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Player of the match?

  1. Vorm

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  2. Walker

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  3. Davies

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  4. Vertonghen

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  5. Dier

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  6. Mason

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  7. Stambouli

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  8. Lamela

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  9. Eriksen

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  10. Kane

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  11. Dembele

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  12. Rose

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  13. Paulinho

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  14. Townsend

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  15. No one

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  16. Ffs we are going to Wembley

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  1. prawnsandwich

    prawnsandwich Well-Known Member

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    Oh gawd-it could have been a golden night for Ryan tonight. Let's not forget this is effectively his 1st season for us. I think he warrants a starting place next game. If there is a positive ball on he tries it.
    He missed a few tonight but never mind 75% I would be happy with 50% if those 50% create danger for our opponents.
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  2. spurs-r-us

    spurs-r-us Well-Known Member

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    Thought Vorm's last bit of bravery saved him from a 1 or 2. Nearly conceded with his one touch before Adams put two past him and he started yelling at the defence. Unaccountable and very disappointing when we contrast him to who could have been between the poles.

    Can you believe we paid them cash + Sigurdsson for Vorm and Davies? Davies is okay, but Swansea must love us.
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  3. Bus-Conductor

    Bus-Conductor SC Supporter

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    It's All About The Boy

    I liked this team. That was the first time this season that I can remember that we have played a completely cohesive and coherent 45 minutes with and without the ball. Dominating all aspects of the game. No slackers, no shitters, 10 players all prepared to work as a collective and it was a joy to see. Dier in, Kane leading the line where he should be, Lamela right, Dembele dribbling at defenders instead of midfielders.

    Sheffield Utd are a league 1 team with the ball, but without the ball they are premier league and this is how they have down so well and got so far. They got right up us, chased us every way, touch tight, but in that first 45 minutes we went toe to toe, fought for every inch and won those inches. Our movement was really good and our passing was frequently crisp and of a good tempo and several good situations were sprung. The only thing that let that first half down was that final decision or execution.

    This front four offered the best balance of skills I think we've seen so far under Pochettino. None were foot perfect, Eriksen was a bit wasteful in good situations a couple of times, Dembele twisted away from laying off a simple pass and keeping momentum flowing a couple of times, Lamela ran into trouble a couple of times and Kane needed to get his head up and seek a team mate a couple of times in great positions. But what I liked was the balance these 4 brought the rest of the time. They all work off the ball, work for the team some of their skills over lap, but they all bring different ones too.

    We went in thoroughly deserving our lead, maybe deserving a bit more. But we knew the second couldn't be as comprehensively efficient. There would come a time when shit came to shove and they had nothing to lose. I don't blame us too much for shelling a little second half, we were cruising and had them pretty much where we wanted them, it was pretty sensible and we were doing it pretty well, until shit come to shove time finally arrived and we were undone by two typical pieces of shit come to shove football. No one really did anything terribly wrong, a deep low cross that eludes everyone and serendipitously arrives at the feet of a kid who's never scored a goal before. Twice in a couple of minutes and the game is on it's head.

    To our immense credit we didn't let this become the fairytale every neutral TV punter was praying for. We dug in, kept working, kept playing and no one typified how we won this game more than the player who's outstanding through ball won this game.

    MOTM. Harry Kane.

    When he wasn't leading the line and giving their defenders a torrid time, running them ragged, driving at them, taking them on, he could be seen dropping back deep into his own half to win the ball, then tearing down each flank to hold the ball up. Not the silkiest, not the smoothest, sometimes a bit direct and obvious, but he works his bollocks off, wants it large, refuses to lay down and can play a bit too. I love what this boy is bringing, even when the ball's not rolling he's worth his place and that's what I want from a striker.

    Most played somewhere between good and very good. The Paulinho/Dembele sub was the right one, he'd taken a nasty whack and was on a yellow. I'm not sure sticking Paulinho into the midfield and Mason into the ACM role was brilliant, but I guess I can see some logic in it, fresh legs in CM, Mason was on a card too and can play that role.

    I would have preferred Rose left and maybe Chiriches right maybe.

    This win doesn't gloss over everything that's not right, but it did show us some of the things that are right, and Poch got it right tonight IMO, for the most part, and he got what he and the players he picked deserved.


    Vorm - Bit meh really but must be hard to play the odd game.

    Walker - The usual mixed bag of weird and wacky. Typified by the sequence when he dribbled out of defence, jinxing past a couple of players really well, then when pressure was cleared passed the ball straight to one of them and launched a break for them. Great clearance off the line early on (or was it Vorm ?), did well to diffuse the Vertonghen incident.

