[Update 26] Trix on Moura and more...

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Jul 24, 2005
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When: 29/01/2018

"Not long left now so a bit of an update from my side.

Hoping to push this over the line today, we have everything in place and agreed. PSG had been slightly hesitant purely hoping a bigger bid from a desperate club would have come in, but other possible suitors are aware Moura is set on us.

Sess price is unprecedented for a player his age and league standing. The 50mil price quoted in the press is correct. Fulham aren't stupid though and know they won't get that as a straight up fee. It's difficult but not impossible for the Summer, will need some movement from both sides though, and a bit of creativity in how the deal is structured to keep everyone happy. With every game the boy plays his up front value increases making it very hard to strike a deal that everyone is happy with.

As I have said previously, targets are there with Summer in mind, we are trying to do them now but only if the availability is there, and there is enough value to do so now.

Not hearing anything about any permanent outs, but there could well be a couple more loans."
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