Enduring Another Spurs Away Day

Discussion in 'Columns' started by Top_Boy, Jan 8, 2007.

  • by Top_Boy, Jan 8, 2007 at 12:46 PM
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    Yesterday’s performance was everything I’ve come to expect of a Spurs away game. The team were inept and lacking passion with a lumbering midfield and fragile defence.

    How any Spurs supporter can delude themselves in thinking that we are even approaching the level of the Big 4 or even some of the lesser lights of the Premier Division away from home is beyond me.

    I simply cannot fathom Jol’s thinking when we play a midfield of Huddlestone, Malbranque, Tanio and Murphy. Where was the width, where the balance in the team by at least including ONE player who could kick with his left foot? First 10 minutes apart, it was very clear well before half time that this midfield would not work. Tainio (who appears to be Jol’s favoured son) was again poor, Huddlestone slow to the extreme and Malbranque seemed unable to control let alone pass a ball accurately.

    I actually felt sorry for Murphy, who was again played out of position and who has never had an extended run in his favoured central attacking midfield role. Yet again the midfield (without the width and without a left sided player) displayed a laboured build up and appeared incapable of being able to pass the ball quickly and accurately.

    Watching the comments of the respective managers afterwards I truly felt that I’d watched a different game. Let’s get this in perspective. Even allowing for the weather and the pitch, <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:city w:st="on">Cardiff</st1:city></st1:place> were poor. They couldn’t shoot and looked like a team who hadn’t scored or won for some time and yet they matched us for large parts of the game.

    It could be that a left back, a left sided midfield player (preferably one who can actually pass the ball) and another winger (so that we have some backup in this position) will improve our team out of all recognition. But in the meantime let’s continue to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that we are something we’re clearly not.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Top_Boy, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. JuanRebelde
    Nothing like a passionate post to get the punters at it eh? I understand the frustration but believe we are far better in you are giving us credit for. personally I feel we are very close to Liverpool and with a bit of the luck we deserved from those games could have won both. So the line is fine indeed between victory and defeat or delight and frustration.

    Anyway, I want to answer a number of points you have made. Firstly, feeling sorry for Murphy. Why? he has failed to put himself in the position where he commands a starting spot in his chosen position like lennin has managed. He is sadly for him not a player who should get a starting spot and will probably be playing elsewhere next season as he hasn't the quality we need.

    Huddlestone was forced to play many first time balls on a difficult pitch as it was very wet and getting cut up. It was also very windy. If you don't recognise this a being difficult to play in then you have never played. Secondly, Cardiff went out of there way to shut him down with one or two men very quickly as he is capable of killing teams with his passing when he gets a little space. This tactic was evident through out the game and also meant Cardiff were effectively trying to stop us winning rather than trying to win the game themselves. Infact most of their chances came from mistakes across the park as we tried to pass the ball. Many teams don't even try a passing game and play long all then time eg Bolton, Everton, Watford, Sheffield United to name a few. So credit Spurs for trying to play the game and criticise for the occasional poor choice of pass when it should have gone long and hopeful.

    Malbranque has a mixed game again due to the conditions and negative tactics of Cardiff but I would agree that Tainio was non-existent on the whole.

    Strangely you have pointed out mistakes and faults of the midfield and our fragile defence but ignored the fact that the real villans were infact Defoe and Berbatov. Why? They both missed real chances to win the game and failed to cause enough worries for the cardiff back four as physically they were boys against men.

    It is not acceptable to fault a left back for a mistake and then ignore a glaring miss like that of Defoe(s'). The defenders helped keep a clear sheet and on occasions provided our best moments although due to conditions, lack of experience and a desire to try to play football made a couple of mistakes. However, they still kept a clean sheet. Our forwards are in danger of becoming goodtime players. In otherwords they only play when the going i.e. the game is going our way at home rather than doing what many other teams do and forcing the issue when the going is difficult. There is where our problems lie not with an average midfield (yesterdays line up) or a so-called fragile defence.

    We are still in the draw and atleast one so-called top four team is not. We have a home replay and then a good home draw again if we get through. This is only because we faced and survive a real banana skin game in a horrible little pit of a ground with some very passionate (I am being polite here) home fans. A couple of years ago (or last year) we would have rolled over and been better. This is what is making us get closer to the four other teams that are temporarily keeping our league position warm for us. They have been surviving games like this for years.

