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kaz Hirai

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Nov 5, 2008
cant be arsed to rate, but i will say saha has turned out as shit as i expected when we signed him. one good game


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Feb 21, 2006
Friedel- 6 Not much to do.

Walker- 6 Solid, got forward well, misses Lennon in front of him.
King- 6 Dealt with forwards comfortably
Kaboul- 7 Won everything in the air, used the ball well
BAE 6 Defended well and got forward well.

Krancjar- 4 Poor and rightfully came off
Modric 6 Should have scored passed well as usual.
Parker 6 Tried to get forward and usual busy self
Bale 8 Back to old self whipping in cross after cross, hit the bar, brilliant.

VDV 7 Could be very important goal for us and played well anyway.
Saha 6 Not lots of service on his own did okay, one very good effort.

Defoe 5 Didn't do much
GDS 5 Not that effective
Nelsen 5 No time.

Harry 6 We played well again, had 17 shots to 2, on another day we'd have scored early and bossed the game. Stoke are a hard team to play against very organised and strong but our defending and attacking from set-pieces is so bad its a joke.

So pissed off we have thrown away 3rd, thank fuck Chelsea lost and didn't win and we pulled a goal back or this season would've been over.


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Feb 23, 2005
Van Der Vaart!? Yes he scored but did little else, while Bale was superb. And Van Der Vaart's set pieces are now on a par with those from Jenas. Hopeless corners failing to beat the first man and every free kick ten yards over the bar.

kaz Hirai

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Nov 5, 2008
Van Der Vaart!? Yes he scored but did little else, while Bale was superb. And Van Der Vaart's set pieces are now on a par with those from Jenas. Hopeless corners failing to beat the first man and every free kick ten yards over the bar.
anyone else in the squad any better at set pieces? they are all clown shoes


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Jun 22, 2008
Friedel 6
Walker 6.5
BAE 6.5
Kaboul 6.5
King 6
Kranjcar 5
Modric 6
Parker 6.5
Bale 7.5
VDV 6.5
Saha 6
Defoe 5


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Jul 21, 2004
Friedel 4
Walker 6
Kaboul 6
King 6
Kranjcar 4
Modric 5
Parker 6
Bale 7
Saha 6
Defoe 4


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Jan 2, 2011
Thread starter #10
Van Der Vaart!? Yes he scored but did little else, while Bale was superb. And Van Der Vaart's set pieces are now on a par with those from Jenas. Hopeless corners failing to beat the first man
and every free kick ten yards over the bar.


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Jul 18, 2008
friedel 4- stayed on the line for the goal. bad.

walker 7- got forward

king 6- ok

kaboul 6- ok.

bae 7- good

parker 5- sideways backwards.

modric 6- needs to up the tempo

kranjcar 5- didnt stay on the right and we lost shape

vdv 7- well taken goal. horrible set pieces

bale 6- hit bar. gave ball away too much

saha 6- did ok little service

defoe 5- poor.

dos santos 5- did nothing as usal

nelson inc


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Oct 25, 2004
I think a lot of you are being generous with your ratings. Kranjcar and Saha were awful. King had another iffy game; I hope that we have Gallas at the back with Kaboul on Saturday.

Friedel 5 - Nothing to do apart from pick the ball out of the net

Walker 6 - Failed to get forward much in the first half, presumably as he didn't have a clue where Kranjcar was playing.

Kaboul 7 - Solid

King 5 - Poor

BAE 7 - Generally good

Kranjcar 3 - Awful. In Lennon's absence we have nobody to play wide right. Harry made a massive mistake in letting Pienaar go. That decision may yet cost us Champion's League football.

Parker 6 - Not the same player as he was early in the season.

Modric 7.5 - Most of our best work came through him.

Bale 7 - Curate's egg of a performance

VdV 7 - Worked really hard and got the equaliser

Saha 3 - Woeful

Defoe 5

Dos Santos 5

Nelsen NET
Oct 19, 2004
Sky Headline tonight:

Harry bemoans Lack of Patience

"Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp feels his side need to start becoming a little bit more patient if they want to secure Champions League qualification"

Here's a really ironic and typical piece of Redknappism. The worst and most costly piece of impatience was Redknapp's decision to bring on an extra striker and marginalise our most important player to a bit part role for long periods despite countless evidence that this is tactically suicidal.

Whilst the first half performance did lack that bit of intelligence or ultimate craft needed in the final third, at least it we crafted good situations and there was some decent approach play.

The decision to play with 10 men second half and put VDV wide right meant our approach play stuttered and we crafted virtually nothing of any quality. Our football second half followed that blue print of last season that saw us fail to beat a host of shit teams.

All it meant was one more (unintelligent) body in an already congested "D" and one less player to create chances or pull the opposition out of position with passing and movement.

