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    I have just emailed this to Daniel, Harry, and various press factions of the club, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to get this our into the open world as well so that people can vent their opinions and the club can see I'm not just one ranting lunatic. (If I am, feel free to tell me, but do so nicely :grin:).

    I am hoping that the club takes note, because I have to voice some grave concerns.

    I am 23, and my first season ticket was for the 97/98 season, since which I have renewed every year. I sit in a seat, next to my father, which has been in my family for 30 years. Before I took up a season ticket, my uncle sat next to my father. He is now in the family section in the north stand with his two sons. Basically, we are Spurs through and through, we have sat through the good times, bad times, and down right atrocious times, and the club has made more than it's fair share of money out of us. The majority of our friends our Spurs through and through, the people we sit with are obviously Spurs through and through, and we know and love and understand the club.

    However, the club this Christmas seems to want to spit in our faces. How you can even consider bringing a player like Bellamy to Spurs is beyond me. Apart from the fact that he is one of the most hateful characters in world football, ranking along the likes of Robbie Savage and Alpay, he is a distinctly average footballer. He has no particular skill, barely ever finds a pass, and in recent years has the goalscoring record of a fullback. He has, in a long career, had one good top flight season, with Blackburn. That aside, he has never been anything beyond mediocre.

    Forgetting the fact, for a moment, that he is a striker who doesn't score goals (even Robbie Keane has scored more this season), he is also 30 years old and very very injury prone. I thought the days of signing injury prone pensioners were behind this club when we brought in Arnesen, but clearly I was mistaken.

    Levy, I appeal to your business sense here, do not spend millions of pounds on a player who is a big injury risk. Do you remember the money the club lost because of Ziege? Dean Richards? Even the free transfer that was Jamie Redknapp? Do not repeat these mistakes.

    Redknapp. So far the fans love you. So far I love you. I guarantee you that this will not continue if Bellamy comes. You will be known as the manager who signed satan. The entire stadium will wait for the first opportunity to sieze on a Bellamy tantrum, or error, or sending off, and rub it in your face and criticise you in every phone in and write in. The fans can hound any manager out of a club, and just because you have done well so far, you are no different.

    Have some ambition for goodness sake. Mourinho has stated that he will let Adriano leave. Podolski is itching to get away from Bayern. Defoe (and I know his girlfriend well) is itching to get back if you can get past this stupid rule L19 or whatever it is. Even if these are not possible, how about a young, on form, likeable striker who plays a similar role to Bellamy, like Kevin Doyle. Or how about Ligue 1 top goalscorer Cavenaghi, who has stated his willingness to come to us already. He is far more what we need anyway, He can hold the ball up, bring others in to play, win aerial battles. He has a touch of Sheringham about him. Bellamy, on the other hand, has one tool, pace, and even that has diminished in his eternity on the sidelines of recent seasons.

    Lastly, how do ou propsose to accomodate Bellamy? Do you sacrifice Lennon or Modric, by far our best players and the only ones remaining with whom the fans identify. Or Bentley, a player who was signed for a huge fee and currently has significantly diminished resale value, and likewise with Pavlyuchenko and Bent. I hope I am far wide of the mark there.

    I implore you, I beg you, on behalf of all Spurs fans, be they armchair, season tickets holders, foreign, old and young, do not drag our club through the mud by exposing us to the indignity of having Craig Bellamy in our pure white jersey.

    I thank you for your time

    Elio Pyliotis, west stand upper, block 5, row 18, seat 127
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by BringBack_leGin, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. theMAXILOPEZpsycho
    Bellamy would be an atrocious deal and fans should/would turn on the player and levy. In truth, I'm disgusted by all the players that arry's been linked with, he's certainly doing himself no favours there; players of the calibre that the big 4 would be more than pleased to let spurs have (or could that be an actually be a strategy? sign players that the big 4 won't ever come and poach once they start becoming a threat?? ie not too good?). At the moment we don't have anyone who's realistically going to make the step up and get himself a promotion (a transfer to manure). Modric? if he can play like he does for croatia. hudd? if he can intercept more balls and provide more in tight games. bale? looking like he's got a long way to go. may have to settle for playing for spurs. So maybe the plan is: don't sign anyone too good and they won't ever get headhunted by the boss (alex ferguson).

