I'm fit to play! Sandro turns up heat on boss Tim Sherwood

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. mawspurs
    Tim says he doesn't know his best team but I can tell him that it includes Sandro.
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  2. vuzp
    yes agree 100%
    really don't know why he is not first on the team sheet every week
  3. mawspurs
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  4. greaves
    Possibly been playing crap in training?
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  5. mawspurs
    Tim probably wants the team kicking lumps out of each other in training to prove they are keen to play. It's dumb logic.
  6. GetSpurredOn
    This has been my concern since Sherwood's appointment, and even more so since the public announcement he's not staying. What damage a lack of decisive long term leadership will do.
  7. mawspurs
    His recent interviews seem to be deliberately trying to make the job harder for whoever follows him. He seems to be on a mission to piss off the players so the next man takes over a disgruntled squad.
  8. SlunkSoma
    As much as I love Sandro - his form hasn't been great. It's fashionable to bash Sherwood, but Sandro hasn't been doing it. Him not being on the bench is a stretch though. Sandro started this by tweeting, Tim just answered the question.
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  9. Mullers
    I don't see what heat he has turned up, he politely said that he is not injured.
  10. greaves
    The new club motto: 'Short-termism. The only way forward. We know it makes sense'. In Latin, of course.
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  11. Gaz_Gammon

    Would that be the same players who dug out a draw at WBA?

    Your not in the know so i would guess that you have no idea what happens on the training ground. Sherwood made it quite clear that in his opinion as manager Sandro was not showing the required level of commitment on the training ground.

    You (just like the DM you so castigate) have just taken one edited line with the missing quotes from the post match interview and twisted it. Well done.

    Sandro has featured in some of Spurs biggest losses this season whoever was manager. His petulant tweet makes no difference to the fact that his manager needs him to put more effort in on the training ground. For a player who has played only fifteen games for the club this season it's a bit rich expecting an instant recall just because you can do a few karate kicks and upload them onto YouTube.

    Sherwood like him or not, reflects what a professional footballer needs to do when wanting first team footie. Redknapp was no different with Taarabt. As a former manager said only the other day the manager picks the players by the amount of sweat they leave on the training pitch and not the size of their Twitter following. That former manager won us the FA Cup and in my opinion was spot on with his observations, and not just that of Sandro either.
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  12. squirrel
    I think sandro is in the wrong, never mind tweeting, do it on the pitch and training ground. As much as I like him he hasn't been up to it recently, hasn't exactly made himself undroppable.
  13. parj
    Whilst I agree with this, Bentaleb shows that this is not always the case. He might be a great trainer but I don't see anything outstanding or good being contributed on the pitch.

    Most of us know an on form Sandro should be a guaranteed a starting spot. He has had injuries but give him some games to get it going. Bentaleb got games galore to prove he not ready to be a guaranteed starter.
  14. Spurs 1961
    Tim, Tim, Tim a typical case of a limited player intimidated by better players than he was. He seems to judge everyone by his limited standards. I am tired of his endless moaning and mouthing off, at his lack of respect for the club as he self promotes. Goodness even Jose is shy in comparison
  15. Gaz_Gammon
    So a player who had featured just fifteen times this season, and is now back from injury just pushes another player out of a winning side.

    A player should start based on his efforts during the weeks training, a manager of a team that ply's it's trade on Hackney Marshes will tell you that. For a "guaranteed" start you cannot look beyond Lloris, Walker, Eriksen and Ade.
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  16. parj
    so if Ade and Eriksen put in 50% training effort, would you start them? And over the last three managers we have had, how many had a problem with Sandro's training?
  17. Danners9
    he constantly calls for heart and spirit and then leaves Sandro out. Of all the guys, he is one who shows that week after week. He's a very popular player in the squad.

    Holtby is another with those qualities, loaned out. Weird.

    One of the journos on Twitter intimated that Sandro and Soldado have opposed Timbo's treatment of Lamela and have now been left out despite being fit. I can't find the link though :( Maybe someone else saw it, too.
  18. StauntonSpur
    Think TM said what was needed to be said. Players need to keep off twitter if they don,t like the reply.
    Sandra is one of my fav players but it's better to have a lesser player giving 100% than a star giving 50%.
    Dispite all the speculation on here it certainly does not appear that he has lost the dressing room.
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