Guardiola lists 'Harry Kane team' alongside Chelsea and Man Utd as title rivals

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by WhiteHeartLowe, Oct 2, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by WhiteHeartLowe, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Everlasting Seconds
    How about the Lukaku team, the Morata team?
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  2. Donki
    He is a classless wanker, always has been.
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  3. Spurs1961
    Chequebook manager with no class
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  4. Dougal
    Says the man who built his managerial career on the back of Messi.
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  5. theShiznit
    He also talks about going to White Hart Lane but no one mentions that...

    That's three points for us then when they're a no show at Wembley. (y)
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  6. newbie
    didnt we beat them last season with out Harry Kane ?
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  7. newbie
    i really hope City fall apart again this season, and Pep looks a silly boy.
  8. davidmatzdorf
    He had a momentary lapse of memory. Big deal. Get a grip: "disrespectful" my arse.
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  9. theShiznit

    Just logged onto his Amazon account and saw this question in his Alexa voice commands

    "Alexa, I have forgotten where the training ground is, can you give me directions to the Northern Oil Money training ground?"
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  10. newbie
    i think he was disrepectful, Lets be honest Toby, Verts would walk in to there team, we are not just a one man team, just so happens that one man is on fire atm.
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  11. WorcesterTHFC
    We did.
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  12. kr1978
    Good, shows he is worried about us
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  13. Spurs1961
    I think if I'd come in to a new role with a reputation as a miracle coach, then spent hundreds of millions to improve an already strong team, I'd remember the name of the club that had finished above me on a much smaller wage bill. But I'm weird like that :)
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  14. dannythomas
    Who cares what he said ?
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  15. Sanj
    I saw it as a mark of respect for Harry Kane, and the form he is on - scoring 2-3 goals every game.
    Don't think he meant to disrespect our team - as he has always spoken of us with great respect in the past.
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  16. Donki
    If people honestly think this wasn't a dig at us your either blind or don't watch many of Pep's pressers lol. He's slagged of United and Chelsea this week, it was simply our turn.
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  17. Dharmabum
    I'll give Pep the benefit of the doubt. I think it was a sign of respecting Harry and a hint at all the publicity he's gotten lately rather than labeling Spurs a 1-man team. Pep's praised Spurs a lot in the past, because Spurs is maybe the only team that try to play entertaining footy when they play his team rather than park the bus like all the others.
    If someone had asked him if he believes Spurs were a 1-man team I am sure he would have carried on mentioning all the other top-notch players Spurs have got.
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  18. Dharmabum
    Yet he played some of the best football seen been played and kept insisting on playing attacking football against any opponent.
    When he won the CL he had 7 Barca academy players in the starting XI. You call that chequebook manager?
    PS! Yes, I am fully aware that without the money Barca's got they would not have been able to pay the salaries of Messi & co. But that money does not come from any rich owners but the fans.
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  19. Spurs1961
    Hi Dharmabum,

    Are you doing 2011? If so, I count 5 (I didn't count Pique as although he was originally from Barca, Pep re-signed him from Man U so doesn't get the credit for bringing him through in my opinion). Of those 5, 3 of them were in the quad for the 2006 champs league final, so again, Guardiola shouldn't be credited with bringing them through in the same way that Pochettino to should be credited for bringing through Winks.

    But in any case, Guardiola spent 350m as Barcelona manager, so yes I call him a chequebook/cheque-book manager. Spend spend spend!

    I completely take your point about Barca generating that money themselves, but that doesn't detract from the fact that Guardiola was able to spend it (we're not debating the sustainability of Barca's financial model but the skills of the manager)

    In his defence, if the club owners say "you have an unlimited budget, we want to win everything", then of course he should be spending on getting all the best players. But that's what makes him a cheque-book manager

    PS I'm pretty sure I'm spelling cheque-book incorrectly, but never mind!
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