Do NONE of us remember last season?

Discussion in 'Columns' started by JonnySpurs, Jan 25, 2007.

  • by JonnySpurs, Jan 25, 2007 at 10:11 AM
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    We finished 5th last year.....5TH and we all know that should have been 4th! That was down to Martin Jol, do you not remember that? Last season was the best I've ever had as a Spurs fan because regardless of 91' and 99' cup wins, the league is what really counts and proves that you are the side that you are.

    We did so well last year because our team chemistry and squad all just fell into place and worked at the right time, Carrick ran the show with Lennon coming through and our defence being solid and reliable.

    This season, however, things are very different. We lost Carrick and even though that is not the only reason for not being as good as last season, it IS a factor. We have a LOT of new players that we are trying to fit into a system and we've been hit with some major injuries at key times, namely King and Jenas, with Berbs out early on. Martin Jol is the man to take us where we need to go so do we really have to do this same dance of ripping him to shreds when we don't win and then kissing his arse when we do. It's pathetic and needs to stop.

    I truly believe that once this teams finds it's chemistry and all our players are fit, things will slot back into place and we will be back to where we were last season if not better than that team. It's a fact that we have MORE talent this season than we did have last and yet our results are not as good. For me it is obvious that this is down to not yet knowing our best lineup and even if we did we would not have been able to play it because of those key injuries and therefore not getting that consistency that comes hand in hand with playin that lineup.

    Last night's game was classic Spurs from years gone by, right down to the excellent start followed by inevitable capitulation and the comeback that results. Zokora and Hudd were too flat in the middle and gave too much space and time to Fabregas. Robbo came out like an idiot for their 2nd goal and arguably would have calmly collected it had he stayed where he was. The loss of Berbs was key as for the 1st 20 mins it was simply all us and his ability to hold the ball up and link with JD is clear to see.

    However, I though Ekotto had a great game for the most part, Gardner also did well aside from a shaky start. Huddlestone, to me, shows flashes of brilliance with flashes of inexperience leading to bad decisions and a lack of pace off the ball but I still believe he will be an outstanding player for us. Zokora was similar in that he clearly has the ability to hustle players and win the ball back but sometimes stands off (i.e. Arse's 2nd goal). Lennon was excellent I felt and put in 2 dynamite crosses in the 2nd half that Berbs would've more than likely been in place to tap in had he been on the pitch.

    The point to be made here is get off the team's back. By the way some of our fans react you'd think we were as bad as Charlton and West Ham! Yes things are not ideal right now but they are most definitley not all bad either. The biggest problem we've had is that Ledders has been missing for far too much of the season (just look at Chelsea for an example of how losing ur captain and main centre half can affect ur form). Our defence looks nervous without King and lacks leadership, that has an affect on Robbo, hence his lack of confidence and form at the moment, which in a vicious cycle will then have a secondary detrimental effect on the back 4.

    Lets open our eyes a bit fellas and stop mouthing off and looking stupid after every slightly disappointing result! Get behind the team and more importantly, get behind Martin Jol and remember how much we all used to constantly praise him and talk him up when things were going right last season.

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Discussion in 'Columns' started by JonnySpurs, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. StokeSpur
    It was also his team and his tactics that got us humiliated v Leicester and Grimsby which left us out of the cups with less chance of injury and fatigue, which could also explain our good run and league possition last season.

    I am not anti Jol and i dont want him out but i will question his tactics some times, people like you who wear rose tinted glasses and constantly cover up the cracks would cheer us all the way down to the conference but i like to look at the bigger picture.
  2. calv
    Good article.

    This is all a load of b*llox. If we had hung on (ie. the ball didn't drop kindly to Baptista or Robbo didn't make an error in judgement), no one would be mentioning how sh*t we are. Even though I admit the 2nd half performance was dissapointing and in the end we didn't deserve the win. But the scum did play out of their skins and I don't expect them to match that level of performance next week. We should have King, Rocha, Berbatov (for a full 90 mins), Jenas & Davids to choose from by then. It's all level, we've still got an awesome chance to get to the final.

    We are currently a top six side (hopefully better in a couple years), which means one season we could scrape 4th (or 5th like last season) and the next finish 8th or 10th. It doesn't necessary mean we are getting worse. Last season we got off to a good start and confidence was high, that coupled with an easy fixture list of 40 games meant we exceled. We've done incredibly well in all the cup competitions this year and I still think we are very capable of finishing 6th in the league.