It was a terrible, terrible tactical decision that made us worse not better.

Some of the sloppy carelessness that has dogged us lately cost us again tonight. We gave the ball away needlessly so many times and once again set pieces have cost us dear. We must have had 20 set pieces around their box and every single one was piss poor. They get one and it's a beauty and we defend it badly. It's not a fucking accident, we have all bemoaned this for most of the season. Game after game we are poor at either end and it is contributing to our downfall.

We had plenty of ball, but that was always Stoke's intention. You need to knock it about and suck them out, pass it back and sideways then make a run from midfield that doesn't get picked up - a la Modric first half - what we got because two of our passers were effectively neutered was the unimaginative head bang that cost us CL last year.

You can't fault the application or work rate, but our intelligence and craft was just lacking and virtually disappeared in the second half and our manager who at times this season has taken deserved credit for decisions has to take a big chunk of the blame for tactical decisions in recent weeks that have contributed to our downfall.


Friedel 4 - I miss a keeper that understands his area is more than 6 inches big.

Walker 5 - Defensively, I can understand why he found himself first choice, but he is incredibly one dimensional and offers virtually nothing intelligent or creative going forward. Even Kaboul is better going forward than Walker and his predictable kick and chase it (or over kick it and loose it as is often the case) is very limited.

Kaboul 7 - OK, tried to bring the ball forward as well. Got so fed up waiting for Walker to do something meaningful eventually had a run down the flank himself and actually skanked his man.

King 6 - King looking less than King is becoming a very regular occurrence.

Ekotto 7 - As usual saw a lot of ball and contributed to our build up. Needs to learn how to close down.

Kranjcar 6 - Not his best half of football but should have stayed on. If he was injured fair enough, then he should have been replaced by GDS, not Defoe.17/20 passes.

Parker 7 - Did his job well for the most part, but gave away a sloppy free kick that ended up with the goal.60/67

Modric 7 - Tried hard but got lost in the congestion second half. He could no longer make runs because the area was too congested already. Gave the ball away more than necessary and around the 53rd minute completely bottled a challenge that ended in a break.61/74

Bale 7.5 - good game tonight generally. Wasted a couple of crossing positions but also set up Modric twice with intelligent balls and put in some good balls, including the perfect cross for the goal.29/37

VDV 7 - A lively first half. Found it much harder to exert influence in the second half. Took his goal well. His set pieces were piss poor too often though.26/36

Saha 6 - Showed up first half and was lively, found the game way too condensed second and drifted out. 13/18

Defoe 3 - I'm struggling to find superlatives that can describe the insipid nothingness of his 45 minutes. Is "3" generous ? 4/7


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Jul 7, 2007
Strangely enough I actually thought VDV was better in the 2nd half in the RM position. Not that I'd ever like to see him there in a 4-4-2 again mind.

Lennon and Adebayor will be a sight for sore eyes that's for sure.
Jun 28, 2009
When the crowd began chanting Defoe's name after 37 minutes or so, I despaired. And then there was the sight of our star man shunted out to the right flank at the restart. Pain.

I am almost feeling a sense of resignation now. I couldn't wait for last season to end and this one is heading in the same direction.


Poch's Blue and White Army!
May 22, 2005
how the fuck can anyone be saying Modric had a decent game? He was so shit its unbelievable and I so so wish we sold that twat for the 40 million. He has been so shit all season and if Redknapp does not drop him I wont understand football. He was so poor last night. Didn't give a shit and also while im at it... Redknapp. Why the FUCK can you not just say YES or NO to a question? WHY?

Will you or will you not become the manger of England.

Yes I will be or No I wont be... There is no in between answer. Such a joke. Honestly. He may have got us to third but this is where it shows he cant be the top manager in this world. He doesn't have the balls to speak his mind... Probably because he doesn't want to upset England when we finish 5th because if he does, maybe the'll change their minds.

We're so fucked. We WONT beat Chelsea and Arsenal will maybe lose one more game this season. If we get back third ill be so happy and amazed. We've played poor and who can say we're one of the best if we cant even beat teams like stoke at home. Possesion at one point was 92% to 8% for god sake. Modric fuck off to Chelsea, such a cock he has gone so far down in my books. No way he will stay whether we get CL or not. He doesn't give a fuck.


King of Prussia
Jan 29, 2005
Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp says his side have lost their way after extending their Premier League winless run to four games.

no shiz, what a keen perception of the obvious... the real question is Harry, what are you going to do to correct it?...

not sure there was a MotM last night... :-|


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Apr 10, 2006
Friedel 6
Walker 6.5
BAE 6.5
Kaboul 7.5 mom played up to standard throughout the 90 minutes
King 5.5
Kranjcar 4.5
Modric 5
Parker 6
Bale 6
Saha 5
Defoe 5.5