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    What a fabulous season it has been! I want to publicly thank those who made this season special for me. Almost 60 games, nearly all of them televised live in their entirety here in the US which really allowed me to feel more involved than ever. But it wouldn’t have been anything without all you guys so although I’m mentioning a few of my personal favorites you all contributed to my Spurs experience this season – yes, even you ThinkTank and Keano.

    So here goes…

    Thanks Rob for keeping the site going especially during the early December crisis.

    Thanks to all those who contributed to keep it going.

    Thanks to SS57, who in his fiftieth year of support, provided thoughtful analysis and some killer wit.

    Thanks to Stoof, for his amazing matchday efforts and generally even and keen analysis.

    Thanks to Chuba and his banners

    Thanks to Bill-Oddie for his competition and humor. Do you really live in Thailand? Or do you in fact reside in Chingford?

    Thanks to BOF for some keen insight, research, reserve reports and some great photos of the European tour.

    Thanks to TheChosenOne for some great one-liners.

    Thanks to DavidMatzdorf for his thoughtful analysis and research.

    Thanks to Beni whose recent analysis of every goal conceded in the league this season astounded me – and I’m not easily astounded.

    Thanks to TriKs who clearly has far more extensive technical knowledge of football than I do and I’m glad he shares it.

    Thanks to Archibald&Crooks for Legends of the Lane and all those who contributed.

    Thanks to Real MadYidd for some humor but most of all that great name which always makes me chuckle.

    Thanks to Eddie_Bailey for some great reports and terrific wit. Need more next year, please.

    Thanks to AllyGold for his book on MJ, his editing and articles. I’d like to see more articles next season from you too.

    Thanks to the American based fans who made me feel less isolated. We need to get together some time. Kentucky_Yid, are you still here or did you get deported?

    Thanks to all the Mods for keeping the site well controlled and a place for legitimate public debate.

    Mostly, thanks to all of you for making this a great community and a wonderful place to follow our beloved Spurs. As you can probably tell, I really enjoy the very specifically British wit and banter. We truly are COYS – a Community Of Yiddo Supporters. I think all we need now is some one who can argue from the left side and we’ll be sorted.

    Right, enough of this sentimental ***t. I’ve got two books and a movie treatment to write before next season rolls around. So, I’ll see you next August.

    Or maybe this afternoon.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Thesoccershrink, May 14, 2007.

  1. Welsh_spurs_fan
    Another year has passed but still us yids go on and stay strong :D


    Awesome post bro
  2. walworthyid
    Supporting spurs just would'nt be the same without SC!

    Great post!
  3. JonnySpurs
    You forgot to mention Thanks to JonnySpurs for keeping his head when a reasonable majority (I can't say all really) around him were losing theirs, by very occasionally popping up and writing motivational, optimistic and passionate articles to keep us all believing especially after some dodgy results and therefore a whimpering league position................................erm ok, just me that remembers them then? ;-)
  4. wookie
    "Freudian Slip: When you say one thing but mean your mother"

    :) nice
  5. southcalispur
    yes the amizing tv coverage here in the states has been great, I've seen pretty much every spurs game live on tv this season, long may that continue. Thanks for those who make spurscommunity possible, it certainly brings spurs fans around the world together and I love it, long may spurscommunity continue.
  6. yiddobrett
    Great post mate. Thank you to everyone here at SpursCommunity.
  7. Real_madyidd
    Great post fella! Lets hope we play even more games next year!
  8. BringBack_leGin
    thanks to BringBack_LeGin for finally learning to use paragraphs?
  9. ErikTheViking
    Thank to my dear brother who won the figth with my father to make me a spurs fan instead of a leeds fan......
  10. Thesoccershrink
    I'm sorry could I forget? Thanks!!
  11. Tazza25
    "Thanks to DavidMatzdorf for his thoughtful analysis and research." so thats what you call it?
  12. Jakes
    Well said that man. The contributors you mention, plus a few you haven't, have allowed me and countless other lazy swine to feel a part of our beloved SC without having to actually engage the brain and contribute.

    New Season's Resolution #1: Do my bit for the team

    :clap: to you all
  13. Tazza25
    i'm with jakes i going to do more next term!
  14. vietnam1973
    yeah nice one at that, i dont think i can function at work without looking at this site first thing in the morning!
    keep up the good worg SC :beer:
  15. Kingstheman
    Next season let us all get behind the team 100%. No more 'Jol out' or 'Lee/Ghaly/Jenas/Murphy et al is shit' more cheering the team on...
  16. Bill_Oddie

    You're most welcome, fella. I hope you don't mind if I bastardise David Brent in my response, but it seems apt:

    'I don't do this for the thanks. I just do it in the hope that one day, people will pass me in the street and think "Oh look. There goes Bill_Oddie...

    ...I must remember to thank him"' :wink:

    Oh, and it's Malaysia.

    ...or Morecambe - you decide.
  17. barry
    I'll try boss, but because this season hasn't officially ended let me just say Jenas is shit, Jenas out. Glad I got that out of my system. Bring on next season. :grin:
  18. llamafarmer
    Thanks to Jolly and the team for a hugely entertaining season!

    Whatever happened to that ESPN reporter following Spurs? I guess he lost interest....

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