Son Heung-Min confused by ruled-out penalty

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 1, 2018.

  • by mawspurs, Mar 1, 2018 at 11:16 PM
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    Son Heung-Min says he was baffled by the decision to rule out his penalty in Tottenham's 6-1 win over Rochdale but admitted he will have to change his technique.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. spud
    The ref clearly got it wrong.

    The law states that a penalty must be disallowed if the player feints to kick the ball. That isn't what Son did; he just paused in his run-up. The kick should've been retaken because of encroachment rather than an indirect free kick being given to Rochdale; and Son shouldn't have been booked.

    This isn't a problem with VAR. It's a problem with professional referees not knowing the laws of the game.
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  2. Turbo
    Law 14 states it's an offence if "feinting to kick the ball once the kicker has completed the run-up (feinting in the run-up is permitted): the referee cautions the kicker".

    Son staggered half way through the run from memory not at the end.
  3. Phantom
    I think they didn't overrule the ref as they had no way of communicating the fact to everyone that they had rescinded the yellow. I think they need to carry some spares which they can rip up in that sort of event :p

    That or it was pure incompetence.
  4. Gazza2K2
    You can't stop on your run up, has to be one continuous motion - Son could have made a cup of tea, the amount of time he stopped.
    Was never a pen in the first place though - foul began outside the box so should have been a free kick.
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  5. thecook
    Where does it say that? That isn't what Law 14, as above, says.
  6. Gassin's finest
    Son was in the wrong. The encroaching was a direct result of his stopping.

    It's alarming how many professional footballers don't actually know their own sports rules...
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  7. 14/04/91
    It looked to me like he stopped pretty much when he got to the ball.

    I knew it had been 'outlawed', I just assumed it would be a re-take. Didn't expect him to get booked and a free-kick against us!!
    You are wrong. We had long time fifa match commissioner analyze this with the rules and because of when he stuttered the pen should have stood.
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  9. Fowl!
    I don’t get why the ref took the penalty to var?

    I can only think he had lost confidence in his own opinion having already deferred to var for confirmation Lamellas goal was fine only to get a contradictory decision.

    Anyway I don’t want to be harsh on the ref, it has been coming for some poor sap and he really was undermined by it. I would sooner bun it off if it doesn’t help the officials.
  10. Fowl!
    It wasn’t outlawed it was clear at the time it was jntroduced (about 20 years ago??). There were a spate of players actually adding this feint to their run ups AFTER the rule was clarified.

    I’m thinking Dean Saunders was one.

    It was all about stopping players from committing the keeper to diving, not just putting him off balance.
  11. whitesocks
    It wasn't a penalty so the ref did well to cancel it out.
    VAR certainly needs to speed up - no more than 3 seconds on average to check the basics.
    Maybe give the managers so many appeals where VAR can be used to look at the fine details.
    Needs a bit of work, but I welcome VAR.
  12. 14/04/91
    The law was only changed in 2016, by the international football association board
  13. Fowl!
    I believe the 2016 change was not an alteration to the existing rule on feinting, but that any miscreant would also get a yellow card.
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  14. spud
    Because every goal is reviewed by the VAR.
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  15. spud
    Where he 'staggered' in his run-up is irrelevant. The offence is 'feinting to kick the ball.....' ie pretending to kick it. He didn't do that.
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