Kyle Walker

Oct 19, 2004
I listened to an interview with him on five live on Monday night (in their football show) and he came across alright. Sounds like he really loves Spurs but it was just time to move on. He actually sounded sincere. Obviously it was about the cash but he sounded like there was no hard feelings when he left.

(Hopefully we make him look like an idiot on the weekend though!)
I listened to that too, for a guy that isn't the brightest or most articulate, I thought he did ok, and certainly didn't say anything that bothered me.

What do people expect him to say? "I loved Spurs but City offered to pay me 40k more".

He's got to try and say the right things for his new fans, try not to slag off his old club too much and not create a media shitstorm.

I thought he covered the bases, and I don't know what that idiot commentator (Paul something) was on about last night.