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  1. Vorm

    4 vote(s)
  2. Walker

    34 vote(s)
  3. Kaboul

    1 vote(s)
  4. Chiriches

    6 vote(s)
  5. Rose

    3 vote(s)
  6. Dembele

    20 vote(s)
  7. Stambouli

    17 vote(s)
  8. Townsend

    4 vote(s)
  9. Paulinho

    11 vote(s)
  10. Chadli

    6 vote(s)
  11. Soldado

    2 vote(s)
  12. Lamela

    1 vote(s)
  13. Lennon

    1 vote(s)
  14. Capoue

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  15. Undecided

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  1. jezz

    jezz Well-Known Member

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    +7,466 / 481 / -237
    I was working tonight.
    Dead rubber game, would have liked to have won the group.
    But we qualified and that's what matters.
    Judging by the line up, it looked like a chance for some to impress.
    Reading the match sounded like we got spanked.
    But a 1 0 loss away from home is hardly the end of the world.
    I will make my judgement in May.
  2. southlondonyiddo

    southlondonyiddo Well-Known Member

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    +3,542 / 370 / -174
    Pauly, Bobby and Erica when he came on, shocking

    Those 3 transfers have been nothing short of a disaster. Not surprising we're struggling

    When your not scoring goals the whole situation turns to shit. Currently we are in a shit situation relying on a young kid (Kane) to get us out of it which is huge pressure on his very young and inexperienced shoulders

    Sell or loan out our other 2 shit strikers asap and get some fresh meat in upfront. Look at the Spammers, transformed team now because they are dangerous upfront
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  3. LexingtonSpurs

    LexingtonSpurs Well-Known Member

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    +19,876 / 372 / -90
    For me, I am less worried about the "accuracy" of the passes, and more appalled at how many times we pass to a man under pressure, or (Defense, I am looking at you) we pass with seemingly no comprehension or awareness of where we are on the pitch or any potential dangers. Equally as bad though is our inability to make runs off the ball - either to show for the player with the ball, or clear out defenders - shockingly inept.

    I also HATE that our CAM is coming so far deep to get the ball - that just invites him to carry the ball forward, instead of quick forward passes. Defenders shoudl be looking to pass the ball to either CM-2, and they can look to the fullbacks on either side, or the CAM, who is further up the pitch.
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  4. Spursidol

    Spursidol Well-Known Member

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    +16,191 / 191 / -80
    Never looked like a coherent team performance but saying that we we had by far the majority of posession, quite a few chances and generally looked in control, restricting Besiktas to only a couple of chances until the goal.

    If we had a decent striker we might have been 2-0 or 3-0 ahead by then, but with a non scoring Soldado those chances were not taken and we were left with an uphill task after the goal - and the subs did nothing to look like changing that.

    Good news was Walker (managing 75 minutes ) , Rose and Townsend on their retun from injury - especially Walker after about 8 months out.

    Aside from that :
    Vorm - could do little about the goal, generally a solid game.
    Walker - Decent performance although naturally looking a bit rusty at times.
    Rose - OK
    Kaboul - That performance against Arsenal is now a distant memory. After a rest should have looked enthusiastic but didn't
    Chirches - A few tricks done in dangerous places, makes me nervous as a CB, but otherwise a non inspiring average performance.
    Stambouli - OK performance but had been hoping for more
    Dembele - Better than some recent performances but still intensly frustrating
    Paulhino - Better than recent performances but a long way away from the player we thought we had bought
    Townsend - Wish he had put in more crosses but semed to play mostly bas an invertted winger.
    Chadli - Did little of note
    Soldado - Several decent chances so no real excuses not to score.