    Yet I have to say, Bellamy for 6-8 mill is far better than Downing for 15 mill. At the moment most spurs fans are probably hoping that their stockings are merely empty rather than full of unthoughtful garbage (that they're presumably supposed to pretend to like...again to keep the illusion of competition alive, lest the manure fans feel their victory to be tainted). All in all it certainly doesn't make me want to call myself a fan again.
  2. Frozen_Waffles
    I think the tone is slightly off but the message is dead on, we MUST NOT sign Bellamy, and not because of footballing reasons!

    WE MUST NOT SIGN HIM because he is an idiot!
  3. dontcallme
    Amen to that. Harry hasn't made many distrastrous signings in his long career so can't we have some faith in him?

    I believe Jol couldn't bring us to the level he was capable of because of restrictions by the board and Comolli. As fans we shouldn't want to do the same to our new manager.
  4. nickchrissi
    BBLG you're an idiot of the highest order.

    Why would you be stupid enough to kindly threaten 'Arry on a website over the transfer of a player, who has more passion in his little toe, than the rest of the squad we've got here at the moment put together.

    When you say things like "The fans can hound any manager out of a club, and just because you have done well so far, you are no different." it makes me sick. How the hell you can speak for all of us, and threaten 'Arry like this is ridiculous. If im honest, i personally think your a clown with nothing better to do than moan, like most of you west stand, prawn sandwich eating muppetts.

    Harry has got us 17 points from 10 games and you're sitting here saying his job might be on the rocks if he signs a player he feels might improve us. He knows a lot more than me, and definately knows a lot more than you, so i suggest you shut up and let him get on with his job.
  5. tony0379
    bravo re le_gin

    well said!!
  6. birdm
    grow up and get a life le gin you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are a little boy messing with big toys, who do you think you are other than some West stand muppet with no life and a laptop!
  7. Archibald&Crooks
    :roll: Check your PM's please.
  8. Bus-Conductor
    My only concern about Bellamy is his terrible injury record.

    Apart from that he is exactly the type of fiesty little **** our forward line - and team - needs.

    He does have skill and pace but most importantly he works for the team as well.

    I would worry about the injury thing though. Last three years he's played not much more than 30 games.
  9. birdm
  10. BringBack_leGin
    A few things to address, flaws that you have made along with many of the posters here. And I believe that i have shown humility towards those who have been constructive in their disagreements.

    Not quite sure where I threaten him. A threat is "I intend to make sure you are hounded out". I merely pointed out the fact that if fans collectively take issue with an action of a manager (eg. Graham selling Ginola) they can take action which will undermine the position of that manager.

    Second of all, I am not totally sure why you say all I have to do is moan. If you ever attend this site you will see that I am usually a shining example of how to stay positive in all adversity, and that I am the first person down the throat of someone who is being overly abusive or unreasonable. (Perhaps my tone here has been slightly unreasonable, but it has been in no way abusive, unlike your childish post at me).

    Thirdly, I did not just post this on a website, I forwarded it to several high up members of the Spurs press office, and to Harry and Levy's work email addresses. This was not just me trying to shoot my mouth off.

    Fourthly, to generalise about the entire west stand is rather more presumptious than my presumption of unity against Bellamy, which I now know and realise was just a presumption. Your comment about the west stand betrays not only your small mind, but the chip on your shoulder which has developed because of your jealousy of those who are fortunate enough to be able to sit there, mainly down to the fact that they can afford it as they have better jobs than you and earn more money than you most probably because of their vastly larger brains. Me, I worked like a dog throughout my childhood to afford my ticket.

    And as for prawn sandwiches... first of all, I've never eaten one. Second of all, since when are prawns posh (as you imply in your all too predictable tirade)?. Prawns are cheap as chips and as common as the air we breath. But Roy Keane said it so it must be true. Because he knows nothing of the finer things in life, he has to slum it in only a 7 bedroom house and drives just a poor little Lamborghini. (You seem quite stupid, so in case you did not realise, that was sarcasm).

    To your last point, perhaps he is more knowledgable than me. Certainly more than you, perhaps more than me. I don't believe that there are many who know more than I do, and I have my doubts that he is amongst those who do. He might be, but I do have my doubts. And regarding shutting up... no! I would rather not. I quite like to speak, argue, debate, discuss, converse, etc. I like putting my opinion across. I like hearing other peoples opinions. I will say my piece as and when I see fit. If you don't like it....

    well to put it in the brash tone that you would understand....

