Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus - Match Thread

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by Bulletspur, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. WiganSpur

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    Sounds good in theory, but that's what Allegri tried to do when they went 2-0 up in the first leg. They invited pressure and we boxed them in with the high press.

    I always think we're worse when teams really press us. If I was Allegri I would attack, the first goal will change the game and it might not be something we're expecting.
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  2. mpickard2087

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    Quite surprised to see a cautious mood in this thread so far. There seemed to be a bit of an air of complacency amongst a lot of our fans after the first leg, as if the job was basically done already.

    I agree with what has been said already though, we've put ourselves in a good position but this is going to be a very tough game. I don't expect them to make the same mistakes twice, particularly when it comes to the centre of the park. Matuidi back will help them and I expect them to really pack the centre of the park this time.

    If it was down to me I'd seriously consider going with the back three in this game.
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  3. TheHoddleWaddle

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    Their counter attack at times is absolutely frightening. I envisage them attacking our right flank on the counter to try and expose any lack of Pace that Trippier has. We'e Got to try and play some possession and work like crazy to get the ball back.

    Can't wait to see what Pochettino goes with tactically.

    No reason not to feel confident, but this is a very good side full of experience and quality. Needs 100% from everyone to get through. Can't wait
  4. Archibald&Crooks

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    It's early. You usually get the sensible crowd in the day before a game. The pro moaners aren't due in until just before kick off at which point the line up will be ripped to shreds and if we don't start very well it'll all build up quite quickly ending in someone proclaiming like a prophet turned town crier that "this one is on Poch" :D
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  5. SpurinChicago

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    Absolutely buzzing. Know that if we play our game we can absolutely run over them. Worried if we don't, a soul crushing defeat will follow. But this is why you watch the game and follow this glorious club.
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  6. Univarn

    Univarn Lost. Probably Not Worth Finding.

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    I've already started drafts with all the quips so I can easily post them as need be. So far I've got
    "Why isn't (Son/Lamela) starting!"
    "FFS Dele"
    "I would bring on Sissoko"
    "Sissoko FFS!"
    "You have to score that"
    "Poch always subs too late"
    "We didn't play our game. Deserved to lose."
    "That one is on Poch"

    Or, alternatively:

    "Brilliant! What a night! I always knew we'd win"
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  7. davidmatzdorf

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    It feels like 15 minutes ago that it was May 2006 and we had qualified for the UEFA Cup through the league for the first time since... forever.

    It was only just over 2 years since Levy had realised that the previous strategy of buying one or two superannuated ex-stars to pep up a team of mediocrities wasn't going to work (and had ceased to fool the fans) and had appointed Frank Arnesen to develop our youth programme. Martin Jol was our manager, Michael Carrick was in midfield and the topic of the day was lasagne.

    It's worth listing our finishing places for the previous years since the start of the Premiership. Working backwards: 9, 14, 10, 9, 12, 10, 11, 14, 10, 8, 7, 15, 8. Admirable consistency. Aimless rubbish, but consistent.

    It feels like 10 minutes ago that I was watching Man City v. Spurs, but it was 5 May 2010 when Peter Crouch scored and I nearly hit my head on the ceiling, jumping up and down and screaming "we're in the Champions League! we're in the Champions League!" over and over.

    It feels like 5 minutes ago that Gareth Bale was ripping Maicon a new one as we beat Inter Milan 3-1 at the old place. For me, that was The Result, the game that signified that we had changed. Until this season's win over Real Madrid, it was my favourite Spurs match ever and my favourite ever moment was when the 3rd goal went in and I knew we were in the next round.

    Now here we are. Finishing 5th represents failure. Qualifying for the Champions League is, if not an expectation, a realistic ambition every year. The old "top 4" is history. We have one of the the best youth systems in the league and our squad is populated with players who grew up on Spurs. Arsenal are trailing in our wake. Again.