    Subs - Lamela (made Townsend coming back from injury look good), Capoue (why was he on when we needed a goal ?) ), Lennon (not effective - but without forwards no real surprise)

    Poch - Team seemed under motivated for the match, and a missed opportunity to play some of the youngsters - with 20/20 hindsghit on individual performances, Dominic Ball might well have been an upgrade on Vlad Chirches, Harry Winks and Josh Onomah a useful alternative to the likes of Dembele and Paulhino for instance. All players as good or better than those youngters played in europe by Arsenal, Everton, and Chelsea this week. Poor performance
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2014
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  5. zoneD

    zoneD Active Member

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    +378 / 345 / -260
    ..Dembele MOTM - Paulinho runner-up...
    ...Bobby goat of the match...
  6. dannythomas

    dannythomas Well-Known Member

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    +1,722 / 155 / -42
    I have watched a re run of the match and I didn't think it was all that bad. We controlled large parts of the game and a draw would have been a fair result. Our final ball let us down too often. It wasn't great but it was by no means worthy of some of the abuse on here.
    I have to say that despite his undeniable talent Lamela is really a liability. He is forever giving the ball away and putting us under pressure. His flicks and feints are all very pretty but he seems unable to do the simple thing. The fact that he is our record signing is a sick joke. Time to cut our losses and cut him adrift.
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  7. carpediem991

    carpediem991 Well-Known Member

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    +7,484 / 245 / -92
    Problem is these players dont surprise me in any way anymore. They rarely step up and have a good game, they always do their own bad thing to be useless as shit.

    Can you remember when a few of them had the last time a run of two good games?

    On the USA Tour it all looked encouraging. We scored with fine displays, lamela was effective, capoue and mason a solid partnership and even soldado looked okay.

    I will be fuming if we cant get rid of lots of them now. Squad and coach dont fit. Its pointless...

    That said i give walker and vorm a 6 and the rest 4s and 5s as they are. Special 3 for lamela, jokedado and townsend
  8. striebs

    striebs Well-Known Member

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    +753 / 206 / -52
    The heavy balls probably worked better on those heavy pitches but I can't see any of our current crop heading one of them let alone the leather laced up balls they might have got from their Dad for kick abouts before they played competitively .

    Tell you something though , I think I'm starting to miss the mud .

    Bring back the mud .
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  9. BK007

    BK007 Well-Known Member

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    +1,009 / 198 / -112
    Pretty wretched.

    Never looked like scoring and I wondered how these players get paid so much and how good they really are. This is their one job and they can't even do it well.

    Dembele, Chadli, Townsend and Paulinho kept losing the ball over and over again.

    Rose, poor passing, lazy to jog back.

    Kaboul, just idiotic with the lead up to the goal.

    Soldado, finishing is kinda horrific.

    Walker, Chiriches were OK. Stambouli was MOTM for me.

    Subs didn't do anything. Lamela, Lennon ineffective and not sure what Capoue was even on for.
  10. 0-Tibsy-0

    0-Tibsy-0 Well-Known Member

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    +24,301 / 233 / -82
    First half was actually alright.

    I know the fact we lost means that everyone automatically thinks we were shit, but we werent for large parts of the match.

    Dembele and Paulinho both had decent spells. Kaboul also surprisingly defended well in the first 45 (lets not mention their goal though....)

    Townsend was anonymous first half in my opinion and didnt do anything to move up thy pecking order, although he's been out for a bit so we should let him find his feet again first before being too judgemental.

    I really thought Stambouli was going to put his stamp on the match so I was disappointed he didnt seem to be as involved as previous Europa matches and stake a claim for a Prem midfield berth.

    Soldado, a few good touches and bits of hold up play but not a lot, and failed to do what he is in the team for.

    Rose was annoyingly out of position too often as the match went on, but again he's had a lay off.

    Walker came back and straight away and provided a width from fb that we have been missing. Ok, a couple of times his decision to closedown and also his positioning was naive but he has been out for 9 months, so anyone attacking him too much is quite frankly ridiculous. The width he offered noticeably created pockets of space, which gives renewed faith that inverted wingers can work.

    Vorm was alright.

    Chadli other than a couple of moments was pretty ineffective. Do think he could be an option up top if needed.

    In spells we played pretty well as a team, nothing special, but for long periods it really wasnt as depressing as I think many have decided it was. Poor form, frustration and the loss last night I think have contributed to a very negative view.

