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Feb 1, 2005
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Good morning and a happy new year to all.

We are not actively looking to move anyone(first team regulars) on this window. It's widely known that a couple of players are not fully content with life at Spurs for one reason or another, that said they are all very much still pulling in the same direction as things stand. That is why barring what we consider to be vastly OTT offers allowing us to overall squad strengthen, nothing at all will be entertained. If that should happen and we do sell, we will buy!

As far as incomings are concerned, I'm still hearing Barkley is not likely to happen(for reasons I have already posted) although we are still keen on him as a player. CP not willing to let Zaha go now so would take one of those OTT bids mentioned earlier to get them talking(not likely unless someone goes). Richarliason is another we have been watching very closely, but he is splitting opinion somewhat, and we'd like to see a bit more of him before throwing our eggs into this basket. Of our "made public" targets the one I could see happening this window one way or another is Sess. We have courted him now for two years, and he is keen, but he knows/we know/his dad knows that him playing games for Fulham has been far more beneficial to the lad than moving to us at a previous time. Think this could well be a Dele type deal with him coming in the Summer personally. Anyone hoping for an out of the blue ready made superstar coming from the continent to propel us to new heights is going to be very disappointed.

So all in all we want players in but we won't be buying just to get our numbers up barring injury or stupid offers for players that are not seen as "long term must keeps" it will be quiet. That doesn't mean though we won't be trying, it just means it is unlikely because January is very difficult. We have a list of players we think could improve us but just because they are not available now, it doesn't mean we will get someone that is, just to bulk the squad. We will wait!!

Oh I also asked about loanee's returning and he said as far as he was aware, we had no plans to recall anyone.
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