    In Jol we trust.
  3. SMW1985
    There are some people on this site who just need to get real. Never in the past 15 years has our squad been so good. Never in the past 15 years have we played such good football. I struggle to believe that BMJ is coming in for it from some fans. I believe these fans are determined to undermine our chances of ever achieving success. It seems that way anyway. Do we really think that bringing in a new manager is gunna be the solution? If you do then you obviosuly don´t know very much about our recent history. It doesnt work. Now if those of you who constantly criticise are in fact fans of this great team, then damn well get behind them for a change FFS.
  4. paxton_soul
  5. dirtydave
    am i the only person who thinks we look better than last season.
    we did not deserve 4th or 5th last season-no one did, we had a so many, by the odd-goal, dodgy wins, great luck with injuries and the rest of the league was terrible last season too.

    at least this year there is some competition between portsmouth, everton, villa, bolton, blackburn, newcastle even reading.

    the football we play is better, i see most games and we definately pass it better, we are getting better and better.
    i do acknowledge the need for strength on the left, but other than that, we are a faster, quicker, more intelligent unit everywhere else.
    which is why i genuinely believe we will win some silverware this season, because we are getting better as the season goes on.

    just give it time, our luck has dried up at the moment but there is more to this team than last seasons.
  6. tomo
    Well i've sobered up now from last night when in a mini fit of rage I gave Jol grief. I still stand by what I said.

    I can't see much any progress from last season.
    We are far too inconsistent.
    Our league form is shocking considering the money we've spent. Too Negative.
    Cup's are Jol saving grace this season. In the UEFA we look fantastic. However, I'd rather be challenging for fourth in the league than Carling cup semi's.

    I love Jol as a bloke and still think he can turn around. I having my first doubts about him though
  7. Spursfect
    Last season we did over achieve, I have no doubts about that. However, having achieved this in his first full season we as fans, rightly so, expect more and this hasn't happened.

    I would never advocate getting rid of BMJ cos he is, arguably the best manager since El Tel but tactically El Tel he is not. Who do we suggest comes in if we get rid of him? Whoever he is will have his own ideas which means more squads ins and outs, which in turn means more transition.

    Believe it or not fellow fans we are STILL IN TRANSITION.

    The side that played yesterday: Chimbonda, Malbranque, BAE, Thudd, Berbatov, Zokora - All new regulars.

    Big Tony - bit part player, will never be a regular

    Lennon - still 19 yet we are relying heavily on him as our star player

    Robbo - not up to his normal standard (7 yr contract - is he still hungry????)

    Dawson - is it me or is he beginning to look jaded?

    No Ledley - Our best defender, who when playings brings confidence and stability to our team. May not be the most vocal of captains but is definitely our LEADER.

    Defoe - No service no player. He cannot play upfront on his own and never will be able to.

    Keano - First long game back since injury and looked like it.

    Berbatov - our catalyst.....when he went off any potential chemical explosions became failed experiments (did sound good in my head, not so good on the screen).

    Last season we were not as badly disrupted by injuries as we are now.

    Taking all of that into consideration I am very happy with our season. We still have weak areas not only in the team but also in our squad, which I am sure will be addressed.

    BMJ is still learning how to manage a BIG club, who has he managed before???? I for one think we have the best man for the job, he just has to learn from his mistakes and ensure that our young team continues to learn also.

    Last season we were a dour side now we are a little more like the Spurs of old. But like the Spurs sides of the recent past we have a soft mentality that needs to be hardened and that comes with experience.

    Lets not be fickle fans, criticise by all means, express your feelings, but never be a 'booer' be a SUPPORTER.

    Let's cheer our boys onto SPURFERCTION!!!!

  8. WorcesterSpur
    At half time yesterday, I bet the Jol bashers wouldn't have said what they're saying above. The Ars**** fans were sending messages to Five Live saying things about Wenger which are appearing here about Jol. A couple of mistakes is not a disaster, just very frustrating.

    I totally agree with the original post. We are heading in the right direction and we all want success. The problem is that some of us aren't willing to wait. I've waited a long time and if it takes another year or two, I don't care. We're on the way up and as long as that continues, I'm happy.