    Anyways, just my opinion.
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  11. Spurs_Bear

    Spurs_Bear Well-Known Member

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    +12,287 / 458 / -203
    This is not the kind of report I expect from you. Very half-arsed. The 'Chocolate Teapot' of reports if you will.
  12. WestBelfast Spurs

    WestBelfast Spurs Well-Known Member

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    +3,384 / 95 / -54
    Though Mussa had a good game

    Rose is a spunk bubble I can stand him (brutal player)

    Vlad after a shakey 30 seconds played ok

    Kaboul is a wanker, after the goal went in if you watch his body language you can tell he don't give a fuck

    Bobby couldn't score at the dam with a weekend pass

    Townsend we turned down 10/15 million for him, why???

    Thank fuck Mason Kane etc are all fresh for Swansea

    Just my opinion lads
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  13. ButchCassidy

    ButchCassidy Well-Known Member

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    +6,792 / 89 / -36
    Yeah, an obviously talented 22 year old player who's started 15 PL games hasn't set the league alight yet, better get rid immediately instead of, I don't know, working with our highly paid coaching staff to improve the weak parts of his game.
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  14. The Apprentice

    The Apprentice Charles Big Potatoes

    Ratings Received:
    +4,849 / 241 / -47
    No idea why we play all the squad fillers when we could have played the kids.

    Can't wait for the transfer window to see if we can beat the record for most outgoing transfers in a week. Maybe we could have a job lot and shift them in twos and threes.
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  15. Nocando

    Nocando Well-Known Member

    Ratings Received:
    +3,671 / 92 / -77
    I think you're the only poster to actually post ratings in a ratingd thread. So you get 10/10. The rest all get 0, including me.
  16. 0-Tibsy-0

    0-Tibsy-0 Well-Known Member

    Ratings Received:
    +24,301 / 233 / -82
    Nowhere does it specify a quantitative rating ;)
  17. Stoof

    Stoof Immortal Hero of the Transfer and ITK Forums Staff

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    +23,164 / 160 / -85
    I didn't see the game but after reading the first 3 and a bit pages, I am convinced that this is the most accurate review.

    How many dead rubbers in the World Cup followed a similar pattern?

    No matter what you think of any team, you can't help but get caught up in the meaninglessness of a fixture like this (at least from our side). It's not a Spurs thing either; it's a human thing. This fixture was an inconvenience, not a chance to test players. It was pure inconvenience.

    Yes, it comes after a fairly bad result against Palace (which wasn't a loss, note). But lo and behold I actually work with a Palace fan and he said that is the best they have played since Pulis left - and considering some of their results last year, I take that as a positive thing (albeit typically Spursy that a team has a blinder against us - again query whether that has anything to do with us or not).

    Steadily I think more and more people are writing off this season - GOOD! How about we just let the chap have a year. We've tried changing it every 10 minutes. Why don't we actually just do what our chairman is supposedly doing, and back the man? Back him and just let him go about his business. In 6 months time if we're still putting in shifts like this, then perhaps we need to have a think - but I was reading (albeit on Twitter) that people genuinely want Poch out. Seriously.

    I can't believe how much football has changed, and I mean in the space of 10 years - which is no time at all.
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  18. Nocando

    Nocando Well-Known Member

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    +3,671 / 92 / -77
    In my head it does. I dont know if people are afraid of stivcking their heads above the parapet but its good to have a barometer. Even so Its quite unusual that there are so few dcored ratings. Its likely to be due to the result, performance and soldado in particular.
  19. alfie103

    alfie103 Well-Known Member

    Ratings Received:
    +2,474 / 164 / -47
    I think the first half was ok but our defending was still pretty poor and just shows that Soldado just needs to be sold. He is getting chances now and he is missing them, I just don't think it is going to work.
  20. WalkerboyUK

    WalkerboyUK Well-Known Member

    Ratings Received:
    +12,807 / 467 / -106
    The lad can't make a simple 5 yard pass... He'd struggle to set the Championship alight.
    Needs to learn to do the simple things before he tries to be clever.

    Reminds me a bit of Dos Santos, who also flopped when on loan in the Championship.

    As for last night - there was nothing at stake in the game. We played fairly well in the first half, but didn't take the opportunities when they were presented. That's a common theme with our game at the moment.

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