    So on the whole whilst I would accept that we look for much more from Spurs and should expect it these days. A goal-less FA cup draw on a horrible evening in a horrible ground doesn't warrant so much criticism as we are moving forward still.
  2. dominguezmonkey

    Is this the same top four that includes Arsenal, a team who notoriously hate mixing it? Or Liverpool, a team with an away record just about comparable to us? Or Man U who proved against Southend getting a win against a Championship side with your first team isn't exactly a walk in the park?
  3. Top_Boy
    Some of you may think that the original post was a little OTT but how many times have we had to endure this type of away performance. <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">Cardiff</st1:City></st1:place>’s record against other Championship sides at home was certainly good at the start of the season but not now and we’re supposed to be a top Premiership side.
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    Yes we looked better once Lennon came on but how long did we have to wait for this and isn’t there anyone in the entire Spurs squad who can play as a winger? I can’t think of any of our central midfielders who have been able to perform this role with the possible exception of Jenas and he’s not exactly flavour of the month with most Spurs supporters probably because he is asked to play out of position. To be honest Jol is not the greatest strategist and there were times yesterday when I thought he was waiting to go a goal down before he made a change. How’s that for negative tactics?
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    The sale and loan of Messrs Reid and Routledge respectively with absolutely no backup was obviously a massive mistake and one that we have to correct. I personally would have signed Boa Morte (a proven and speedy left sided player). Failing that Richardson who at least Man U are saying is surplus to requirements would fit the bill. Forget about Downing and Pedersen it just ain’t gonna happen
  4. mossjo
    Good original article and followup. In response to JuanRebeide point about the forwards I would say that while Defoe and Berbatov didn't have the greatest of games yesterday there is no doubt that we would have created a lot more chances if we'd had some pace in midfield and an ability to string more than two passes together. We know what the problems are with the team. These aren't going to disappear with wishful thinking or excuses about the crowd, ground , time of the month etc. etc.
  5. RBlanch

    You've hit the nail on the head there.

    It's unfortunate that we rely so heavily on King, Lennon, and Berbatov, with two of them having undless injury problems and the latter not seeming to fancy a bit of rough and tumble of a tough away fixture.

    Also agree that yesterday was the perfect opportunity for Davids to stake a claim to the first team....Murphy has only broken into a sweat once this season whilst trying to prove a point against Liverpool, which sadly he couldn't manage. It's a shame he is now cup tied....he should be sold!

    I guess we can only hope that Jol sees it the same way....
  6. stevievon5
    Lets be fair, y'day was pretty poor and none more so than the performance of Lee. From the touchline Jolly must've forgotten all about SWP, Bent, Young, etc and tried his damdest to think of a decent left back for the club. Too often the Korean got the ball and too often he had no idea what to do except run at players and dive when touched (just ask Sean Davis).

    Bar that, I think we'll do Cardiff at the Lane in a couple of weeks and this will all be forgotten about.

  7. Kurtzen
    Might be spared a 'dutch' repeat? BBc are reporting the Feyenoord match might be played behind closed doors c/o their Nantes 'excursion'. UEFA will advise on 19th Jan.
  8. Garth Falco
    The game was on Sky because they thought we'd get beat and we didn't.
    Simply put, an away draw is a result for us. We could have played much better and lost but instead we kept a clean sheet for the first time in ages and we lived to fight another day.
    I'm proud of the boys and have fond hopes for the replay and the next round.
  9. raveyh
    Good article, a few random comments:

    I felt yesterday's performance, whilst hardly encouraging, was an improvement on our recent efforts against lower league opposition (namely, Port Vale and Southend).

    We miss King's presence and ability (most teams would), although I personally thought that Davenport was our best player for much of the game - the major fault he has is a tendency to look for the easy pass back to Robinson when receiving the ball in space with midfield players available to receive the pass.

