Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus - Match Thread

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by Bulletspur, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Lemon

    Lemon End World Debt

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    We're waiting for the too drunk post at around 6pm then...
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  2. nicdic

    nicdic Official SC Padre Admin

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    Not nervous, excited.

    Been at work since 7:30am so I can get away early for some grub and beers on the way to the ground with me old man.

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  3. neilp

    neilp Well-Known Member

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    I’m stuck at home sick so can’t be there tonight. I have just had my first shit since Friday so thinking about this game has helped.
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  4. riggi

    riggi Well-Known Member

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    I got distracted. Probably leave now.

    What you said will still be correct but my belly will be lined by a full English and the falafel I'll grab at the station.
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  5. Gb160

    Gb160 Aggressivity

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    Wash it down with a latte, the milk will line your stomach.
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  6. wishkah

    wishkah Well-Known Member

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    Bonus today was better than expected (talking recession times, not Wall Street times), so I'm hammered...already.
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  7. thekneaf

    thekneaf Active Member

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    Oh yeah, Juve are serious contenders. If we win, we will be seen as serious contenders ourselves. This match is the real deal.
  8. Romulus

    Romulus Well-Known Member

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    im so excited but trying not to get too pumped too soon as I'll be knackered by kick off
  9. tiger666

    tiger666 Large member

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    Sounds like my love life.
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  10. midoNdefoe

    midoNdefoe the member formerly and technically still known as

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    Fucking hell! I have a ticket for this, but also a work dealine - i'm in a glass-case of emotion right now!!!!

    Come on you lazy ****s, HEAVE! HEEEEEEAVE!

    I'm nervous about whether i'll get the chance to be nervous and heading up or just nervous and heading home :D:sick::D:sick::oldman:
  11. JimmyG2

    JimmyG2 SC Supporter

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    Read the thread through.
    Come on fellas it's a football match
    it's not a matter of life or death.

    All together......
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  12. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne The only way is up

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    Arsenal generally depart the Champions League at this stage most years. Especially against Bayern Munich.
  13. Hoddle_Ledge

    Hoddle_Ledge Well-Known Member

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    Sorry @WalkerboyUK almost could have had my spare. Hope you get one, always some going on twitter nearer to KO.

    Sciatica pain in my back and down my legs, had to buy some crutches and will be dosed up on codeine and diazepam...probably won't be able to make out what's happening on the pitch, but at least I'll be there (y)

    Sitting near the dugout so will be wearing a fake moustache and nose in case anyone from work sees me.
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  14. Pellshek

    Pellshek Well-Known Member

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    It struck me like a bucket of cold water this morning that I've been way underestimating the potential that Juve show up and are just really good. I've kinda gotten it into my head that we have their number.

    But they were poor and missing players in the first leg. They are six times Serie A champs in a row, and twice CL finalists in the last 4 years. I keep forgetting just how remarkable that is.

    Like most, I've been optimistic since the first leg, but I'm getting the serious jitters that they might rope-a-dope us.
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  15. ostrov

    ostrov Well-Known Member

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    Yes, some drama queens.
  16. WiganSpur

    WiganSpur Well-Known Member

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    They might, but there's only so much we can control in that respect.

    All we can expect from our players is maximum effort and commitment, I don't think anyone would be angry if we were defeated giving it a good go. At the end of the day if they turn up and are the better side, then fair play to them. It won't be the end of the world, we're still in the FA cup and top 4 is to play for. Plus, there's a lot worse teams we could go out to.
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  17. cider spurs

    cider spurs Well-Known Member

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    Feckin classic. Mark Lawrenson disguise.(y)
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  18. Gaz_Gammon

    Gaz_Gammon Well-Known Member

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    A convincing victory for us.

    I can foresee no other outcome given our home form in 2018.

    Worry not ye nay-saying wankers among us.................

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  19. jenko

    jenko Well-Known Member

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    Just checked in to say Aaaarrrrrrrggghh
  20. Insomnia

    Insomnia Twisted Firestarter

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    Release Kane, Alli, Eriksen & Son, job done

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