Stevie Perryman going to Wembley with Exeter City


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Jan 23, 2006
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Just spent an enjoyable hour and half watching Exeter City beat Lincoln City to reach the league 2 play off final.
Steve Perryman has been Director of football down there for 17 years and is retiring this season which means his last match in football will be at Wembley in a final, I like that.


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Jan 18, 2006
Very fitting end to a magnificent career. He's a mate of my Dad's, he's gonna be at the NWHL as a host in one of the corporate lounges for 10 matches next Season. He'd like to have done more but I think given his recent heart problems the Club didn't want to give him too many to do but a lovely gesture by Levy & co to get the legend back. He's only been surpassed by Ryan Giggs when it comes to the record number of appearances for one Club in this country. Special player, special man.