Still Not The Spurs Shop: Game Edition

Discussion in 'Columns' started by E.L.Strict, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Still Not The Spurs Shop: Game Edition

    Following yet another depressing conclusion to a season, one that I would personally rank as the third most depressing end to a season of all time, I thought it would be nice to do something light hearted in order to build our spirits up for the next season.

    So here is what isn’t being sold in the Spurs shop this week.


    Defoe is now our eighth highest goal-scorer of all time, needing only 6 more goals to get into the top five. No joke here, just an impressive stat. In need of 113 goals to achieve that same thing is this man:


    They warned us. Those from down the road, our most hated enemies, warned us and we didn’t listen. “He’s playing well because he wants a contract,” they said. “He’ll forget he can play football tomorrow.”

    If only you cared Ade, you could be a great! Thankfully though, we do have a few greats-in-the-making who appear to have desire.


    The fact that this man was not our signing of the season is a real credit to our transfer activity last summer. His performances were immense and his face oddly cartoonish, like a baby lemur drawn in the style of Japanese anime.

    Très bon Hugo!
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by E.L.Strict, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Llord Flashheart
    I am 'lol-ling' away at the Hungry Hungry Hugos, very good. :)
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  2. SteveH
    "Following yet another depressing conclusion to a season" what an idiot.
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  3. jimtheyid
    El Strict. Long time no post!
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  4. Archibald&Crooks
    The OP is making a positive and original contribution to the site, remind me what it is you contribute again? If this is a sample, then take it elsewhere because it isn't welcome here.
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  5. FITZ
    Too right! Was about to mention this in the fantix discussion.
  6. AB27
    Brilliant stuff!
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  7. yidogra
    Love the iDebayor app...uses so little energy, it actually charges your phone hahaha
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  8. Flashp
    Good laugh :D Brilliant pic of all the Hugos!

    I'm looking forward also to the Michael Dawson Hoofatron, a device capable of sending sphere-shaped objects that you don't really feel comfortable around, a long way away ;)

    Note: I love Dawson just as much as anybody, real heart, and a true club man (y)
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  9. dk-yid
    Winner winner!
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  10. TaoistMonkey
    Nice one El_Strict!

    Look forward to the next installment.
  11. E.L.Strict
    Indeed, hoping to be able to entertain you all with a weekly update from this point.

    Thanks for the comments and ratings guys!
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