  11. DC_Boy
    sure hope spurs take no notice of this email :) no offence BBLG, but

    if harry wants bellamy in i'll support CB - scored twice today
  12. aylespur
    I have the same feelings as most, that Bellamy is a nasty little shit. However perhaps he may be the sort of nasty little shit we need to shake things up a bit up front. We look toothless and have not scored at home in the last 3 prem games. Bellamy the nasty little shit got 2 goals today to take the spammers back above us.
  13. eddiev14
    I emplore your passion for the club, and I agree that the views of the fans should be listened to. However, I don't think this letter will even be read, let alone considered when it comes to making a decision on player purchases. I wish, of course, that wasn't the case in this scenario, because I see Bellamy as a step backwards for us as a club.

    My main fear about Redknapp when he took over was his ability to attract the same calibre of players as Ramos. I'd like to know what Harry thinks of that criticism.
  14. BringBack_leGin
    Oh I am fully aware of the fact that his letter will almost definitely never get close to being read by anybody who I'd like to read it, but I also believe in the saying "aim for the stars and you might reach the moon" or even better:

    "It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory."

    those words were spoken by a man who I am sure would not be best pleased at the signing of Craig Bellamy
  15. riversmonkey
    I'm sorry but this is absolute rubbish. Did you write a letter to Mr Levy when we signed a certain Mr Woodgate who was convicted of affray.

    As for Mr Bellamy, the man is so detestable he has created his own Football Foundation in Sierra Leone

    Sure he winds people up, he's got into a spot of trouble every now and then but I can't see why attempting to sign a player currently in form, which in case you are not aware is important in the current footballing climate where success must be instant is such a problem.

    We've had Jermaine Jenas playing with a broken toe, our Captain playing once a week because of a long term knee injury and our recent Russian signing has got a dodgy ankle. You are incredibly naive if you think that every signing we make is in prime condition and every player in our squad only plays if they are 100% fit.
  16. BringBack_leGin
    oh, and here's another from the greatest man:

    "We must always consider our supporters, for without them there would be no professional football. It would be better to have more fans watching football the way they like it played, rather than have a few fans watching football the way we would like it played."
  17. BringBack_leGin

    i don't want bad characters at my club. bellamy is a bad character. as coyboy pointed out, he went over there to do charity work, and beat up an aid worker while he was there.

    woodgate has had nearly a decade of good, respectful behaviour. the two situations are completely incomparible.

    i know we need signings, i just don't want this one.
  18. riversmonkey
    Ok. Continuing to play devil's advocate here, say Bellamy does sign for us and he scores vital goals which keeps us up in the league, maybe scores a goal that takes us to Wembley in the FA Cup and sets up the winner in the UEFA Cup final, which though unlikely is not impossible. What would you do if the unthinkable did actually happen, how are you likely to react?
  19. BringBack_leGin
    If we were to sign him, I would support him wholeheartedly. I will always support every single player that plays for us, while he plays for us. I support Bentley all game long, including during todays incipid performance. I supported Sherwood, Freund, and more recently, Ghaly. One player I detested for his thug like approach to the game, one for his everlasting ineptitude masked by a chirade of false passion, and the last, for his refusal to accept his limitations and belief that he was far better than he actually was. Outside of the ground I would speak negatively when appropriate, but inside the ground I supported them as much as I supported Ginola, Berbatov, Campbell and Robinson.

    Bellamy is an intensely dislikeable character and while he is not our player I will dislike him immensely. While he is our player, if it comes to fore, I will still dislike him immensely, but I will also support him fully throughout his time for us, because I want every player who plays for us to do well, and treating him poorly would do nothing to aide that.

    However, beyond the football pitch, outside of the ground, beyond what he does on the pitch, it will be very difficult for me to ever take to someone who I so wholeheartedly am revolted by. As soon as the final whistle blows, he is in the changing room and I am in my car, I am a person who does not like Craig Bellamy. If he plays well I will praise him, if he plays badly I will lambast him, as is the case with every other player we have whether I like them or not.
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