Are we cursed?

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    We're cursed.

    To lose out on CLge last season because of Chelski's horrible CLge victory was one of the worst footballing pills I've ever had to swallow.

    This season - we've done brilliantly under AVB - if we win on Sunday - he'll have amassed more points (a remarkable 72) in the premier league than any other Spurs manager (previous record being 70). That's an outstanding achievement and yet we'll still finish 5th.

    The AR$e have had an astonishing run of luck and results to finish their season. They got to play Man Utd, QPR and Wigan at a time of the season when their opponents had nothing left to play for (Or in Wigan's case had just won their first ever FACup final 3 days before and were shattered). They now get to play 'safe' Newcastle. Factor in The Ar$e's uncanny knack of scoring last minute shitty goals time and again and I feel someone really has put a black spell on North London. ((We were well on top at their Library) until Ade got himself sent off).

    Since that game - we've lost 3 games in our last 25. Two of those defeats were last minute madness...Liverpool & Everton and the third an insipid performance against Fulham.

    The fine lines in those games and earning that extra point or 3 would have us over the line by now.

    Then there is Chelski - UnBEARlievable - God knows what Benetiz has put in their half-time tea - but they are a better and more experienced team/squad than us - I just wish their impending implosion had actually happened - rather than what now appears to be a master-stroke by Abromovich...makes me sick.

    We live in a world of what if? What if our fixture list had us not playing Newcastle on the opening day of the season?!

    The majority on here (including me) have been crying out for a word-class striker for a few seasons now - would he have made the difference? I think yes - I think a wrold class striker would have made the fine-line difference. But, by having him in the team - would Bale have reached such extraordinary heights? I really don't know - we live in our hypothetical world.

    What I do know is how proud I am of what AVB has achieved this season, his first season at the Lane. He's brought a spirit and a belief to THFC that (I feel) has been missing for years. He's had key players sidelined and worked around it and still achieved results. If he can build on this, keep Bale and bring in one or two world class players - then we will be in great shape come next season when Utd won't be the Utd we know, Mankester Shitty´s mercenaries will continue to argue amongst themselves as they try to understand yet another foreign manager (Who failed at RM) - Chelski will have Jose back (boo) and no doubt will be even stronger (title winners perhaps) The Ar$e will continue to over-achieve (They're really not that good - I feel we are better than them these days).

    Or maybe, just maybe - we don't have to wait (again) until next season for our curse to be lifted - maybe someone, somewhere in the land of the football gods realises that it is time for the tide of fortune to be turned in favour of the boys from White Hart Lane - I truly believe they deserve it, we've been getting there for a few seasons now - and we deserve to be there, to be ahead of The Ar$e, to be the pride of North London. Let's show our appreciation at the Lane on Sunday and throw the mights of our minds to the football gods above and the Magpies below and pray that we get that fine-lined piece of luck that pushes us and not them over the finishing line.

    If that happens - we won't need to blame any hypothetical argument...and that would be very nice indeed.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by 2bearis2do, May 16, 2013.

  1. Sweetsman
    Our aim should be to be better than we were last season and so should aim to win the last game to get a record points total. We are a better team than last year even if we end up fifth. Context is everything and to invoke it is not to indulge in excuses. Our manager has done a fantastic job, no argument. I truly believe we will be higher up the table next season.
  2. will8587
    It would have to be a bit more than a couple... They'd have to lose 15-0 to Newcastle for goal differential to enter the equation....
  3. mil1lion
    I'll put a curse on ya!

  4. pundits folly
    If you play that game we'd have been top without losing a game.

    The point is that since the Jol era we have had a decent shout at three appearances in the CL. One was denied by lasagne, one by Chelsea's CL win and now despite a potential 72 point finish we'll be denied again.
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  5. davidmatzdorf
    67, as you found.

    67 is also the average number of points garnered by clubs that finish 4th in the history of the 20 team Premiership. The minimum number of points to finish 4th is 60. That gives you an idea how anomalous this situation is.

    The reason the bar is set so high this season is mainly because of the huge gaps between 5th & 8th. It's thrown the usual distribution off. All those points that would have been won by clubs from West Brom on down are sitting in the coffers of the top 5.
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  6. tomo
    I do sometimes feel we are cursed. Don't know what it is but we just don't seem to get the rub of the green. Arse being awarded a penalty by a linesman 50 yards away when 1-0 down sums it up for me. They tend to get the breaks. Sandro getting injured didn't help either as he was improving with every game and was looking a class player. Parker has been poor compared to last season although his attitude and effort can't be faulted.

    The thing that guts me is that I think on paper our first X1 is stronger than the Goons but we have still somehow managed to end up in this predicament. Same as last season (Chavski winning CL shouldn't have even been an issue for us). Everyone goes on about how we are over reliant on Bale but if you take Walcott and Cazorla out of their team then I can't see too much.

    Overall a decent season though and AVB has been a good move. The guy is going places and hopefully so are we.
    Please though DL whatever business we do this summer then get it done as early as possible and stop pissing around in August!!
  7. Innes
    In preparation to ease the pain in the likelihood Spurs will finish 1 place below the Arse again for the 6th time in 8 seasons, I looked at a key factor in where we really stand in relation to the others around us - goal difference.
    Our inferior goal difference actually shows we’ve overachieved big-time (along with Everton) in relation to the number of points secured.
    We secure far more 1 or 2 goal wins than the Arse or Chelsea. Despite being close to Arsenal on the table over the past 8 seasons (starting from 2005-06 lasagna-gate) their average goal-difference is 33.6. Spurs is 12.75. It's a 20-goal difference which indicates they not only win games by greater margins but drop points when they're not expected to more often than Spurs, whose scorelines are generally far tighter.
    Spurs best season for goal difference was in 2009-10 with 26. Arsenal's worst is 25 (last season) and in 5 of the 8 seasons Arsenal's GD been 31 goals or higher (btw Chelsea's is +41.75 & Man U + 49.25). Even though Liverpool have finished below is in the last 4 seasons, their goal difference from 2010-13) is similar to ours. During the prior 4 seasons (2006-09) Liverpool's was + 37.75, showing how firmly cemented the top 4 was then.
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  8. stonecolddeanaustin
    I think that's definitely the case for the cluibs around usbut not so much Spurs after throwing points away to Norwich, West Brom, Stoke, Fulham, Wigan and probably a few others I can't think of right now.
  9. Pedro
    It's almost as if there is some sort of hidden hand controlling events... Oh wait.

    Last season missing out on cl due to a rule change and technicality. Lasagnagate. This season potentially missing out due to cheating, flukey arsenal scum.

    All this in addition to man city coming from nowhere to be title contenders after we finally got our noses in front of Liverpool of the old sky 4.

    Not a single penalty this season in the league, bale continuously booked for diving when genuinely fouled, Defo a couple of those were pens.

    Not very lucky are we!
  10. 2bearis2do
    Yup - good memory - my bad - I think they got sluggish pre-xmas.
  11. davidmatzdorf
    It wasn't a point about specific clubs and matches - it doesn't matter whether Spurs beat West Brom or Everton or Liverpool. It's a statistical thing and has nothing to do with named clubs.

    More points are required to finish 1st to 4th because of the large size of the gap between 5th and 8th. If we win on Sun and finish with 72 points - or even if we lose and finish with 69 points - my point remains valid. Points that would usually have been won by the teams in upper mid table are nestling in the points totals of the teams in the top 5 places.

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