Are we cursed?

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    We're cursed.

    To lose out on CLge last season because of Chelski's horrible CLge victory was one of the worst footballing pills I've ever had to swallow.

    This season - we've done brilliantly under AVB - if we win on Sunday - he'll have amassed more points (a remarkable 72) in the premier league than any other Spurs manager (previous record being 70). That's an outstanding achievement and yet we'll still finish 5th.

    The AR$e have had an astonishing run of luck and results to finish their season. They got to play Man Utd, QPR and Wigan at a time of the season when their opponents had nothing left to play for (Or in Wigan's case had just won their first ever FACup final 3 days before and were shattered). They now get to play 'safe' Newcastle. Factor in The Ar$e's uncanny knack of scoring last minute shitty goals time and again and I feel someone really has put a black spell on North London. ((We were well on top at their Library) until Ade got himself sent off).

    Since that game - we've lost 3 games in our last 25. Two of those defeats were last minute madness...Liverpool & Everton and the third an insipid performance against Fulham.

    The fine lines in those games and earning that extra point or 3 would have us over the line by now.

    Then there is Chelski - UnBEARlievable - God knows what Benetiz has put in their half-time tea - but they are a better and more experienced team/squad than us - I just wish their impending implosion had actually happened - rather than what now appears to be a master-stroke by Abromovich...makes me sick.

    We live in a world of what if? What if our fixture list had us not playing Newcastle on the opening day of the season?!

    The majority on here (including me) have been crying out for a word-class striker for a few seasons now - would he have made the difference? I think yes - I think a wrold class striker would have made the fine-line difference. But, by having him in the team - would Bale have reached such extraordinary heights? I really don't know - we live in our hypothetical world.

    What I do know is how proud I am of what AVB has achieved this season, his first season at the Lane. He's brought a spirit and a belief to THFC that (I feel) has been missing for years. He's had key players sidelined and worked around it and still achieved results. If he can build on this, keep Bale and bring in one or two world class players - then we will be in great shape come next season when Utd won't be the Utd we know, Mankester Shitty´s mercenaries will continue to argue amongst themselves as they try to understand yet another foreign manager (Who failed at RM) - Chelski will have Jose back (boo) and no doubt will be even stronger (title winners perhaps) The Ar$e will continue to over-achieve (They're really not that good - I feel we are better than them these days).

    Or maybe, just maybe - we don't have to wait (again) until next season for our curse to be lifted - maybe someone, somewhere in the land of the football gods realises that it is time for the tide of fortune to be turned in favour of the boys from White Hart Lane - I truly believe they deserve it, we've been getting there for a few seasons now - and we deserve to be there, to be ahead of The Ar$e, to be the pride of North London. Let's show our appreciation at the Lane on Sunday and throw the mights of our minds to the football gods above and the Magpies below and pray that we get that fine-lined piece of luck that pushes us and not them over the finishing line.

    If that happens - we won't need to blame any hypothetical argument...and that would be very nice indeed.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by 2bearis2do, May 16, 2013.

  1. Edgarsglasses
    It certainly feels that way at times i must admit.Have sat here over the past few weeks praying our rivals slip up and week after week the two of them grind out the results they need.Watching the Chelsea v Villa game when Villa were leading one nil and i turned to my brother and said Chelsea will win and Lampard will prob score the winner! because i just come to expect that the results never go for us when needed.
    Arse have been on amazing run again when needed and know what it takes every year to get in top four,can't believe the results they have been pulling off.
    I'm going to be pig sick if don't finish top 4 come sunday evening and Arse finishing above us once more and to make it even worse chelsea winning UEFA Cup with that player with the horses arse who's name escapes me? the player i most love to hate popping up to score the winner in injury time! you couldn't make it up
    Cursed? maybe
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  2. pundits folly
    So much to agree about.

    What bugs me, among other things, is that were things the other way round I would be really uncomfortable. I would be thinking of all the times we had 'just needed to win' and then somehow contrived to let Arsenal in anyway.

    Yet I can't imagine and Arsenal fan worrying about Sunday in the slightest.

    I agree about the lack of a striker but the fact is we are competing against teams with far more resources. Chelsea effectively have three Bale's in their side plus a player who cost them 3 times our record signing. To see them win a trophy they didn't even care about is galling but to be expected- we cannot compete with their money.

    Arsenal are more frustrating because you feel we're even with them on paper but 15 years of qualifying for the CL gives a team a sense of destiny. They expect to be there so while we sweated every win they seemed to waltz through to this point of the season.

    Right now I feel like a zombie. I'm waiting for the inevitable, telling myself we've lost it, but unable to shift the nagging feeling of hope in an upset.