    Assou-Ekotto clearly deserved the axe after the match against the A*se. Lee has been given the opportunity to earn the shirt - in my opinion he has failed miserably. If Jol is unable to bring in another left-back in January, Benoit should return the starting eleven (I saw somewhere that he was in fact injured - anyone got any news on this?). In pre-season and a number of our early matches he looked like he could be a very decent player.
  10. dominguezmonkey
    I agree re Assou-Ekotto. He started his Spurs career well enough with a couple of minor errors here and there, particularly in away games. But I think his performance against Arsenal goes down as one of the greatest impressions of a rabbit in headlights that I've ever seen. Maybe he didn't know what to expect, didn't appreciate the intensity of a derby game against the Arse but he certainly does now. If it doesn't break him, it'll only make him stronger. He's young, rated, and he'll learn.
  11. Kurtzen
    And what protection did A-E get from his 'left half'. Or, for that matter did Lee get yesterday.....
    And are people overlooking that two of arse's goals came, rightly or wrongly, via the right back? Who also was 'marooned' by his half.
    Doesn't fit the script....bah.
  12. dominguezmonkey

    Completely agree. Many of our younger players need more protection in order to play with confidence, particularly Dawson who looks far more composed and confident when he's playing alongside King. I think Dawson panics a little bit without Ledley which in turn doesn't do the confidence of Davenport any good. Which in turn spreads to Robbo and our fullbacks, creating a general sense of chaos.
  13. davidmatzdorf
    That's the same team that recently beat Chelsea, Besiktas and Leverkusen, yes?

    Take a pill. Then breathe deeply.

    Whoever said this article was "bit a extreme" was being kind.
  14. davidmatzdorf
    Good post. Agree with pretty much everything you have written. Except that I wouldn't have wanted to be Berbatov and Defoe out there last night. Excruciatingly difficult to keep one's balance and control the ball. Impossible to play stylish football. Which is their stock in trade.
  15. klink
    Any cup game such as this is a once off and doesnt warrant the analysis being made. Cardiff up for the game, our injuries and the weather mean I'm happy with draw. Big teams lose cup games, we didnt.
  16. Laudrup
    Absolutely spot on, mate....absolutely :clap: !

    No further comments, your honor!
  17. Laudrup
    To be honest, your comment actually make way for the most important argument related to this subject;

    Ecxactly because we´ve shown on more than one occassion this year, that we actually can play away from WHL and that we actually can fill a game with passion, yesterdays very much under-par performance reminded me of our biggest problem this season - our inconsistency!!

    And to blame the weather, the pitch, the crowd, the ref or the fact that the opponents fielded 11 players at kick off, is just not good enough - the same conditions must have affected Cardiff, no?

    Our bottom-line play is not good enough. And that will cost us to many points, I´m afraid...

    To wrap it up, the main point here is how I fail to understand the gap between home and away for the Tottenham Hotspur this season - and that a case of inconsistency as remarkable as ours, is just not good enough to consider ourselves contenders to the big 4...
  18. NeverRed06
    to be honest i was happy with a draw and would have taken it if offered before the match, i usually defend our players but lee young pyo even tho he only made one mistake yesterday he was our worst player. some people sai he was good but if you watched him closely every time he got the ball he passed backwards towards dawson, davenport or robinson and his negativity nearly cost us a goal. its not entirely his fault as he is right footed on the left hand side and so thats why he kept using his right foot and giving it backwards. he was muscled out of the game and unfortunately isnt good enough on the left.

    i personally would play him second fiddle to chimbonda on the right as he will be more effective and i have seen some of his crossing and some is awful but i have seen him deliver some quality crosses. stalteri should be sold and lee coverted to right back and we should bring in another left back preferably taylor or another left back with premiership experience.

    other players that just dont fit in are davids and murphy, i think davids and murphy if used in their fav. positions would be effective but on the left they are both awful, id like to see this lineup against newcastle;

    chimbonda dawson king/davenport lee/assou-ekotto
    lennon murphy huddlestone malbranque
    berbatov defoe

    bench; cerny, gardner, tainio, ghaly, keane
  19. Laudrup
    That´s the impression I got aswell - plus Lee´s passing sideways or backwards, even if he had an opportunity to play the oncoming striker or midfielder in the feet. He seemed much too determined not to make mistakes instead of taking the game forward...

    He looked really, really uncomfortable IMO - can´t be nerves, as he represents the 1/29 part of the team that actually played in a WC - semifinal...

    Well - on we go. Next, Newcastle...:beer: . Enjoy!!
  20. vigospur
    This post reads as though we lost. Ask Liverpool, A Villa, Everton etc. what they thought of this result. And ask yourself if we end up getting to Wembley.
    This is a cup competition. Getting into the draw for the next round is what matters. It is ridiculous to pretend that the "big four" don't also play poorly at times.

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