Scott Parker: When I were a lad...

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by StartingPrice, Nov 17, 2017.

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    When I were a lad, they send to send us down t'pit three hours before we went to bloody bed. We worked 27 hours a bloody day. If you tell kids that nowadays they wouldn't believe you!

    Former Spurs whirligig and current youth team coach gives a great interview to, of all media outlets, The Mail.

    He talks about Harry Winks and the talent of the younglings: "Young academy boys should think: “That could be me...” I remember seeing him and working with the youth team a couple of times.

    ‘He was special but he has since ticked all the other boxes, too. That’s important. Hard work, graft and understanding of real life. You need to make an impression and Harry has.

    ‘What these boys can do and are being taught...they are miles ahead of anything I was asked for. If you ask those other guys you just mentioned they would all say the same. Miles ahead of us.

    ‘Technically they are superb. We can still improve their understanding of the game but in terms of pure ability it’s unrecognisable. When I was growing up, the keeper just put the ball down and booted it. Same with the defenders

    Hard but fair: "As a trainee he cleaned boots and swept terraces. He remains close to his first manager Alan Curbishley but admits now that he was once ‘scared’ of him.

    ‘My introduction to professional football was hard, ruthless,’ he said. But it set me up for my career. It was tough but it was right

    He also talks about the pitfalls for young lads getting too much too soon and not learning to deal with disappointments. His own psychological foibles. And many more things. A good read, seems like a decent and down-to-earth sorta fella. Enjoy.
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    I have posted the same article in the Youth Page
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    So, what do you want me to do about it. I looked. It's not my fault you hid it in a thread. Do you expect me to read every post of every thread before I post anything. Should I suffer for your incompetence...:mad::mad::mad:

    Only joking Goode Pard'Ner :)

    But seriously, I did look to see a thread on it and we must have been composing them at approximately the same time. I thought it was worth a thread of its own as it isn't just about the yoot. But if the Mods think yours is sufficient and this is superfluous I am happy for them to delete (y)
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    I definitely get the feeling that Scotty will turn out to be a very astute signing by the club.
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    Hard graft? Wasn't he busy filming McDonald's adverts at 13?

    He was great for us though. Never seen someone do a 30yard turn so well and so prolificly.
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    Parker was a legend. Loved that man.
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    Should have got him years before we did, we were crying out for a player like him for a long time in that period
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    love that Winksy is starting to wear black boots like Parker did.
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    Had some important qualities
    which will transfer very well to coaching.

    ''My problem is clubs bringing in players who block pathways but then don’t play.
    ‘The superstars are fine because we all learn from them. The problem is average players who then block that position from a young player''

    We need to guard against this if the project is to prosper.
    Onomah would have been useful right now
    and I can't believe that after Harry Kane
    there isn't an Academy player or a youth out there
    who wouldn't have been more effective and important
    in the long run than Llorente or Janssen for that matter.
    Sissoko and Aurier are perhaps in this category too.

    Not only does Winks wear black boots and part his hair like Scotty
    he has perfected the 360 degree maneuver too.

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    We did try. He kept turning us down and taking the money elsewhere.
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