur
    I'm going to cry:cry:
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  3. guate
    Wow.....just what the doctor ordered.
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  4. Spurs71
    We are so lucky to have such a great man.
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  5. RodSpur
    I would say we have two great men in Pochettino and Levy taking the club to new heights, and a great young squad to go with it. So excited about the future for our beloved Spurs!
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  6. noiseboy55
    He’s magic
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  7. Edgarsglasses
    And we wouldn't change him for any manager in the world
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  8. Dougal
    So much love. Imagine if he actually won something.
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  9. JimmyG2
    ''I love to work and feel part of the project; to share and create something special. I feel very important at Tottenham, very comfortable and I enjoy the journey a lot. Today, I don’t think about a future elsewhere.”

    Can tears cause a computer to explode?
    Typing with two long garden canes..
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  10. Sweetsman
    At the time it happened, I wondered whether Poch met with Fergie to figure out how to create a legacy. Remember that right at the beginning, Poch stated that he'd love to stay a very long time. Of course, things can go sour and Oliver Brown's take on this same presser in the Torygraph was churlish, but we should hope that he is with us long enough to rid us of our weaknesses.
  11. Bilko
    Fantastic news
  12. King of Otters
    He knows exactly what he's saying.

    Big statement.

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  13. JuddYid16
    He is amazing, I love him.
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  14. Archibald&Crooks
    No longer graces SC with his presence.
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  15. Shadydan
    What a shame
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  16. Nebby
    That's him off then.

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