    Still annoyed about last night, but I'll get over it. Remember, we can still win - It ain't over yet.
  9. JoeT
    Walworthyid: I beg to differ with your definition of a fan as being someone who thinks that their team is the greatest in the world. That just dosen't hold water, and if you truly believe that you will always be disappointed. A fan - in my opinion - is someone who sees the faults in their team....and criticises some aspects of their team if necessary (it's their right to do this if they are financially suppoorting them). But the bottom line is that they support the team through thick and thin.
    And I have to tell many of you on this site that I found some of your posts yesterday to be so vicious and personal - towards each other - that I was truly shocked. With so many terrible things going on in this world, how can someone justify wishing that somebody else would be dead?....over a game of football!
    Yesterday's game made me disappointed, just like many of you, but hey let's keep things in a little perspective please.
  10. tomo
    Most of us have been waiting all our Spurs supporting lives.
    Yeah but we probably won't win it. Seen it too many times before. Valiant defeat gets you nowhere
  11. somersetyiddo
    cant believe some of u r saying jols not at fault he's the toss pot that says keano n defoe cant play together so wots the dick do brings on keano yeah mido's been injured but he wuda had his big/small man partnership that he loves better to keep that he cuda changed it if not workin thats wot subs are 4...!

    Y o y r some of u sayin we're still in 4 comps best make that 2 we're fcuked in lge til we can win away n no way we'll do the filth at cash burden!!
  12. davidmatzdorf
    I can recommend a good football team for you - and people like you - to support.


    I wonder what it's like being inside the head of someone like you.
  13. dcarney75
    Perspective needed I think...

    Jermain Defoe
    Dimitar Berbatov
    Aaron Lennon
    Ledley King
    Michael Dawson
    Tom Huddlestone
    Steed Malbranque


    Moussa Saib
    Paolo Tramezzani
    Ramon Vega
    Chris Armstrong
    Jose Dominguez
    Helder Postiga

    Yes, there has been the odd Rasiak, and the Carrick offer was simply too good to turn down, but it really doesn't take MI5 to work out that there has been progress made. Yes, last night was annoying and no, we're not Champions' League standard, but the time to judge Jol is in 2/3 years, not in January of his second full season in charge. What we need now is stability, a keen eye for emerging young talent (which I believe we have - would Hoddle/Graham/Francis have got Lennon and Hudd?), and patience on the fans' behalf, although I acknowledge the last of these can be difficult sometimes.

    But building a successful football club with genuine, sustainable talent at all levels and flicking a switch are, and will continue to be, two very different things.

  14. hongkongyid
    Best post by a country mile, well said.

  15. hongkongyid
    .................and when will people learn to type properly instead of all this 'text messaging' type shit.

  16. YIDBOY
    Somersetyiddo might not have put his point over too eliquently but he's spot on with his comments.
  17. worcestersauce
    I rememer a thread probably a couple of years ago which said that while we were mediocre we at least knew what to expect and we adjusted our expectations accordingly, that way bad results, and there were loads, never quite devastated us. It then gave us a warning that we were getting better and so we'd start hoping for more and the better we got the more we'd want and when that happened it would be a whole nother roller coaster and that we'd better get used to the greater pain that comes with greater success they go hand in hand.
    Well it's here now and that thread was right! this is what it's like folks and we'd better get used to it again, just think how much better it will be if we can win the 2nd leg.
    Someone earlier said we're not as good as the big four and won't be for another 2 years, well, put another way that's like saying that we'll be as good as the big four in two years time which I think is realistic but we will get these knock backs along the way. Just Keep the Faith!!
  18. DC_Boy
    It's great to be optimistic, but it can lead to hopes being dashed. I think it's more likely we'll be further awa from the big four in 2 years time than nearer, unless we get a massive cash injection.

    Villa have a lot of extra cash now, as have Pompey. Bolton continue to be a top five/six candidate.

    West Ham have won the lottery - and if they survive this year will be in a strong position to push on.

    Pool if taken over could well well move up a level, and there's always a chance that Toon will land a mega bucks takeover and spend even more than they do now.

    Of course money doesn't equal success, but when was the last time a 'poor' club won the title in England? Ipswich in 62?

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