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Discussion in 'The January 2016 ITK Archive' started by The Goat, Aug 30, 2016.

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    OK a few bits have landed on The Goat's lap, some not surprising but you get what you get..... so here we go.......

    Mason has been told he can leave and won't have as much game time as we want to try the youngsters in the cups.

    A deal for a keeper is agreed and fitness stuff is expected to be done this evening

    As we all know GKN was supposed to have been done ages ago but we still expect this to happen

    Isco. We have people out there and have had for the past week. Poch has spoken to player and family, Levy got the go ahead and its down to the clubs to agree terms. There's also an option closer to home (Zaha) which Levy is dealing with himself. We want both on perm deals not loans.
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