Enduring Another Spurs Away Day

Nov 17, 2004
Having watched the game in its entirety, admittedly from the warm comfort of the South carolina coast, I have to agree with this post. And the post isn't just about yesterday -- it's about other games this season when the weather has been perfectly good. Without Lennon and even Jenas, there have been times lately when the midfield has been poor. Disorganized, slow, without bite or passion or creativity. I, for one, have become too dependent on Huddlestone having a terrific match and his last two have been anything but. Not his fault but we can't be depending on him alone to get things going.


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Dec 6, 2006
(That's the same team that recently beat Chelsea, Besiktas and Leverkusen, yes?Take a pill. Then breathe deeply. Whoever said this article was "bit a extreme" was being kind)

To coin a phrase 'You're 'aving a laugh' aren't you? The Chelsea game was at home where we play completely differently. The european away games have all been against teams who allowed us to play and didn't get stuck in. Yes we have the occasional good away hgame such as Man City. However on yesterday's showing and with that same midfield in particular we would have problems away against any team from any division in the football leaugue. What was said about 'sticking your head in the sand' is clearly very true for a number of supporters.