    Dier - Really like the look of this kid, hard to believe he's having his second full game at CB.

    Vertonghen - Pretty decent game.

    Davies - Pretty decent for the most part.

    Mason - A very good game. Still just those crucial moments where a bit of composure would guild the performance lilly, but his energy and drive were vital.

    Stambouli - Good shift.

    Lamela - Very good game, worked hard, interchanged well with the others with some nice ping, ping football, decision making better at times, keeping it simple and the ball moving. Couple of careless moments but a decent knock first game back for a while.

    Dembele - very good game, as ever worked hard for the team without the ball, dropping deep when needed. There were a couple of occasions when he needed to release it quicker but I like him in this position, helping us retain the ball in the final third.

    Eriksen - Could have done better with a couple of situations with the ball in the final third but his work rate is the most improved and continues to deliver top drawer quality when the pressure's on.

    Kane - MOTM - If we are to be the team that Poch wants us to be, then it needs to be lead from the front the way Kane is leading it.

    Paulinho - I thought he did OK when he came on.
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  4. prawnsandwich

    prawnsandwich Well-Known Member

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    Unfortunately for theory and conjecture all games are played for 90 minutes.
    MoPo got the team tonight wrong.
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  5. ultimateloner

    ultimateloner Well-Known Member

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    I only saw the last 20 mins of the match; but hell it's a completely diff game i saw compared with what BC says.

    They dominated us and if it wasn't for a bad finish when one of their guys blasted over when fed clear in our box it would have been 3-1. Only bright spot for me in those last minutes of the game was Mason's energy (though as ever a combo of lack composure/skill led to nothing) and Ericksen/Kane craft. Without the these 2 I dont know where our season would have been...
  6. dannythomas

    dannythomas Well-Known Member

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    Chadli right
    Dembele centre
    Eriksen left
    However I believe there should be fluidity in all 3 players and they could interchange frequently.
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  7. Thmsdonaghy

    Thmsdonaghy Well-Known Member

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    Eriksen [​IMG]
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  8. OneBaxter

    OneBaxter Active Member

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    Dembele MOTM... was no shock that they came on strong when he went off... I know it was League 1 opposition but he can play like that regularly he will be a big player for us in the coming months
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  9. Pedro

    Pedro Blue & Yellow

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    It's a mixed bag of comments from SCers tonight. It seems Mason divides opinion a fair bit. I personally think he is becoming crucial to the way we play, and we have looked a bit lost at times without him. I'm a fan of his, he does a lot of the stuff that can easily go unnoticed if you're not specifically looking for it. Has a bit of everything, can tackle, pass, press and has a decent shot on him, but does need a bit more composure at times which will lead to more goals and assists. He'll get there though.

    Kane was great again, maybe should have scored, but a fantastic assist. dembele was fantastic, and would be motm if it wasn't for two brilliant finishes from eriksen. I like dembele in this position, but if he is to keep that position he really needs to score and assist more. But he showed off his best attributes tonight, his dribbling and ball retention is second to none in our squad. I can't help felling he is much more suited to a 433, playing in the middle 3. It's a tricky one since he doesn't move the ball quick enough for the midfield 2 and doesn't score/assist enough for the number 10, and I don't want us to change our whole system to fit him in his ideal position. In this form I'd keep him at no. 10, especially for tougher away games.

    Lamela was generally very good, but I want to see some more magic from him, he's clearly capable. Stambouli looking more and more settled and confident. Looks a decent player. Dier looks at home at CB, plays beyond his years and could push fazio for first team.

    Loving the passion from Kane and mason tonight, true thoroughbred yids. Can see one of them being captain material in the future.
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  10. Cravenspurs

    Cravenspurs Well-Known Member

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    Put in a shift, but needs to tidy up his passing. Some easy ones go astray. Got to love the academy boys though! Kane after that second Eriksen goal was so happy! COYS!
  11. littlemandefoe

    littlemandefoe Poch's Blue and White Army!

