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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - POST MORTEM

    Not a bad transfer window but not a great one, I still feel we are missing that last piece of the jigsaw to complete our squad and from reading the info from the ITK's that's also what the club thinks too. So it seems in these ever evolving transfer windows there are still many more lessons to...
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    Modric gives us the thumbs up

    Nice little interview from the little man (I would take him back in a heartbeat)
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    WARNING : Only click on that link if you have a good half hour to spare ogling at hot chicks!!!
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Final Countdown

    This place and pornhub are my most visited websites so with out this place I would probably be blind already! Thank you Spurs Community £50 donated
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    Saido Berahino signs for Stoke City

    He is the type of player i think we need and don't currently have, but I can think of quite a few players like him who looked like they would go on to be great players but just lose their mojo and disappear into obscurity and i'm finding it really hard to think of any players that have bounced...
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    UPDATE: Former Spurs starlet sues club for £7m after heart attack ends his career

    I feel sorry for the lad I truly do and hope he gets looked after but not everything in life is predictable and spurs were giving him an opportunity to do what he dreamed to do it is not spurs fault this unfortunate tragedy happened, sometimes shit happens and you have to accept it and deal with...
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    poll: how do you feel about the appointment of pochettino?

    Pochettino was initially my first realistic choice, I have been impressed with saints every time i have seen them play under him..... but i had recently been swayed by the FDB camp and the notion that he would keep our big name players happy and attract others, so it's just pleased rather than...
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    Roberto Soldado Signs

    Ro-ber-to sol-da-do is a YIIIII-DDDOOOO, come and watch him score some goals. to the tune of ob-la-di ob-la-da (life goes on) by the beatles I think this has got real potential:)
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    Haye vs Chisora

    can i have a PM for a link too please
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    The new under 21 League - starting 2012/13

    Personally i think we should have one, but the new manager should have a big say in the system and style they play so that fringe/out of favour players can get used to what we are trying to achieve with how the first team play, so when they are dropped in the deep end they have a better chance...
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    Harry Redknapp gone

    When Harry got sacked i was unsure how i felt about it, but after seeing Harry in the paper today in an add for betfair with a picture of Harry looking like a retard holding a smart phone with text reading BETFAIR MOBILE... SO SIMPLE EVEN HARRY CAN USE IT. I can honestly say that im so glad he...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 17th June 2012

    I reckon the Levi is waiting for the launch of new kit (and sponsors), new training ground to be finished off, new manager signing and Vertonghen signing + others to all be announced and shown off all on the same day, it would be quite a good day too imo. The future of spurs revealed!
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    Jan Vertonghen Signs

    Vertonghen was at the game in west stand box 34 (next to the box i was in) someone asked him if he was going to sign but he said he wasn't allowed to say anything.
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    How many more years do you want Harry to stay?

    I would be happy for harry to stay on as our manager if he was to improve on the faults he has made, but harry seems to think he hasn't made any faults so there is nothing to improve on in his eyes, he just likes to blame anything but himself for his own shortcomings. This is why I voted 0 years.
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    spreading the joy

    Ok sp your suggestion has been duly noted thanks! If no one has any other better ideas that's where they will go.