Lamela tries to kick-start his Spurs career with summer fitness programme in Argentina

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 29, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 29, 2014.

  1. mawspurs
    Yes I think he needs to build up his body strength to cope with the physical demands of the Premier League.
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  2. SteveH
    Yes the lad has some hard yards ahead of him. The rest maybe in for a shock under Poch as well!:woot:
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  3. millsey
    Greed. He looked. Completely lost when he did play in the prem. I'm sure he has the talent, just needs to bulk up, just like Ronaldo had to
  4. Greenspur
    Not much bulk on Modric or Messi.
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  5. millsey
    Yeah but try get them off the ball. It's not how they look, it's how strong they are, and Lamela isn't string enough for the prem
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  6. kitchen
    They both have a much lower centre of gravity than Lamela and Ronaldo. Taller players need to be stronger because they can't turn as quick and their strength on the ball is less condensed.
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  7. Greenspur
    Fair enough. Not much bulk on Crouch, though, and he's pretty tall;)
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  8. Greenspur
    That was my point, actually. No need to bulk them up - just teach them to be elusive.
  9. peteblue
    I think Lamela will come good next season under Poch. At least they speak the same language so the head coach can communicate what he want Lamela to do quite easily
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  10. michaelden
    Such a typical British thing to say. Fuck talent, skill, poise or awareness, just get bigger & faster and knock 'em off the ball then run away from them.

    Yet look at Spain, Barca, German youth team and you'll see its skill & discipline that are most important.

    This point of view of physicality can beat skill is why England are so crap & why so many youth in this country are overlooked cos they not built like brick shithouses, and until this changes I believe England will continue to be also rans in every major tourney.
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  11. millsey
    But they do need to hit the weights. I bet you messi and modern are seriously strong for there size
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  12. michaelden
    :confused: Zidane, over 6ft and spins on a penny :cautious:
  13. michaelden
    Messi is on human growth hormone and has been for years. He is essentially on a legal steroid due to a growth defect he has.
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  14. millsey
    Doesn't sound like it should be legal!
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  15. Greenspur
    Yeah, maybe - but if you hit them you'll probably knock them over. The problem is that you can't hit them. Elusive.
    I agree with @michaelden - fast, skillful, intelligent is better than brick shithouse.
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  16. Gaz_Gammon

    Spot on. Modric played well both here and at RM and he didn't need to "bulk up". Lennon isn't exactly built like a shithouse door either. If you want to go to extremes Best and Pele were hardly muscular in any way of the word.
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  17. peter_the_yid

    Nah, not really.
    I've been fortunate enough to talk to a few strength coaches that train players of this calibre and whilst they are stronger than the every day man most gym rats are stronger. I used to train along side a lot of the Harlequinns rugby team and it amazed me how little raw strength and power most of them had.
  18. Spurger King
    We should try it on Lennon, or does being a shorty not count as having a growth defect?
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  19. davidmatzdorf
    They aren't comparable body-types and they don't play the same style of football, so it's an invidious and misleading comparison.

    Modric is wiry and very strong and, like Messi, has a low centre of gravity. He doesn't need 'bulk' to be tough. He also rarely embarks on a lengthy dribble - he typically takes a few steps into space as he receives the ball to evade bigger, more powerful tacklers, before releasing the ball - elusive, as others have written, but also very strong for his size.

    Messi is actually quite 'bulky' for his size - he has a short, chunky build, unlike Modric, with powerful legs. And I recall reading that he was indeed indeed put on a special diet and given HGH (with permission), as a young player, because his coaches were concerned about a genetic height-restriction issue (the details were left vague).

    Lamela is tall and willowy and, unlike Modric and like Messi, his game does involve trying to dribble past multiple opponents. At present, he can't do it, at least not in the Premiership. I watched the same thing happen more than once in every single one of his appearances last season. He'd receive the ball, beat one or two men and then the third one would bully him right off the ball, thus wasting the good work he did in beating the first man or two.

    I don't think he needs to 'bulk up', in the sense of lifting heavy weights to build bulky muscle mass. The last thing he needs is to emulate Christian Benteke. What he does need, desperately, is more upper body strength - he's visibly slight and slender above the waist and the result shows on the pitch, as I just described. Pilates will address that, as will high-reps gym work with medium weights or working against springs. When a bigger player barges him, he has to be able to stand his ground, barge back and keep going with the ball under control. He's visibly unable to do that with his current level and type of fitness.
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