    We expect to score, we expect to win, we expect to see exciting football. Other clubs covet our players. And we're playing, for the third time this season, the elite of European football on equal terms. We have a slim advantage. We may or may not win this time, but we're part of the world football elite now. We ought to get used to it and enjoy it, because it might not last forever. Ask Arsene Wenger.
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  8. Bulletspur

    Bulletspur The Reasonable Advocate

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    I am not as nervous as I should be. Reason being, it would not be a disgrace being knocked out by Juventus as long we give a good account of ourselves. This would leave us to concentrate and be more determined to win the FA cup and cement our place as I high as we can in the League
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  9. ghjk_91

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    Nights like this are another reminder of just how far we've come over the last few years. Who would've thought when Sherwood was in charge that we'd be going into a game against Juventus as favourites to qualify for the quarter finals?

    Sure we may not win, Juventus are a quality side who could beat anyone in Europe, but it's mightily exciting to be competing with the best after years of mediocrity.
  10. LexingtonSpurs

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  11. Flashspur

    Flashspur Well-Known Member

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    Love your stuff David but you make me feel so old FFS :D
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  12. Flashspur

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    Well I can remember the days as a youngster when I thought the glory glory nights were a given and look at how that turned out. The break up of the fab 60's side after the early 70's cup wins, the dead years in the middle with relegation, the upswing in fortune under Burkinshaw and then the fiasco that followed with the club almost going bankrupt under Scholar, the Venables Sugar squabbles and the dead zone of the 90's and so on. So I am not taking the current good times for granted at all. Since Jol started the comeback we have finally got a manager who is of a similar quality to the other great managers we have had. I think the trophies will come soon!

    I hope that Poch and his lads have a rub of the green to go with their undoubted talents and they show the world what this Spurs team is made of against Juve. I expect a tough match that will go to the wire and I hope we want this badly enough on the night because we have certainly earned it. COYS!
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  13. yankspurs

    yankspurs "We're not a selling club"

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    Juve will be much tougher to beat with Matuidi back in. Much, much tougher. Very nervous about this. Just dont want to see us get thoroughly dominated again like vs City
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  14. dickieven

    dickieven Well-Known Member

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    So looking forward to this. As others have said it will be bloody difficult. Juve are a great team and are used to being in this situation. However, this Spurs team is also something very special.

    Whatever situation we find ourselves in this evening I would be confident still. Concede an early goal - No problem we've proved we have the balls to come back. They sit back - No problem we can unpick defences better these days. They attack - we are pretty lethal on the counter arrack. Whatever Juve throw at us we have the ability and mindset to cope.

    Ive flown from the Philippines for this game (and the Huddersfield one at the weekend) so will enjoy whatever the result. Hoping for a great atmosphere, im fully expecting to lose my voice tonight!

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  15. spurs_girl_tasha

    spurs_girl_tasha Believes

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    I'm on the way to work. I've already got butterflies. How am I meant to get through the next 13 hours?
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  16. ohtottenham!

    ohtottenham! Well-Known Member

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    Try not to count the number of hours.
  17. mightyspur

    mightyspur Well-Known Member

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    I find staring at a clock helps.
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  18. sebo_sek

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    I think we should sit back for the first 15-20 minutes and soak up the pressure. They will come out of the gates just as they did in Turin. This time we should EXPECT IT. Break if we can, but only if we can. Think back to Inter vs Barcelona under Mourinho. Probably the most anti-football game I can remember. But did Jose care? Nope.
    If we take away their advantage of pacey counters, they are left with slow build-ups. The second they are 30-40 yards out, start harassing them. Make them lose possession and pounce.
    They will be expecting Kane to be the main target man. Switch that to Son who is much faster. Get them disorientated, ala when Jol made Keane a winger against Chelsea.
    This game requires category A tactics - deception and the lot.
  19. Flashspur

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  20. Chris Flynn

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    Im just really really hoping we can get an early goal

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