I'm in the dark! Tim Sherwood clueless over Tottenham future

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. HobokenSpur
    I think there's a typo here. It should read "Tim Sherwood clueless over tottenham present."
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  2. chinaman
    Did any one notice that instead of the club badge, this fool wore a button on his jacket? He simply doesn't want to be related to us. Fire him levy.
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  3. Dinghy
    Did you even bother to look to see what that badge was?

    edited to retract abuse
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  4. thinktank
    Tim Sherwood - clueless.
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  5. Dinghy
    So go and find out what the badge was for child and then come back and apologise... Run along now.
  6. Dundalk_Spur
    Could have stopped the headline at clueless
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  7. Dinghy
  8. avonspurs
    oh my, its like I've walked in during an argument between my two eldest kids!
  9. Dinghy
    Sorry but I got a little bit touchy when TS gets slated for wearing a badge supporting the fight against cancer.

    @chinaman is obviously too embarrassed to come back and defend his post or retract his statement...
  10. double0
    I like Sherwood imo his the right man his not a yes man, he is not afraid to drop players and put them straight also willing to put in development players.
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  11. eddiebailey
    This is the thing that gets me; these are things people say that they want in a manager (cf van Gaal) but when Tim does them all he gets is infantile abuse. Apparently because he hasn't 'earned the right'. Do they think that van Gaal, or Clough or Fergusson began their careers by the licking the players/chairman's/fans boots and only became feisty once they had 'earned the right'?
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  12. double0

    I honestly can not believe some of the crap thats been said of Sherwood. His had no management experience
    yet kept us within striking distance of european football done wonders with Eriksen Adebayor Bentaleb
    Kane and has been learning fairly quickly on the job. Sherwood has come in mid season when a lot of supporters were put off with the football served up under AVB and quite frankly the club being in a mess after Levy does what Levy does, our football has become more ambitious even though his been hampered with player injuries and mentality weakness.

    Give the man a fucking break
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  13. slartibartfast
    I'm in the dark! Tim Sherwood clueless over Tottenham.

    Yep. Admitting it is the first step lol.

    Sorry, couldnt resist.
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  14. Sweetsman
    Dear Tim
    I know you're in the dark, so let me help. Let your eyes adjust to the dark and look at that bright light. No, not the small light, that's Sandro tweeting. I mean the other one, the one with the word 'EXIT' on it.
    Best of British.
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  15. Twizzle
    now he knows how Sandro feels
  16. Locotoro
    Why are we onky posting headlines as articles?
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  17. Eric_s
    Copy right issue.
  18. chinaman
    These Dimiphiles are as bad as Dim. Why can't he proudly display our badge and wear the button on the other side.
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  19. MR_BEN
    Do you wear a spurs badge everywhere you go?

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