Dier Over Sánchez A Rare Pochettino Mistake


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Aug 4, 2013
First Spurs game in years that I actually didn't watch, but I had neutral mates that know their shit saying that Dier was hugely impressive up until the mistake in the end.


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Jul 24, 2005
I wish if guys put the "DOH" Emoji under a name they would then explain why and what they think so we have a proper discussion , because what Did i say that Deserves a "DOH" Emoji @Setzthree , don't think I lied about anything.

In this thread you have come in picked a post you probably didn't agree with and placed a "DOH" Emoji what are your thoughts mate.
I didn't rate your post, but I'd guess you received the ratings because you added a post saying that Sanchez wasn't injured a few posts after one of our ITK's said he was injured. Obviously not everyone uses that part of the site or buys into the whole ITK thing though.


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Oct 17, 2006
Total bollocks. Does Sanchez look a decent player? Yes. Is our squad packed with numerous other decent players? Also yes.

Defensively we by and large strolled it, only for individual mistakes to cost us in one single moment. Apart from that we were rock solid, I fail to see how alternative selection could have outdone that.
I do, play Sanchez! :whistle:


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Jan 31, 2013
Sanchez was not ill or Injured and we have a better record Defensively when he starts over Dier , he was put on the Bench and watched as Dier got beat by Martial , now I love Dier but at this moment in time , Davinson Sanchez is the better defender , play him, Enough said

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