QF2: Wales v Belgium

Discussion in 'The Euro 2016 Forum' started by tiger666, Jul 1, 2016.

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    Bitter Sweet for me. Mostly sweet in that once more the minnows have stuck it to the prima donnas. The Welsh were fantastic in a way that England could only dream. Absolutely delighted to see Hazard get stuffed and will be even happier if they can coax another tantrum out of Ronaldo, the uberprick. The bitter side comes from the rather pathetic reaction of the Wales team to England's exit, given that I don't think that reaction would be reciprocated in any way, shape or form. I also have a Welsh mate who I have to spend time with who will be insufferably unbearable.
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    I don't really care whether you English want us to win or not but I find the reaction to the Welsh players celebrating England's loss a little precious. Personally I want England to win when Wales aren't involved, especially if there are spurs lads playing. However, we get "England this, England that" rammed down our throats by the media every bloody tournament and have done so all our lives (admittedly cos we've been too poor to get there ourselves). Even at half time during Wales northern Ireland the pundits were talking about England. Now it's the one tournament where nearly all the home nations have qualified (sorry Scotland) and we've got the furthest out of everyone don't you think the players are at least a little bit entitled to celebrate getting the furthest out of all the home nations? The way people have talked about this video (not necessarily on here), I was thinking some of them had relieved themselves on an effigy of Alf Ramsey or something!
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    Even last night they had to shoe horn an England discussion at half time. It really is tiresome.
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    Credit to Wales, more than happy that they're doing triffic and it would be great if they could do a Denmark 1992. That said, it will be hard to do with the teams left in.
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    I noticed that too. Even Gary L' made a point of it and said 'let's talk about this game' and took it back to Wales. I think most of us don;t want to hear about this particular English team anymore either!
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    12 year rule you know

    Denmark '92
    Greece '04
    Wales '16

    It is written.
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