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    Dembele outstanding lol, playing against league one opp.
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  12. stevenqoz

    stevenqoz Well-Known Member

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    Vorm 5.5
    Walker 6.5
    Dier 6
    Vert 7
    Davies 6
    Lamela 6.5
    Eriksen 8
    Dembele 8
    Mason 7
    Stambouli 7
    Kane 7
    Paulinho 6
    Rose NET
    Townsend 5.5

    Porch 7

    Thought we had a good first hour and if Harry had had a more normal day we would have been a couple clear. Sheffield Utd always seemed likely to get some luck and momentum and when they did they roared back, although their second goal was fortunate. While two Eriksen had two great goals this evening I feel that Porch played what was an asymmetrical if not unbalanced line up throughout and this ultimately gave us problems on our defensive left. We seemed to play a 4 5 1 formation tonight that seemed to rotate responsibility leftside between Eriksen Stambouli Mason and sometimes Dembele....this left Davies exposed.
    I'd prefer to just play Eriksen 10 reducing his defensive load....Chadli to slot in there on his return (y)
  13. bobbydb

    bobbydb Active Member

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    mason & kanes celebration of our second goal....priceless...almost knocked each other out!
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  14. Bulletspur

    Bulletspur The Reasonable Advocate

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    You think the highlighted statements could be the reason for the differing views between you and BC??
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  15. BringBack_leGin

    BringBack_leGin I BELIEVE

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    Vorm looked shaky. I'd like to say that it's just because of his bit part role, but this was his third consecutive game was it not? Needs to do better.

    Walker was okay going forward, pretty good in fact at certain points, but he allowed crosses to constantly come in and, for a fit, fast guy, he should not be making the Sheffield Utd widemen running at him look like Gareth Bale every time.

    Dier was composed and assured, his pace improves our centre dramatically.

    Vertonghen shouldn't have grabbed the guy by the throat, but he was generally reliable and solid.

    Davies in the second half was like Walker in the first half, unable to stop a single cross coming in. Both goals came from his side, and it had been coming. Poor form from a player I expect better from.

    Stambouli was tenacious, aggressive, tireless and also very good on the ball. Liking him more and more.

    Mason was energetic and as ever he lead us out of defence and towards attack. Our forward play looks so much better with him in the middle because, what he lacks in a few technical areas, he certainly makes up for with his will and ability to spot an opening.

    Lamela gave a mixed performance but improved as the game went on. Linked up pretty well, but dispossessed too easily on occasion. Played the pass of the match for Mason (apart from maybe Kane's assist), but also a few clumsy touches when he would've been through otherwise. Still, after a little while out injured he looked good.

    Dembele made himself first choice to come in when we have an injury or suspension in the AM3 with this performance. Yes, the end product was lacking, but the danger his strength, technique and composure caused their defence was evident throughout. I hope his injury isn't too bad.

    Eriksen scored too absolutely delightful goals, and linked up relatively well. He could have been a bit more involved but when you can rely on him to produce magic more often than not, a game on the periphery from time to time is forgivable.

    Kane was superb. Yes, he didn't score but his overall play was amazing. A little selfish on occasion but he almost earns the right to be selfish when you see him back at left back in the dying minutes winning tackles. Some great runs with the ball, lovely movement and touch, superb strength and intelligence and, of course, a world class pass to assist Eriksen's winner.

    Paulinho did okay when he came on, but our play deteriorated in part from that shuffling of the pack.

    Not sure I noticed Townsend do much when he came on.

    Rose came on to be an energetic little git and see the game out and that's just what he did.
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  16. Nebby

    Nebby Active Member

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    We were cruising with Dembele on the field. As soon as he went off and Paulinho came on, things started to go wrong. Hard to tell watching on TV, but it looked like Paulinho took Mason's place, and Mason was pushed forward into the #10 position. That's what it looked like Paulinho was saying when he came on. Suddenly the gaps started to appear. Our fullbacks didn't cover themselves in any glory either. Looked very shaky.
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  17. 0-Tibsy-0

    0-Tibsy-0 Well-Known Member

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    Just out of curiosity, what was wrong with the starting 11 tonight?

    The only players that would potentially have strengthened us were:

    Lloris- apparently injured.
    Bentaleb- away.
    Chadli- been on leave.

    So no choice with those.

    And then a case could have been made for Rose and Fazio. But I don't think anyone can be too upset at those choices either.

    In the first half we were absolutely dominant, playing some very intelligent footy.
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  18. Real_madyidd

    Real_madyidd The best username, unless you are a fucking idiot.

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    That was who we played against.

    What is your point?
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  19. prawnsandwich

    prawnsandwich Well-Known Member

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    That was not our best team last night. I want 4-4-2.
    Let them worry about us not the other way around.
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  20. Chris12

    Chris12 Well-Known Member

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    Then what team is our best team?

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