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The Goat

Feb 27, 2008
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Who: The Goat
When: 9th May
Where: SC

The Goat has had his earhole whispered into, some of which fleshes out yesterdays bits.

Lloris is more likely to go to Monaco than PSG now that Valdes is injured. (Hugo's brother plays just down the road in Nice)

Kaboul is looking like he'll be released.

Capoue - was close to joining Napoli on deadline day in January. A deal was agreed in principle for around 9m but at the last minute Daniel Levy upped it to 14m, plus clauses for champions league qualification, Serie A winners etc and a big sell on fee.

The whole thing about Sherwood not knowing who he (Capoue) is etc when he picked Bentaleb drove him insane and they had words a few times about it. The whole Bentaleb thing was part of TS trying to bluff his way to DL that he could save him cash i.e. playing the game.

Not many of the players like Sherwood (nothing new I know) and some of the players have said that its the worst atmosphere we've had at WHL in years

Vertonghen is willing to stay if FdB gets the job.
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