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Feb 1, 2005
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Pat Jennings will be remembered as one of the best goalkeepers of all time. [ar]

'Big Pat' played 673 games for Spurs between 1964-1977 and another 300-plus at Arsenal before winding down his career in a second spell at White Hart Lane. He also played 119 times for Northern Ireland, including two World Cups.

Pat was signed by Billy Nick from Watford for £27,000 when he was only 19 years old and had only played 48 games.

"The first time I met him I said 'Hello Mr Nicholson' and he replied 'Forget Mr, just call me Bill', " said Pat. "There I was with this great man, with such a fantastic reputation, and suddenly I was on first name terms!

"That said so much about Bill. I never saw anyone disrespect him or have a bad word for him. Everyone thought the world of him. There have not been too many like Bill Nicholson in the world."

During his time at White Hart Lane, he won the FA Cup in 1967, League Cup in 1971 and 1973, UEFA Cup in 1972 and also the PFA (1975-76) and Football Writers' Player Of The Year (1972-73) Awards. [al]

"At the time I signed, I couldn't really believe it," admitted Jennings. "I'd actually been to watch a couple of Division One games at Chelsea when I was at Watford and there I was, playing for Spurs at that level. Once again, ignorance was bliss. People just kept on putting me on another rung of the ladder and I managed to respond to it."

Jennings, at his peak, was the best goalkeeper in the world and today still helps the keepers with coaching sessions at Spurs Lodge. He is also present at every match day at White Hart Lane.

Appearances: 472 (LG), 43 (FAC), 39 (LG Cup), 36 (EUR)

Pat also famously scored a goal in the Charity Shield against Man Utd, about which he says:

I was surprised but I was delighted too as it was on live television. In those days, you could have played all your matches without anyone seeing you. So I was pleased it was the Charity Shield and it was on telly as it's nice to be able to watch it again.

One of very few players to sign for Arsenal from Spurs, but no one really hated him for it, he was always pretty well received when he came back to WHL with them, unlike another certain former player. It's all about how you conduct yourself and Big pat knew how to do that. Plus he did us a huge favour in an FA Cup tie at WHL when he let a tame Garth Crooks shot slip under him for the only goal of the game!

I can also remember autograph hunting as a kid outside WHL, as you do, Pat pulled up in this little Mini, rolled down the window, took my pen, signed several autographs except for mine, dropping the open and pulling away, running over my foot in the process! The sight of this giant man hunched in this tiny little car was a funny sight which I didn't appreciate at the time!

Pat Jennings. Ledge.


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Dec 13, 2005
Can't (won't) believe he is coming up to 63 years old this year !

As I mentioned somewhere y'day, I have the pleasure of seeing him quite
often locally driving a Beemer 3 series which looks a little on the small size for him.

Such a deep voice, great man, many memories, the one-handed saves and the bravery in playing is games back in the days when football was a contact sport.

I was about 9 or 10 when I bought a keepers jersey with a Spurs badge on it, wore it all time when playing jumpers for goalposts football all day long on -Stoke Newington Common in the sixties.
Sep 12, 2005
If Spurs had a Pat Jennings today then we would surely be challenging not only for a Champions League spot but for the Premier title.

There might be a lesson in how Spurs dispensed with the services of Jennings too early (to Arsenals delight); Robinson is young for a goalkeeper and should have his best years ahead of him, perhaps some caution is required before we also dispense with his services too easily.

Credit to Spurs though, Pat Jennings continues to be regarded and treated as a Spurs player and legend despite having also played for Arsenal; might have something to do with it been our own fault in the first place..

Pat Jennings, a true Spurs Legend.


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Sep 9, 2004
Nothing to add really. He is a legend, one of the few real legends. I loved watching him. :bowdown:


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Aug 14, 2006
Some personal memories of Pat...

When he first came to Spurs, he lodged a few streets away from where I lived in Tottenham with another young Spur - Cyril Knowles - and they became firm friends, often playing golf together.