    It will be gutting to miss out again, moreso if Lloris, Vertonghen and Bale kick up a fuss about leaving because of it, however I hope we win saturday and have the good grace to agree that a season where we matched the big teams on many and various occasions, missed out on a Euro semi by penalties, and took a record haul of points was a success.
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  3. DEFchenkOE
    We still need to beat Sunderland yet, but if we do, and still finish 5th (more than likely) then you would have to say, yes. We're most definitely cursed.
  4. Donki
    Meh, we create our own luck. Again we dropped points where we shouldn't have. It was in our own hands and we simply blew it. That's not saying AVB hasn't done well he has and I believe we will only get stronger next season. There still is hope and it's not over till it's over!!
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  5. wakefieldyid
    Weren't CFC amongst those clubs who argued vociferously that it would be an injustice not to be allowed to defend their CL title?
    Surely it's only fair that UEFA should make the same dispensation so that Chelsea can go on to defend their Europa League title?
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  6. postigol
    In seasons gone by 75pts has been deemed a sufficient target to win the title by Wenger/Fergie, yet now we might amass 72pts and not even reach the CL? Seems harsh in a way, esp as we are 21pts ahead of 8th place, just shows how the table is ever more stretched as the years go by.
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  7. 2bearis2do
    Aye - but every team drops unwanted points during the season where they should't have...that's par for the course...

    We had a slow start to the season (to be expected considering the 3 outs ; King, VdV, Modders) and the time to bed in replacements..Dempsey, Sigs (both had good second halves to the season) and Verts.

    But Chelski were also sluggish in the beginning...swings and roundabouts!
  8. HotspurFC1950
    Yes if we had been able to sign a World class striker Bale would have been restricted to the wing and not scored all the goals he did.
  9. postigol
    Well maybe but then that striker may've got those goals and Bale some more from the flank. What I think is unforgiveable is not getting another winger to replace Bale if he were to be moved inside, and also letting Townsend and (to a lesser extent) Falque go out on loan and not having any cover on the wings, that left us rather narrow in games.
  10. dominguezmonkey
    WBA, Norwich, Wigan, Stoke, Fulham

    We really have to beat those teams at home. Great away record but mediocre home record means we can't grumble too much if we miss out. The atmosphere at the beginning of the season at the Lane was edgy at best and poisonous at worst. In some ways that set the tone for the season, although things have certainly improved as our confidence in AVB and the team has grown.
  11. jackhealy
    We have scored a few last minute goals ourselves and nobody is complaining. Newcastle could still do us a favour, since Arsenal don't have a good record at their place. If it doesn't happen, we will still have 72 points if we win our last game, and it will still be an achievement. We can probably trace our failure to finish third, insofar as it is down to one thing, to losing Sandro, who compensated for a few shortcomings in our defence. If Gareth Bale stays, and we can sign a couple of players for next season, we should do well.
    I would just point out one small fact. We have scored one more goal tha Man City, despite the fact that they have three world class strikers. We are behind them because we have conceded fifteen goal more. We need to shore up our defence so we can reduce those fifteen goals, even if we don't score a single goal more next season.
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  12. stonecolddeanaustin
    Any statto's out there know what they highest point tally for a fifth place finish is? I'd be surprised if it's more than 72 when it's been a 38 game season, as it's been nowhere near that in the last 5 years.

    To be the first team to miss out on the Champions League when finishing fourth due to a non-top four club winning it and then (potentially) having the highest points tally for a fifth place finish, in successive seasons, would suggest that yes, we are most definitely cursed.

    Edit: I just checked and it seems the highest points tally for a fifth place finish since the premiership was 20 teams, was Man City with 67 in the season we finished fourth. Fuck you voodoo!
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  13. will8587
    In typical Spurs fashion, we'll actually lose to Sunderland in stoppage time while Arsenal lose, going down 5-0 at the half.
  14. Gaz_Gammon
    The missing fact in the headline of the article is "Are we good enough" and not are "we cursed" You might as well ask did we play too many times when it rained?

    Fifth is a good result considering our injuries, and the fact that we just cannot afford to keep up with our rivals when it comes to spending.

    Once we realize this fact then the hoodoo, bad luck stories and old woman's tales soon fade away.
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  15. yiddo_4eva
    No, we're not cursed. How about the "what if's".
    • What if we were able to hold on to the West Brom & Norwich game. 4 extra points
    • What if Ade wasnt sent off after 10mins when 1-0
    • What if we didnt throw away the lead against Everton in the last 2 minutes and lose
    • What if we didnt play school boy football against Liverpool and throw away the game when cruising
    And that's just to name afew that spring to mind1 But, It's not about the "What If's" or us being cursed, it's just one of those things about being a Spurs fan! On the whole we've had a pretty successful season and assuming the likes of Bale stay with us and we shift some more of the deadwood, next season can only be better and the pain of this season will be forgotten....saying that though, we could still get 4th! (y)
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  16. doom
    I think you've hit the nail on the head, our home support has been lacklustre and edgy, lacking any attacking spirit and very defensive! It started as an indifference to AVB and he has been fucking brilliant to get the crowd eventually behind him but still hesitant.
  17. Marflox
    Meh.. The typical Spurs-fashion in my view would be arsenal loosing by a couple of goals v newcastle an us leading through the entire game v sunderland just to let in a cheap goal at the end so they just beat us on goal-difference.
  18. JoeT
    The seasons' not over yet.
  19. 14/04/91
    Weren't Chelsea top in October when they beat us?

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