Great Games: 1977 - Spurs 9 Bristol Rovers 0


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Aug 20, 2013
Much to my eternal embarrassment, I missed this game. To rub salt into the wounds it was one of only a handful of games I missed all season. I was only 16 and I used to travel up from Southend on my own to most games both home and away. Most of my mates were supporters of either my local team Southend or West Ham. So in the week leading up to the Bristol Rovers game my mates finally convinced me to give Spurs a miss for once and go with them to see Southend who were at newly promoted into the Football League Wimbledon.

Anyway, Southend won 4-1 at Plough Lane and as we got back to the coaches I wondered how my dearly beloved Spurs had got on? Having listened to the results from Division 1 and all the way through the Second Division until the announcer said: Tottenham Hotspur 9 Bristol Rovers 0.

I can vividly remember sitting on the coach on the journey back to Southend with the right old hump that I had missed such a crushing victory.
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