Pat was a quiet man, always seemed to me to be in deep thought and I recall that he was often homesick in those days. Once, driving along locally, we passed Ulster Road and Pat's soft, deep voice drifted plaintively and wistfully across from the back seat saying, "Ulster's in Ireland..."

On a summer day in the school holidays, Cyril jokingly suggested a friend and I go along with them to Crews Hill Golf Club in Enfield to caddy. We did go along and had a great day out (but no, we didn't actually caddy!)

We had drinks after they finished their game and were joined by the late comedian Ted Ray, who was a really nice man. The memory of the day that lingers most is of Pat getting a round of drinks. He scooped up about a dozen empty glasses and took them back to the bar without using a tray and we fell about laughing. Those hands were just HUGE!

I also remember a Spurs night in Downshire Hill when Pat's (then) fiancee got up on stage and sang The Londonderry Air. She had a beautiful voice and sang the same song at the Royal Variety Show that year. They, of course, married and had a clutch of sons and still live in Broxbourne. Patrick Jnr is a goalkeeper in Derry.

Pat is without a doubt one of the best keepers I've ever had the privilege to watch and was an incredible asset during his time at WHL. Yes, a legend and a gentle giant too.


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Dec 13, 2005
My Son played against Pat junior when they were u9's or u10's.

My son has never been clattered so hard in all his life, PJ's son was built like a brick outhouse and trampled my Son (all as part of the game)


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May 20, 2005
absolute legend - I started going to Spurs in 63 and didn't see them lose till 68 - (I didn't go to all games obviously - and mainly home ones) one of the main reasons for that was Pat

it honestly used to shock me when he let a goal in and the ref actually gave it - I'd look at the ref and Pat and back again and think - no it's a mistake surely - you can't score against Pat

I honestly expected him to save everything in those days - and he made a damn good stab at it -

he was an innovative goalie - perhaps intuitively - one of the first to save a lot of shots with his legs - his flying one hand catches of crosses was legendary -

he was simply great - and for a time the best in the world


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May 17, 2004
I actually attended Pat's wedding at Hampstead Catholic Church in 1967 followed by reception at Brent Bridge Hotel , Golders Green. I should add that me and my cousin were uninvited guests , just fanatical autograph hunters. Amazingly after the ceremony Cyril Knowles offered us a lift to the hotel and after a while came and got us admitted to the reception . I should add that by the time he got us in Cyril had a few drinks and referred to us as his brothers.
Spurs were playing Arsenal away in their next match and on asking Alan Mullery if were going to win he said " of course , no doubt ' ( We did win , 2-0 )
Pat was really friendly to us that day too even though we had gatecrashed his wedding.
Pat was a true great, I remember the ongoing argument as to who was the best keeper , Pat or Gordon Banks. Great player that Banks was , for me there was only 1 winner.
Apr 4, 2006
Without a doubt Pat is the best goalkeeper I have ever seen and i have seen greats like Banks, Yashin etc. On top of that he was a real gentleman and always had time for his fans.
Jul 14, 2012
My son has never been clattered so hard in all his life, PJ's son was built like a brick outhouse and trampled my Son (all as part of the game)



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Oct 2, 2007
I seem to recall that Pat, at one time. attributed his goal keeping ability to playing Gaelic football as a youngster. Now there is a hard game!

He was the best in the world, oh for another one like him now.


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Aug 24, 2010
as a kid i loved playing in goal, and Jennings was always my idiol

i will always remember as a kid 10yrs old turning up to a wet and windy home match at home to Sheff Utd in one of those old parker coats. the season before 73/74 i made my 1st ever visit to WHL and we lost to Sheff utd 2-1, so i so wanted us to bash them lol.

i can't remember the score at the time, but Pat made one of, if not the greatest save i have ever seen. the ball was heading into the top corner. then one of the most famous hands in the world clutched the ball out of midair, and when he finally landed he was still holding onto the ball with his right hand. we actually lost 3-1 and the game was on MotD

when i watched the game again that night, when the programe finished and they froze the final frame there was Pat holding the ball, and behind him was this little wet kid in his parker