The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - POST MORTEM


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Jun 28, 2012
My Post Mortem

Firstly sorry for the delay, I've been a bit busy with work since Friday.

Walker and Rose

Both had their heads turned by England players from other clubs, Dier as well. Walker didn't have a bust up with Poch as such, but made it clear in January if we didn't win something this year he wanted out and genuinely wanted to go north. Rose is not the brightest tool in the box and has really pissed off Levy and Poch especially the timing of his paper interview, which they felt hindered some of their potential signings. Considering Poch has improved him as a player, he signed a new deal last autumn and has been injured for months he has not done himself any favours. I expect him to be sold by next summer. Don't believe the bollocks about him being applauded by the other players it was the opposite especially Kane and Loris.

Ducks in a row

Probably a stupid phrase to use, what I meant by it was that we had been working on our main targets and alternatives for a long time and only contracts and rubber stamping needed to be done. Batshuayi was an example that I was told to be stum about and told about Llorente on Thursday night. We also tried for Martins with Gomes as the back up, unfortunately both didn't materialise for various reasons. Apart from those two i.e. quick WF we did what was planned for.


I think we have improved both the first 11 and the squad and still made a profit, which I am led to believe we will use in January to go back for Sessignon and Barkley. Re Barkley my contact was a bit meh about him all summer apart from the fact we had some interest at the beginning of the window, hence I didn't post on him much. My opinion is that he is wanted by some of the players more than Poch.


A big thank you to all of the mods and especially A&C and Rob. There are some great posters on here, but unfortunately there are also some real knobheads and for that reason I am going to retire as an ITK. It has all become too stressful and with idiots putting stuff out on fake twitter it puts my contact in a dodgy position. With things being tighten up at the club any info going out to the wider world can be traced back to just a few people. You still have some great ITKs , but please give them a break next window otherwise I can see no ITK in the future.
As for you knobheads I am going on a cull and putting all offenders on my ignore list.
Thanks GF! I'd still appreciate it if you post info in the best sense, whereby some info is passed on when you come by it as opposed to badgering your contact as such.


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Jan 17, 2011
Everything has been said on this but I'd also like to echo the thanks given to @Grey Fox for his fantastic service to SC. I hope you stay as a poster.